Why do progressives support Hillary?

Q. Why do progressives support Hillary?
A. They don’t

No true progressive supports Hillary.

You cannot be a progressive and support a neocon warmonger.

You cannot be a progressive and support plutocracy ( of which Hillary is a member) or austerity. Hillary has frequently praised Greece’s austerity nightmare.

You cannot be a progressive and (like Hillary) be as neoliberal as any Koch-funded Republican.

You cannot be a progressive and oppose universal health care, or free higher education.

The gap between Obamacare and universal Medicare is so huge that any “progressivism” which includes both of them is meaningless.

“Progressives for Hillary” is like “Pacifists for War.” There is no such thing

Q. Why does Wall Street favor Hillary?
A. Because Democrats “get things done.”

Republicans support neoliberal policies, but Democrats put them into practice. Reagan showed the way, but the Clintons put Reagan’s vision into practice. Reaganites think of it. Clintonites do it. Rank and file Republicans believe in screwing the public. Rank and file Democrats let it happen.

Q. Why do older people support Hillary?
A. Because, “Screw you; I’ve got mine.”

Hillary supporters tend to be older middle and upper middle class people who only care about themselves. They are “latte liberals” who are comfortable with the status quo. The only reason they’re Democrats is that sheer chance hooked them up with the Democrat team years ago. They don’t care about workers, and they will not pay a nickel more for a hamburger. They regard foreign policy as boring and irrelevant. They don’t care when “rag-heads” get blown up. They support plutocrats in exchange for a few crumbs of identity politics from the plutocrats.

They tend to get their information from corporate media outlets, which are all pro-Hillary, and whose commentators all want to keep their jobs.

(By contrast, Sanders supporters tend to be younger — or more flexible. They get their information from alternative media outlets. This is why the Establishment wants to shut down social media, and end net neutrality, so that corporations can once again control all information.)

Trump got wall-to-wall media coverage. Hillary got more coverage than Sanders, even when Hillary was trying to hide. In this way the corporate media planted in people’s minds that Sanders was a fringe candidate, and that Clinton was the “legitimate” candidate. Sanders got massive crowds at his speeches, but the corporate media outlets televised none of them.

If Sanders had received the free media publicity that was given to Trump and Clinton, then Sanders would have been so far ahead that Hillary would have dropped out of the race by now.

 Q. Why do Democrats support Hillary?
A. Team spirit

Hillary supporters don’t care about issues. They only care about the Democratic Party, and what they can personally get from it. They see their job as being obedient supporters of the team and its leaders. They are organizational voters, not principled voters. They admire team leaders who are arrogant bullies (like Hillary), and they condemn Independents as losers. They say, “How dare Sanders interfere with our team?”

Sanders did not run against Hillary. Sanders ran against the Democrat Machine. He faced the Clinton-Democratic-Republican-Establishment, with all of its behind-the-scenes tactics designed to preserve the power of the 1% over the 99%.

If voters had simply been given an opportunity to hear from and evaluate the character, positions, and track record of each candidate, without all the tricks of entrenched party elites and their media servants, then Sanders would have won by a landslide.

The fact that Sanders had racked up so many delegates in spite of the Machine is quite telling. However, the Machine’s roots run deep, and its reach is broad and multi-faceted. It has mesmerized far too many people into blindly embracing the myths that keep them voting against their interests.

Team spirit makes people spout absurdities like”:

“Hillary knows how to get things done.”
“Hillary has more experience.”
“Hillary is more realistic.”

Such notions are camouflage for, “We must support the team and its leader, regardless of what the leader stands for!”

Q. Why is Hillary even a candidate?
A. Because the process is rigged.

 States where Hillary won had closed primaries, meaning that the largest voting segment (i.e. independents) never got a chance to weigh in.

In many cases there was outright voter suppression (e.g. Brooklyn and Arizona).

Q. Why else did Sanders fail?
A. He did not adequately distinguish himself from Hillary.

 Sanders (like Hillary) regards Hugo Chavez as a “dead communist dictator” (Sanders’ own words). In foreign policy, Sanders is identical with Bush and Hillary. Sanders voted for almost as many wars of aggression as did Hillary when she was a Senator, and Secretary of State. Sanders supports all the lies about “ISIS.”™ And so on.

Q. Why would anyone support Hillary?
A. Fear

The corporate media outlets tell the masses that if they do not vote for Hillary, they will get Trump (even though Sanders would beat Trump more easily than Hillary). The corporate media created Trump in order to instill this fear. Indeed the media sells fear. And wherever there is fear, there is also greed, selfishness, and hate, all of it led by Hillaries.

 Q. Why do most Blacks support Hillary?
A. Because most Blacks still have a slave mentality.

Or if you prefer, a Stockholm syndrome. Average blacks tend to think they will be helpless without the protection of the plantation owner (i.e. without the leaders of the Democrat Machine). They imagine that “massa” loves them, when “massa” actually despises them.

Hillary helped her husband Bill end welfare, and to change laws so that Blacks filled up the prisons. Nonetheless, many Blacks think “massa” will protect them. (Not all, but enough for Hillary to win.)

One might ask, “When have the Clintons done anything for Blacks?”

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