Planet of insane mutants


It is bizarre that so few people understand the following simple facts…

[1] The Greek government cannot create its money out of thin air like the bankers can, because Greek politicians surrendered their monetary sovereignty to the bankers in exchange for bribes.

[2] Greece has no euros coming in from outside, since Greece has a trade deficit, such that 890 million euros flow out of Greece each month on average.  And that’s not even counting Greece’s debt payments. (As you can see, this is suicidal.)


Hence the Greek government must borrow all its money from various European banks, thereby falling ever-further unto debt. In an effort to keep up with debt payments, the Greek government imposes ever-harsher austerity on the Greek masses who must now pay almost their entire income in taxes. Average Greeks toil for the bankers and their puppet politicians.

[3] Occasionally the Troika pays off the banks that lend euros to Greece. The Troika becomes the creditor, and demands repayment from Greece in the form of more privatization and further austerity. During the last six years, 95 percent of the €215.9 billion euros the Troika has given for “Greek bailouts” actually went to the European banks that lent to Greece. Only five percent went to Greece itself. Thus, Greece is now €215.9 billion euros in debt, plus interest. The corporate media outlets call this attack on Greece a “rescue.”


The €215.9 billion figure and the 95% figure are cited in a report from the European School of Management and Technology in Berlin. The report is discussed in English in a German newspaper called Handelsblatt (“Trade Sheet”), which concludes that, “Europe and the International Monetary Fund have in previous years mainly saved the banks and other private creditors.”

[4] I just scanned thirty articles online about Greece’s current economic condition. Not a single one of them mentions the obvious solution, which is to dump the euro.

Once again we have proof that, collectively, humans are insane mutants.



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