Life in a bubble

Here’s an example of how right-wingers live in a bubble, echoing each other’s lies.

Venezuela is suffering from chronic shortages of consumer goods. The shortages are caused by the fall in oil prices, plus U.S. sanctions, and especially by rich elitists in Venezuela who hoard goods to make the masses suffer so that they turn against leftist President Maduro.

Rich elitists worldwide blame the shortages not on the elitists, but on President Maduro.

Google has many photos of these Venezuelan shortages, but since right-wing elitists live in a bubble, they latched on to only one image, and they presented it in over 300 media outlets throughout the Spanish world.

And the photo doesn’t even show Venezuela.

Below is a Reuters photo from Rockaway Beach, a neighborhood in the borough of Queens, New York City. It was taken inside a local Stop-and-Shop, which is a chain of grocery stores.

You can see the actual store on a Google Maps street view.

media lies 01The date is 26 August 2011. New York shoppers have purchased all the water from the shelves in preparation for Hurricane Irene, with killed ten people and did $296 million in damage to New York City and Long Island. (The following year, Hurricane Sandy was even worse.)

You can see that the signs in the store are written in English. (Click the image to enlarge it if needed.)

Beginning in January 2012, several right-wing blogs in Spanish blurred out the English parts, and claimed that the photo was from a store in Caracas Venezuela. Over the next four years, corporate media outlets across the Spanish world did the same thing.

media lies 03

The image below is from the blog of the Roundtable of Democratic Unity, a political coalition that represents rich elitists in Venezuela who hate President Maduro. (Click to enlarge if desired.)

media lies 02

Below: here it is again. The caption reads, “The government is the only one responsible for shortages and scarcity.”

media lies 04

Rich elitists who own the corporate media outlets are so lazy, and so insulated in their bubble, talking to each other, that they all shared this false image.

And why not? After all, most people believe anything the corporate media outlets tell them.


media lies 05

media lies 06

By the way, President Maduro has worked hard to prosecute the elitists who hoard goods, but it’s a cat and mouse game. Venezuela’s poor people, fed up with his failure to stop the crisis, stayed home in December 2015 and did not vote. This allowed right-wing elitists to gain a majority in the National Assembly. The rich elitists have vowed to get rid of President Maduro one way or another, and bring the masses back under their heel.

The elitists want to privatize all public housing in Venezuela. Since the program began in 2012, over a million homes were built for Venezuela’s poorest families. The rich elitists say it’s time for those families to be “reformed” (i.e. kicked into the street).

It’s a sneaky plan, because the elitists want to give title deeds to the residents so they can sell the homes and thereby create a housing bubble, which will worsen the poverty rate. Financiers will get rich off the housing bubble, and will end up owning all the homes, which they will rent out at very high rates.  President Maduro is fighting this. If the elitists can get rid of him, then privatization will begin immediately.

Everything else that has been nationalized will also be privatized (i.e. given to rich parasites).

This is why some revolutions in history have included mass executions of elitists. The parasites never stop scheming to exploit the masses. NEVER.

They can’t help it. It’s their nature. They’re like blood-hungry mosquitos.

Maduro says the elitists want to send the poor “back to the hilltops.” (In developed countries, rich people live on hilltops, with servants and transportation. In undeveloped countries it is reverse. The rich live down below, whereas poor people live on hilltops where there is no water, or businesses, or food stores. Poor people must descend to get these things, and then arduously climb back up afterward.)

media lies 07media lies 08media lies 09


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4 Responses to Life in a bubble

  1. Chunch says:

    Oh boy…

    So you think the shortages were caused by the rich, but you need “real pictures” as proof?

    Which one is it?

    You live in some distant world in which whatever you think is true is true.

    Would you personally invest in any business at a loss? If the answer is no, than how in the world do you expect investors / companies to import into Venezuela when Maduro wants to enforce losses upon them?

    Maduro is nothing but a dictator, an evil dictator that wants to stay in power by force. He wants the general public to be happy so that they keep him in power, at the expense of investors.

    Investors dont hate or love anyone, they want to make money like you and i. If they dont, they leave. Simple.


  2. Narco-Capitalist says:

    So Capriles is a puppet for the rich?


    • No, Henrique Capriles Radonski is not a puppet of the rich. He’s one of the rich himself. (He’s also a Jew who claims to be the grandson of “holocaust survivors.”)

      His family founded the local unit of Nabisco Inc., and they own CINEZ (Venezuela’s largest chain of private movie theaters) plus numerous private media outlets. They also have investments in Venezuela’s food processing industries.

      The Radonski family’s wealth allowed him to participate in numerous international student exchange programs in the USA and Europe. (And presumably Israel.)

      He’s an absolute slime-ball.


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