What’s wrong with us?


What is wrong with us as a species? Why do we insist that monetarily sovereign governments are “bankrupt,” when we know they create limitless money out of thin air?

When rich people want something, the government simply creates the money for it. However, when average people want something, they get this…


There is no tax increase for trillion-dollar Wall Street bailouts, or for trillion-dollar weapons systems, or trillion-dollar wars.  But when average people want something (such as universal health care) they are told that taxes must be increased to pay for it. And they accept it, because they think like peasants.

The following is from a blog titled Food and Water Watch…

The crisis in Flint Michigan is the harbinger of a desperate situation for our tap water in communities across the country as our water infrastructure crumbles. That’s why Food & Water Watch has worked with Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) to introduce the WATER Act to ensure our water’s safety for generations to come.

They’re talking about H.R. 5313, which, if passed, would “establish a trust fund to provide for adequate funding for water and sewer infrastructure.”

Conyers introduced the bill yesterday (24 May 2016). It has seven co-sponsors, all of them Leftist Democrats, including Raul Grijalva of Arizona, the most left-leaning person in the entire U.S. House.

Conyers’ bill was referred to the House Ways and Means Committee, which is an automatic red flag, since Ways and Means oversees federal taxation.

So right away we know that Conyers wants to use needless tax increases to pay for something. Why tax increases? Why not just create the money? Answer: because clean water is something that average people want.

The U.S. Constitution requires that all bills regarding taxation originate in the House of Representatives. House procedure requires that all bills in the House regarding taxation must go through Ways and Means Committee.

Our pipes are getting old. Most of the water pipes in our communities were built following World War II. Some pipes are over a century old. Too many are made of lead. As these aging pipes deteriorate, service interruptions will become more common. Lead and other contaminants will leach into our water, putting the health of entire communities in danger – especially the health of children.

Instead of increasing our funding for water infrastructure to deal with this looming need, the federal government has decreased funding sharply – by 82 percent per capita since 1977. negotiations. That’s just irresponsible, and it’s time for Congress to make sure our declining water systems get the repairs they need. 

Agreed! Let’s upgrade our water infrastructure. We’ll create jobs in the process, and avoid mass poisoning.

But wait…


Conyers’ bill would, if passed, provide up to $35 billion in dedicated funding each year to keep our water and sewer systems working. The money would come from “closing corporate tax loopholes.”

That’s right. Tax increases.

Therefore it will never pass. No politician wants to risk his career by voting for higher corporate taxes. Indeed, Conyers’ bill will never make it out of the Ways and Means Committee. It is just another Leftist gimmick that Democrats use to show that “they care,” while they intentionally make sure it will fail.

They know there is no need for tax increases, since the U.S. government can create the money out of thin air.


And what about these clowns at Food and Water Watch”? They look to me like just another “progressive” group that collects corporate donations for proposing things that sound good, but which they know are unworkable.

Tax increases? Forget it. Conyers’ bill to raise taxes will not pass, nor does it need to. But because of collective idiocy, we’ll all be drinking polluted water.


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