Free stuff

In my last post I noted that the biggest recipients of “free stuff” are bankers, financiers, and Wall Street parasites who call themselves “makers” and their hosts “takers.” Military contractors also get “free stuff.” (Billions of dollars’ worth.)

Many people, however, think that only poor people get “free stuff.” An example is the person below, who condemns Bernie Sanders supporters as lazy slobs.

Millions of Americans have become foolish, lazy and irresponsible. They’re wrecking our nation and ruining our future.  I see this trend in my businesses.  During the past decade, scores of people, who want a free ride, fall for promises that ultimately bankrupt their family.  That explains how a devout socialist like Bernie Sanders even had a chance. The ‘free stuff’ people just want to find a way to get something for free.  They are the Bernie supporters who believe that health care is a right, that rich people are stealing their opportunities, and that the government should supplant their personal responsibility.  They’re lazy, apathetic, and mostly without purpose. They want the fruits of our labor without contributing their own.  They’ll never reach their full potential, or make any contribution that’s meaningful until they break free of their greedy, lazy lifestyle. Source.

People like this person above are why we have ever-worsening inequality. They imagine themselves more intelligent, more virtuous, and more hard-working than everyone around them. They have zero empathy for others, and they cheer when the rich crush the lower classes. They believe the lie that [1] money is physical and limited, that [2] the U.S. government runs on loans and on tax revenue, and that [3] the U.S. government has a “debt crisis.” They have to believe these lies, or else they couldn’t claim to be victims of the poor, who they falsely imagine to be supported by taxes.

People like the one above have what I call a peasant mentality, which is suffused with lies, hate, selfishness, and self-righteousness. Such people will never accept the truth about money, since they cherish their hatred more than anything else. They hate it that single parents with kids get Food Stamps, but they’re okay with corporations getting billions in subsidies. They’re okay with military contractors collecting billions of dollars for producing nothing except bullshit projects that are “in development” forever. They’re okay with endless trillions of dollars for Wall Street bailouts.

In fact, on Wednesday (13 April 2016) the Federal Reserve and the FDIC said the U.S. economy will crash unless five of the USA’s biggest banks get STILL MORE government bailouts. (!!!!)

In other words, the too-big-to-jail bankers must be given more “free stuff.”

(Bank of America, Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase, State Street and Bank of New York Mellon.) These banks are all useless “takers.”

The peasant mentality says that only the rich deserve “free stuff.” This attitude makes people crow that, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch” so they can feel superior to others. Such people are so numerous that Bernie Sanders supporters defensively respond that, “No it’s not free stuff; it’s paid for with taxes.”

Here’s another example of the peasant mentality…

“Bernie’s inspiring me to start passing out some free stuff of my own, called reality. Our national debt is $19, 926,435,000,000. That’s how our children will “feel the bern” in their pockets when they become adults.” Source.

Such people have not been brainwashed or misled. They are simply assholes and cowards who want everyone around them to suffer.  Their failing is not one of intellect, but of moral character. If you ask them, “Why can’t we have universal health care like every other industrialized country?” they will dismiss you by saying, “Those countries are communist.”

Again, that is not ignorance. It is cowardice and selfishness. It’s why inequality becomes worse all the time.

I suspect that the rich are less hateful than are the lower classes. The rich know that most people in the lower classes wouldn’t know what to do with freedom if they had it. They know that many people in the lower classes (not all) like to suffer, so they have an excuse to whine. They know that many people in the lower classes hate it when you tell them the U.S. government has infinite money, because it makes their whining about “free stuff” look like whining.

The images below were made by cowards who are outraged that Bernie Sanders wants to improve everybody’s living conditions. I didn’t make them. I saw them on the Internet.


People who make such images are cynical defeatists. They want a world in which a handful of people own everything. A world in which 99 % of people are debt slaves from cradle to grave. Any other kind of world “socialist,” and is therefore evil.


The cowards think they’re so clever. To me they are losers.
























If you met a child who believed in Santa Clause, you would respond with tact, love, support, and patience. However the creeps who do these images are the kind who love to break the hearts of children. They would bark, “There’s no Santa Clause!” and they would laugh as the child cries.

Ironically we’re not even taking about Santa Clause. There is enough money for us to have whatever we want. But the assholes who do images like this reject that, because they enjoy being assholes.


Other nations have universal health care and free college, but such things are “too expensive” for the “richest country in the world.”

By the way, “Chunch” calls me a liberal, but I reject that label. I don’t like people who accuse you of “racism” to shut own any conversation — but neither do I like right-wingers who use the word “socialist” to shut own any conversation.


Sanders is not a socialist, since he has only suggested that health insurance and college funding be nationalized. As for Hillary and Obama, they are not socialists or even capitalists. They are feudalists.























And now let’s see some images from the other side…






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2 Responses to Free stuff

  1. Chunch says:

    I think you do realize that none of it is free, which is the reason you bring up bankers. You are fully aware none of it is free – none of it. And 2 wrongs dont make a right, bailing out wall street on the back of the population is a bad thing. Bailing out anyone on the back of the rest is a bad thing.

    What you fail to realize is that its the poor and the lower middle class that pay for all the “free” stuff. Quite honestly, im shooting myself in the foot as i fall in the upper middle. Again, the rich and upper middle do not pay, the poor and lower do.

    I feel sorry for people who will go length talking nonsense simply because something directly benefits them. I know full well all this nonsense benefits people in the upper middle income and rich, but you ask for more not because it benefits the poor but because it benefits you.

    The poor subdize businesses like walmart, education for the rich and upper middle, tax breaks are designed for the same – those with families in the same upper classes.

    Minimum wage? McD, walmart,etc loves it – they actually lobby for it. It kills small businesses.

    Welfare? Same as above, nobody in the middles cares much about McDs.

    Subzidized or “free” medicine? In which class are the doctors, the pharma execs, etc? Upper middle and rich? You bet yah..

    Supporting unions? They get high wages (especially high ranking officials) and job security? You get high prices and no job, terrible quality education, cars, etc…

    And the list keeps going and going. Its interesting how the government makes a mockery of people like you. Rodger knows better, but what do you expect from a failed bankster from Chicago? A mobster?

    Do a few poor people benefit from social programs? Sure, at the expense of the rest – the rest goes to folks like me in the middle and the wealthy. As i have said, i should not complain, but i am not a liar.

    Stop being a tool.


  2. Chunch says:

    I love the photos, they describe Bernie 100%.

    You are not only a socialist, you are a communist, a liberal and finally – the real sociopath. Read your own posts – you give no reason or logic, its the way you say because like all communists, you are god and all you say must be true. Logic be damned. Anyone that dares question you and Rodger are racist, liars, bigots, evil, uncaring, etc.

    The interesting thing is that the logic only applies to getting “free stuff”. How about working for free? How about donating? How about giving your owb money?

    Nobody to be found if that topic is raised.

    And you call me sociopath?


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