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What’s wrong with us as a species? Maybe it’s the sheer size of our population. With seven billion people on one planet, it’s hard for one person to improve anything unless he is ultra-rich and very well connected. I will return to this topic at the bottom of this post.

Most people are just struggling to survive each day. I get that. I appreciate it. But must they be so smug and stupid when they leave reader comments at the corporate media outlets?

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new-29aWe are being stampeded into an elevator car with everyone else, and we are going down whether we like it or not. The elevator is neoliberalism, in which everything is geared toward privatization.

Next stop: hell. A place where a handful of parasites own everything, and the rest of us are their hosts.


The neoliberal coup in Brazil will be complete this coming Wednesday (11 May 2016). It is almost an exact re-run of the Honduras coup (June 2009) and the Paraguay coup (June 2012) in which corrupt neoliberals used a faux “impeachment” process to remove leftist or centrist presidents, and replace them with neoliberals. The Honduras and Paraguay coups were overseen by Hillary Clinton and her Beltway lobbyist and insider friends.

(All those lucrative speeches that Hillary made to Goldman Sachs had global implications. When Hillary is in the White House, she will continue to serve Wall Street worldwide, not just in the USA.)

Brazil 03Brazil’s lower house of government voted to impeach President Dilma Rousseff for “fiscal irresponsibility.” The recommendation has gone to the senate. Yesterday (4 May 2016) the senate impeachment Committee voted to recommend impeachment. Tomorrow Friday (6 May 2011) the committee will send their recommendation to the full senate. This coming Tuesday (11 May 2016) the full Senate will vote to impeach Rousseff, at which time Rousseff will be forcibly removed from office while she is subjected to a mock “trial” that will last six months.

During that six months, Vice-President Michel Temer (a neoliberal ideologue) will take power, and will purge the executive branch of everyone connected with Rousseff, and everyone who does not toe the neoliberal line. Mr. Temer will put the world’s seventh largest economy in the hands of both Wall Street and Brazil’s rich elitists.

Temer has only six months to do this, as he just had his own conviction on campaign finance violations upheld, which means that Temer is ineligible to run for elected office for 8 years.

President Rousseff, who was not formally charged with any wrongdoing, will be “judged” by a bunch of crooks in the senate.

In mid-April, just as the impeachment vote was set to take place, Reuters revealed that Vice President Michel Temer had already decided who he will name for his cabinet when the neoliberal coup is completed on 11 May. Mr. Temer wants Paulo Leme as either finance minister, or as head of Brazil’s central bank. Mr. Leme, a Wall Street insider, is the Chairman of Goldman Sachs’ operations in Brazil.

Brazil 01

Behind the scenes is Brazil’s richest man, Jorge Paulo Lemann, a multi-billionaire who owns Burger King and Heinz Ketchup. Lemann is the majority stockholder of Anheuser-Busch and Budweiser, and is a close associate of Warren Buffett. Lemann has been financially backing groups involved in the street protests calling for impeachment, including the highly visible VemPraRua (Come to the Streets).

Meanwhile the infamous Koch brothers (Charles and David Koch) have been funding the anti-Rousseff “Free Brazil Movement” (MBL) and Students for Liberty (EPL) via the Atlas Economic Research Foundation and Atlas Leadership Academy. These leaders of these protest groups are on the Koch payroll.

Brazil 02

U.S. officials are helping to guide the Brazil coup, just as they guided the Honduras coup (June 2009) and the Paraguay coup (June 2012). In fact, the day after the impeachment vote was taken against President Rousseff, Senator Aloysio Nunes was in Washington for high level meetings with Republican Senator Bob Corker, who is the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and with Democratic Senator Ben Cardin, a key supporter of Hillary Clinton.

Mr. Nunes also met with Undersecretary of State Thomas Shannon, the third highest ranking State Department official, and the lead on Latin American affairs. Nunes also met with representatives of the lobbyist organization Albright Stonebridge Group, headed by Clinton-backer Madeline Albright. (“The price was worth it.”)

If Brazil’s middle class thinks they are suffering now from the recession, they haven’t seen anything yet. If the neoliberals take power on 11 May 2016, the middle class will wish they had not listened to the corporate media outlets.

One bright spot in all this: the impeachment campaign was initially led by Eduardo Cunha, President of the Chamber of Deputies, who is equivalent to the Speaker of the House in the USA (which makes Mr. Cunha the number three person after the vice president in the line of succession).

Mr. Cunha led a campaign against Rousseff in the hope of deflecting attention from Mr. Cunha’s own crimes, which include taking bribes, intimidating lawmakers, obstructing justice, abusing power, and stashing bribe money in Swiss accounts. (“Obstructing justice” means that Mr. Cunha set up a network of obstruction to shield himself from anti-corruption investigations.).

Mr. Cunha is an evangelical Christian radio announcer with strong support from the religious right in Congress. He is a classic evangelical — i.e. a profoundly evil demagogue who has spent decades wiggling his way out of endless corruption scandals.

The higher ups have decided that Mr. Cunha is expendable, now that Cunha has launched the impeachment process against Ms. Rousseff.

There are two reasons why we know that Mr. Cunha is expendable:

[1] The Western corporate media outlets openly call Mr. Cunha corrupt and extremely unpopular.

[2] Today, Supreme Court justice Teori Zavascki suspended Eduardo Cunha from his congressional duties while Cunha is investigated for corruption.

On Ms. Rousseff’s side, Brazil’s attorney general, Jose Eduardo Cardozo, said he plans to file an annulment request to annul the impeachment process on the grounds that the vote to impeach Ms. Rousseff was overseen by a speaker (Mr. Cunha) who now stands accused of abusing his power.


In November 2015, Mauricio Macri (an arch-neoliberal) edged out his rival to win the presidency of Argentina. This was the political equivalent of a hostile takeover by Wall Street.

Macri immediately presented his key economic team, which is loaded with bankers from Wall Street. Macri’s finance minister, Alfonso Prat-Gay, worked for J.P. Morgan in London and New York, and later served as president of Argentina’s Central Bank.

Macri’s Minister of Industry is Francisco Cabrera, formerly of banking giant HSBC and other financier outfits.

Macri’s team also includes representatives of Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Ag, and so on.

Macri wants to install Federico Sturznegger as head of the central bank.

His Minister of Energy is Juan Jose Aranguren, former president of the Argentine division of Shell Oil.

All these people are neoliberal ideologues.

Buenos Aires

President Macri is unabashedly pro-finance and pro-elitist. We see this in his capitulation to the demands of billionaire vulture capitalist Paul Singer in February 2016, with Macri agreeing to pay nearly $5 billion to Singer, who had been holding out against the t refusal of the Cristina Fernandez government to demands of Wall Street billionaires.

Macri did this to demonstrate for the world that Argentina is now ripe for neoliberal rape. He has announced that Brazil will join Chile, Peru, and Mexico in the horrendous Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). These treaties will subordinate entire nations to corporations and capital.


Obama has issued an executive order declaring a “national emergency” to counter the “Venezuelan threat.” Anyone connected with President Maduro is denied a visa to enter the USA. Anyone with the opposition is let in.

Meanwhile the corporate media outlets continue their war against Maduro.

The Washington Post says that Hugo Chavez and President Maduro have reduced Venezuela to a “failed state.”

Forbes: “Congratulations To Venezuela: Bolivar Notes Are Now Worth Less Than It Costs To Print Them.” (Forbes is late on this. I myself analyzed this nonsense a week and a half ago.)

CNBC claims that Venezuela’s soldiers are so hungry that they’re stealing and eating goats. CNBC’s source is El Nacional, a Venezuelan newspaper owned by rich elitists who are dedicated to removing President Maduro.

The neoliberal opposition wants to have a recall referendum to get rid of President Maduro. They had 30 days to collect the 195,721 signatures required to initiate a referendum, and they claim to have gathered by over 1.8 million signatures. Electoral authorities have not yet verified this claim.

If the signatures are verified, then the elitist opposition will need to gather another 4 million signatures in order to move to the second stage of the referendum.

If the referendum is not held by the end of 2016, a successful recall vote will remove President Maduro, but the opposition will not be able to install one of their own. The vice-president will serve out the rest of Maduro’s term.


Meanwhile the opposition, which has a large majority in the national legislature, is blocking Maduro from spending money, preventing him from addressing the economic crisis caused by the rich elitists.


The purpose of these treaties is to subordinate national governments to oligarchs and corporations, so that rich people can sue any government that imposes taxes on them, or that passes laws to protect workers, consumers, and the environment. Food safety laws, pharmaceutical safety laws, endangered species laws, minimum wage laws – whatever stands in the way of corporate profits will be destroyed.

The lawsuits will be presided over by the corporations themselves, who will be judge, jury, and prosecutor. The corporations will overturn anything less than a sweatshop with starvation wages.

The treaties will retroactively apply to laws that are already on the books, such as France’s laws against GMO seeds and food products. Therefore corporations will wipe clean all member nations’ law books. Corporations will make the laws, and will gear everything toward boosting their power and profits at the expense of average people.

Millions of jobs will be wiped out. Inequality will become worse than ever.

Regardless of what happens to the TTIP, there are still the TPP, TiSA, and the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA). The latter is a “free trade” treaty between Canada and Europe that is close to being ratified. The CETA is a “back door” for the TTIP, since any U.S. corporations that operate in Canada will be able to sue EU governments that try to protect their citizens from corporate greed.

British Prime Minister David Cameron is calling on MPs to seal the TTIP since, among other things, it will allow the UK’s National Health Service to be privatized.

Nothing can stop the global march of neoliberalism. The euro-zone nations have already surrendered their monetary sovereignty to the bankers and the rich. They will soon give up their political sovereignty as well.


It is happening because financial parasites at the top of the social ladder are sucking the life out of mankind. Our blood flows to the parasite in the form of rent, interest, and fees. If we do not surrender our blood willingly, we have it squeezed out of us forcibly.

For example, many cities, counties, and states across the USA are increasingly in debt to Wall Street, and to the big banks. Therefore local governments are increasingly in need of cash. If they give you a citation for a misdemeanor, or for a traffic violation, they will automatically judge you guilty, and they will impose a fine on you, denying you any chance to contest the charge. If you cannot pay the fine, you will have an arrest warrant issued against you. You will be charged your original fine, plus a late fee, plus surcharges, plus interest, plus a warrant fee, plus an arrest fee, plus jail rent (yes rent), plus a probation fee. You will be charged for being fingerprinted, photographed, and so on. you will be charged for toilet paper if you need it, and for food in your cell. If you cannot pay these added fees, then you will be hit with still more fees and jail time. You will lose your job. Your fines and your jailing will be reported to credit reporting agencies. You will become trapped in a cycle of poverty that can be nearly impossible to escape.


None of this has anything to do with justice, guilt, innocence, or public safety. It is all about extracting blood for the financial vampires at the top of the social ladder. The vampires are served by thugs wearing police uniforms and judges’ robes. The more the parasites suck from us, the more politicians are desperate to give even more to the parasites, so that politicians can live comfortably.


For governments with monetary sovereignty, the purpose of austerity is to force us to seek loans from the parasite, so that we become hosts.

In fact, neoliberalism itself is the ideology of the parasite. Likewise the “war on terror” is a war of the financial parasite on its human host.

financePerhaps this evil is simply the result of a human population that has become too large for us to care about each other. Our lack of empathy lets the financial parasite suck from us all, collectively. What do I care if someone is trapped in the cycle I described above, as long as I am not trapped in it? What do I care if the tiger killed and ate someone, as long as the tiger didn’t catch me?

Therefore we refuse to defend each other. And when the tiger eventually (and inevitably) catches ME, no one will care. Thus we all serve the parasites.

population 01population 02population 03


Don’t give the police any excuse to squeeze you for the parasite. Don’t shoplift. Don’t violate traffic laws. Don’t indulge in road rage. Don’t have any contact with the police at all, since they can always invent some reason to grab you and squeeze you.

Avoid debt as much as possible. In many U.S. states you can be arrested and turned over to the parasite for squeezing if you fail to pay credit card debt, or student loan debt.

Try to have empathy for people you meet. Don’t ignore beggars and panhandlers. They are not parasites. The parasites are the financial creeps at the top of the social ladder. Statistically speaking, it is the financial parasites that create the panhandlers (and create the drug addicts, and war refugees, and illegal immigrants, and so on).

Believe nothing you see in the corporate media outlets without further verification. In Brazil the corporate media outlets mobilized millions of middle class whites to march in the streets, demanding a coup so that the masses can have more poverty and neoliberalism.

Do you have any thoughts on these matters?

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  1. Narco-Capitalist says:

    The day life on this planet ends is going to be a fantastic day; that is the only thing that comes to mind after reading this post.


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