Killing the Host

I want to return to the global stampede toward privatization, which I mentioned in my last post. Privatization means greater and greater concentration of wealth, until everything is owned by a mere handful of people. You can blame this phenomenon on various groups if you want (Rothschilds, Illuminatis, Bilderbergers, etc.) but I blame it on everyone who regards public ownership (i.e. socialism) as evil, and private ownership of everything as good.

Whatever business is privately owned becomes profit-based. Whatever is profit-based becomes a black hole if it grows large enough, consuming everything. Hence the eternal hunger of the One Percent to have more. Always more. No amount of profit, austerity, and debt slavery can ever be enough. Indeed, the more they get, the more they want.

A black hole is a parasite, and parasitism is the theme of Michael Hudson’s influential book Killing the Host: How Financial Parasites and Debt Bondage Destroy the Global Economy.

The original title was Killing the Host: Financial Parasites and Wall Street’s War on Capitalism.

“War on capitalism” means that financial parasites such as Wall Street firms don’t produce anything. Instead, they suck the life out of capitalist economies via debt bondage.

Hudson notes that in the natural world, most parasites can only survive by injecting chemicals into their host’s brain that makes the host think the parasite is part of the host’s body. This behavior modification makes the host protect the parasite at all costs.

PensionsFinancial parasites do exactly the same thing. They have convinced their host (i.e. society at large) that public ownership is evil, and private ownership is good. They have caused their host society to mentally invert everything. Freedom is slavery. War is peace. Austerity is prosperity. Ignorance is wisdom. Rent collecting is productive. Parasites are “makers.” Hosts are “takers.”

The parasite kills productivity, while calling it “enhanced productivity,” meaning the host is productive in fattening the parasite.

The parasite’s ideology is neo-liberalism. Its weapon is debt, lies, and austerity. The parasite convinces the host that the host will die without the deadly parasitic bankers. This behavior modification makes the host protect the parasite at all costs, even if it kills the host. Let millions of people die of hunger, as long as the bankers are kept well-fed. Let millions of debt-slaves perish, as long as their vampire creditors live in splendor.


The financial parasite says that public ownership is “evil,” since public ownership means life without parasites. It says that the parasite, which is killing the host, is the only thing that sustains the host. It praises whatever strengthens the parasite (e.g. deregulation) and condemns whatever weakens it (e.g. nationalization).

A hundred years ago in America, John Bates Clark and other pro-parasite ideologues claimed if the financial parasite sucks up all the money in the form of interest, fees, rents, or monopoly charges, it is because the parasite is an inherent and vital part of the host. Therefore, according to this lie, the parasite adds to GDP.

In reality the parasite kills GDP.


Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs says that the reason Goldman Sachs’ managers are paid so highly is that they are so productive, meaning they are skilled parasites. By “productive,” Blankfein means they make their host society produce vital juices for the parasites to suck until the host is dead.


In the USA the Bureau of Economic Analysis (which is part of the Department of Commerce) produces an accounting of American GDP that is called the “national income and product accounts” (NIPA). This is one of the main sources of data on general economic activity in the United States.

The financial parasite has designed the NIPA to regard a person as “productive” in proportion to how much money he gets. It does not matter how he gets the money. If he gets it via fraud, theft, war, slavery, bribery, murder, or whatever, it doesn’t matter. If he inherited the money, it doesn’t matter. As a parasite, the richer he is, the more “productive” he is, according to the NIPA.  The more he kills productivity by sucking the life out of the economy, the more he is “enhances productivity.”


The financial parasite injects venom into the host’s brain so that the host says there is no parasite, and no such thing as a free lunch. Meanwhile the parasite’s entire existence is based on a “free lunch.” It denies that there is any such thing as unearned income. It denies that it enjoys a free lunch. Milton Friedman got famous for promoting the idea that there’s no such thing as a free lunch, when parasitic finance is all about getting a free lunch, with risks picked up by the government.


Speaking of Friedman, he was part of the “Chicago School” whose members advised the genocidal dictator Augusto Pinochet after the CIA engineered a coup in Chile (1973).  The “Chicago School” was a cult of the parasite.amateur

Pinochet murdered tens of thousands of people, to Friedman’s delight. Chile then became a parasite’s laboratory and playground. The parasites (Friedman et. al.) immediately closed down every economics department in Chile except the one department they controlled at the Catholic University. They arranged for the assassination of left wing professors, labor leaders and politicians who questioned parasitism. They imposed neoliberalism by gunpoint.

The parasites knew they could not have anti-labor, deregulated “free markets” that strip away social protections and benefits unless they had totalitarian control over the markets. They had to censor any idea that there has ever been a time without the parasite. They had to rewrite economic history to say that the parasite was good and eternal and necessary, and was not a parasite.


When the financial parasite says it is against government, it means genuinely democratic government (which can only exist if there is no parasite). Once the parasite takes over, it depends on government to keep providing vital juices. Police, soldiers, and politicians all protect the parasite, and they squeeze vital juices out of average people for the parasite. Everything and everyone exists to produce vital juices for the financial parasite. (By “vital juices” I mean human energy and natural resources.)

The feudal system was ultra-parasitic, and we are fast returning to that condition. In feudalism, a parasitic lord owned everything (especially land). His hosts (i.e. people who lived on the land) were forced to provide vital juices for the parasite (i.e. pay taxes, surrender their income, work in the fields, die as soldiers etc. etc.).  The parasite called itself “noble,” and its hosts “inferiors.”

Eventually, of course, the financial parasite always kills the host. That’s what happened to the Roman Empire. Rome developed a financial cancer that became malignant. The entire Roman Empire was itself a parasite on the rest of the world. Vital juices from foreign lands were called “tribute” and “taxes.” And then the parasite ate itself, just as the USA is doing.

Military conquerors take slaves in many forms, and thereby become parasites. They impose things like land rents.  In England in some cases you must pay two rents: one for your house and another for the land. The two may have different owners.


There was a time when continental Europe prevented parasitism by keeping the most important natural monopolies in the public domain: the post office, the state broadcasting companies, the roads and basic transportation, the early national airlines, and so wars

As I said, the parasite injects its host’s brain with chemicals that modify the host’s behavior and awareness. For example, we remain in a permanent depression because we have an 11.8 trillion-dollar parasite on our back, in the form of private debt for cars, houses, education, medical expenses, and so on. But the parasite doesn’t want you to think about that. The parasite programs you to worry about the trivial public debt (the so-called “national debt”) that no one will ever have to pay a penny on. The public debt is not a burden, and not a parasite. But the parasite says, “Don’t look at me; the parasite is the national debt!”

The wealth of the 1% comes from the 99%. The parasite sucks you dry via student loans, for example, while programming the people around you to think it is your fault for being sucked dry.  This is the behavior modification that all parasites must do if they are to survive. The parasite says you need him because the U.S. government is “bankrupt.”  It says you need austerity.

Meanwhile the host (i.e. the masses) worships the parasite. We see this whenever someone calls socialism “evil.” Socialism means freedom from the current parasites.

Of course, socialism can create its own parasites in the form of party bosses and apparatchiks, but that is another matter.

how know

Wealth creation consists of manufacturing and farming. It consists of performing needed services like health care and education. But the parasite says that true wealth creation consists of giving your vital fluids to the parasite – for example, paying interest to private banks. What the parasite calls wealth creation is wealth destruction. What the parasite calls a “free market” is a captive host for the parasite. (A genuinely free market has no parasites.)

A hedge fund owner making a million dollars an hour does not contribute to society 66,666 times what a $15 an hour person contributes. But the parasite says he does, as do all the textbooks and media pundits (today anyway).

Periodic financial crises are caused by the tendency of debt-parasites to grow exponentially, without regard for growth in the productive powers of the host economy. And now the financial parasite is so huge that it is killing the USA, just as financial parasites killed the Roman Empire.

And still the parasite is not satisfied. The parasite now wants its host societies to go cashless, so that no one can hide his vital fluids (i.e. hide money) from the parasite.  Everyone in the 99% now serves the parasite.

Do you think the Rothschilds are behind all this? Illuminatis? Bilderbergers? Extraterrestrials? No. The cause is everyone around you that says public ownership is evil, and parasitic private ownership is good.

USA debt

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3 Responses to Parasites

  1. Narco-Capitalist says:

    The parasites have a strong voice with the liberty-lovers (i.e Right-Wing Libertarians and so called “Anacho”-Capitalists) and with these ideologies growing larger and larger, I can only say, we’re fucked.


  2. Chunch says:

    If you say so, it must be true. Not…..

    The interesting thing is that i almost agree with you, but not entirely. You see, i agree that the majority of people are to blame for the issues we face. But you are very far from the truth and i suspect you are fully aware. I bet this one either goes unanswered or i will get called names.

    First off, it has been proven that freer markets are more efficient and make everyone better off than communist or socialist ones. Look at the US between 1776 and 1914, we doubled the population multiple times over and grew immensely.

    Next, you have nothing to say about free markets and capitalism other than “its evil”. Why liz? Why is it bad? Where’s your analysis?

    Here is what the truth looks like. People in general want more government spending – no politician will stay in office long if they do 2 things, 1 reduce benefits and 2 increase taxes. How many times have you not seen benefits increased and taxes have not been increased in the last 40 years. Where do you get the guts to state the opposite liz?

    Lets talk about profit motive – is profit motive only limited to people in the private industry? Oh yeah i keep forgeting that politicians are angels looking out for us. Really liz?

    You and i and everyone else has a profit motive – the difference between a government and a private is that the private is not shieldes from the laws? Maybe you can beat the government – but i assure you, nobody else can.

    Banks do provide a social benefit – they allocate capital and redeploy to industries that can use the funds more effectively. I know i know you will bring up the too big to fail, the housing bubble and a whole bunch of other nonsense. Do you realize we already have laws that make things like predatory lending, fraud, etc illegal?

    And do you know who set the presedent for the 2008 crisis by bailing out banks in the 70s, 80s, 90s? Yeah, thats right – the government. Banks know full well that your central (a product of communists/socialists) government, central bank is what allowed the banks to get themselves in trouble. Why didnt your government let them fail instead of trying to “regulate” them? Its too hard to do nothing right?

    Government spending is not “good” for the economy unlesa you think we should all get our own printing machines. Than things would be REALLY good. But i know full well you dont believe that – there must be a reason counterfeiting is illegal? Oh yeah thats right, its because the CIA or some other agency is planning a coup de tat.



    • Today everything is increasingly owned by a handful of people, to which everyone else must pay rents, fees, taxes, interest, and so on. That is neither free markets nor capitalism. It is feudalism. Free markets and capitalism are not necessarily evil, but feudalism is.


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