Nationalism vs imperialism

This post was inspired by an article that I just read. (Link at bottom.)

On Democracy Now, Noam Chomsky said he would vote for Clinton. This means that Chomsky favors genocide (Clinton) over xenophobia (Trump). Chomsky favors the destruction of a few million people (Clinton) over the deportation of a few million (Trump).

This is the attitude of most members of Chomsky’s tribe (a.k.a. the “Chosen”) including Bernie Sanders. Most are Leftists regarding domestic issues, but fanatical Rightists regarding foreign issues. They champion the rights of immigrants, poor people, brown people, and so on inside the USA and Europe, while they praise the extermination of those same people outside the USA and Europe. Sometimes they frown on Muslim-bashing inside the USA and Europe, but they almost always applaud Muslim extermination outside the USA and Europe. Or they are silent about it.

For most of the Chosen (indeed for most Leftists) nationalism is “evil,” while imperialism is good, or is irrelevant.

Clinton (“we came, we saw, he died”) helped to organize the Libyan and Syrian genocides, and she primed the Ukrainian genocide. Trump only wants to build a wall that already exists. Yet Trump is supposedly the greatest threat to Western democracy.

Although Trump’s foreign policy will probably be “genocide as usual” there is a chance, however tiny, that Trump will disrupt the West’s march toward World War III.

Clinton will accelerate it.

The talking heads laugh at Trump’s slogan “making America great again.” However they praise Clinton, who wants to “make the American Empire great again.”

For many Leftists, nationalism (not imperialism) is to blame for everything. If only they were correct. If only America really was nationalist, and focused on itself and its own borders, while leaving the rest of the world alone.

The neocons hate Trump and his nationalism, because neocons are imperialists. They condemn nationalism as “isolationism.” They love war and genocide, as long as it occurs outside the USA and Europe. They say they will vote for Hillary.

Leftists fear Trump’s nationalism because it might force them to actually fight for their value system for the first time in their lives. They don’t care about Hillary’s imperialism, since Hillary’s killing fields will be in foreign lands, far away.

The thieves of Wall Street hate Trump’s nationalism, because the thieves are imperialists. Imperialism and neoliberalism always occur together. They are two heads of the same snake.

Yanis Varoufakis is a Greek economist who was a member of the Greek parliament between January and September 2015. Mr. Varoufakis, like Chomsky, condemns nationalism, but ignores imperialism. Varoufakis finds domestic xenophobia scarier than foreign genocide. In Varoufakis’ book “And the Weak Suffer What They Must?” Varoufakis analyses the crisis in the EU, but in 300 pages he doesn’t once mention NATO or imperialism , or seriously take into account the EU’s foreign policy that creates refugees in the first place.

He condemns Europe’s and America’s economic establishment, but ignores Europe’s and America’s military establishment. Frustrated by Europe’s narrow-minded elite, Mr. Varoufakis is himself narrow-minded concerning Europe’s crimes in the Middle East.

The fate of Greece is caught up with the fate of Libya and Syria, but Varoufakis ignores this. Or maybe he just likes the Arab genocide. He fears the neo-nazi Golden Dawn, just as Chomsky fears the irrational Republican Party (as if the Democratic Party is rational).

The West is rattling sabers at Russia and China, and is perpetrating an anti-Semitic genocide in the Arab nations. Compared to this, Trump and the Golden Dawn are harmless. They might be xenophobic, but not nationalism is not necessarily so. Meanwhile, imperialism despises everyone who is not rich.

Instead of America warring with the rest of the world, Trump raises the possibility of America warring with itself. This would be a good thing for the victims of Western imperialism.

The West is united in its support for imperialism. Leftists support it by ignoring it, or by praising it — e.g. Leftists who called Syria’s Assad a “dictator,” and who applaud the destruction of Libya, Syria, Somalia, and so on.

The antidote to imperialism is nationalism. But we can’t have this antidote until Leftists end their anti-nationalist dogma. The only thing that can stop America’s genocidal foreign policy is America itself. In other words the only thing that can stop US imperialism is US nationalism.

(Inspired by an article in Counterpunch.)

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