Evil worms

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Today’s liar is Graham Steele, who was Canada’s Finance Minister from 2009-2012 under Stephen Harper. Steele, like Harper, was a neoliberal, and was therefore in favor of war, privatization, bank bailouts, inequality, gratuitous austerity, and so on.

Mr. Steele has an article in the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s blog. The CBC is Canada’s equivalent to the BBC. It is a government-run media outlet that tends to be right-wing and pro-neoliberal. When neoliberals are in power, they threaten to cut the CBC’s funding unless the network’s propaganda support’s neoliberalism. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should do the same, but from the other end (the progressive end).

Anyway Graham Steele is annoyed that Justin Trudeau wants to increase government spending on programs that help average Canadians.

If you’re going to throw gobs of money at areas that have been neglected, you ought to think seriously about spending less somewhere else, so that you’re still living within your means. That’s the tough part of politics. The choices. The balance.

Right away he starts lying. Steele can’t help it. Neoliberal ideology is nothing but lies.

The Canadian government has no “means” to live within, since it creates its spending money out of thin air. Nor is there any need for “spending choices,” or “balance.” Steele is well aware of this, but he is a compulsive liar – i.e. a neoliberal,

The Trudeau government is evidently not interested, at all, in anything resembling balance. It’s cake for everybody. You have cake? Keep it. You want cake? Cake for you, and for you, and for you!

Hey Steele, this message is for you…

Neoliberals like it when the government hands out endless trillions for war, for bank bailouts, and for corporate subsidies, but they become snide and sarcastic when the government helps average people. “Cake for you, and for you, and for you!” For neoliberals, government spending that helps average people is “unsustainable.”

Of the three fiscal choices in front of any government — raise taxes, cut spending, run a deficit — the path of least resistance is always to run a deficit.

Yes, because that’s what the economy needs. Have you ever played the Monopoly board game? Imagine every three times around the board you tell all the other players, “The bank has handed out a total of five thousand dollars. I need all of you to give that $5,000 back to the banks right now so we can have a balanced budget. I need all of your money.”

monopolyThe game would end right there. No one would have any money to continue paying rents and so on. Balanced budgets are only necessary for entities that cannot create their spending money out of thin air.

Now Trudeau, Morneau and the rest of the Liberals are singing and dancing down that path, like Julie Andrews in the opening sequence of The Sound of Music.

Snide sarcastic little creep.

Running a deficit is an attractive option because there is nobody to speak for the future citizens who will pay for it. This, more than anything, explains the mountain of debt we have inherited and to which we continue to add.

Steele is well aware that no one will ever have to pay a penny on Canada’s “national debt,” but for neoliberals, lying is like breathing. They must do it.

I wish Sanders would be bold enough to speak candidly…


Intergenerational equity — the fairness to our children and grandchildren of the debt we’re leaving for them — is the biggest unaddressed issue in our politics.

Suppose you told someone that his or her spouse was cheating, but you knew it was not true. You lied so that the couple would suffer pain and anguish. You would be an evil person.

Steele is evil. He uses the national debt hoax to make people falsely think they are “burdening their children.”

I’m so sick of these evil little worms.


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2 Responses to Evil worms

  1. coolslim says:

    ‘Unlimited spending resulting in massive deficits ….. Greece here we come …’

    ‘Canada is back on the road to financial ruin .’

    What surprises me is that the propaganda never seems to lose it’s effectiveness!


  2. Narco-Capitalist says:

    Worms, like chicken, are decent people.


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