How to get ahead

a4Make people work until they drop dead!

Then they can’t collect Social Security!

That’s the word from the ultra-right-wing Heritage Foundation, which collects $72 million per year to dispense such hate. The money comes from big banks and corporations, whose donations are tax deductible.  The organization’s previous president, Edwin J. Feulner, Jr., collected $2.7 million per year. (The current head, Thomas A. Saunders, 79, lives in Palm Beach Florida.)

American life expectancy is being eroded by ever-increasing stress, debt, poverty and inequality.

However right-wing elitists claim that Americans are living longer than ever. So why should Americans get Social Security benefits at age 65 when they can toil in (non-existent) jobs until age 75 or 80?

Besides, according to the Heritage Foundations liars, “entitlements” like Social Security are “massively underfunded.” Therefore we have no choice but to deny people Social Security.

Of course, even if FICA taxes paid for Medicare and Social Security (which they don’t) we could solve any “funding problems” by raising the cap on FICA contributions. Right now you only have to pay the FICA tax on the first $118,500 you collect each year.

But why raise that amount when you can simply declare that Americans are living longer, fuller, happier lives, and don’t need Social Security until they are 75 or 80? Why let those geezers sit at home in their wheelchairs, when they can be out digging ditches and mopping floors with the rest of the peasants?

The Heritage Foundation article is very lengthy, and it includes charts and graphs and techo-bullshit by one Rachel Greszler, who is a “Senior Policy Analyst in Economics at The Heritage Foundation.”

Nice job title, huh? You can have a title too if you’re willing to be an evil toady for the rich.


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