Get ’em while they’re young!

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If you are among the rulers of society (any society) you know that in order to maintain the obedience of the peasants, you must begin programming them for lifelong slavery when they are still children. You must inject your lies into minds that are still forming, so that your lies become integrated into the peasants’ overall mental development. It’s like injecting your victims with a chemical that alters their DNA so that they grow stunted and deformed according to your wishes.

If you do this properly, then your lies will become a critical part of each slave-child’s worldview and personal identity. Your lies will become part of his or her sense of self. Your lies will even become part of your victims’ religious beliefs.

Once your victims have been fully programed, they will defend your lies with their lives. They will regard any exposure of your lies as an attack on their personhood, since your lies form a crucial part of their psyches and personalities.

For example, suppose a child’s mind is filled with lies about Santa Claus. And suppose that no one debunks these lies until the child is in his twenties or thirties. By then, Santa Clause will have become a crucial part of the child’s mind and world-view. The child will regard any debunking of Santa Clause as a vicious attack on the child himself. Any debunking will feel traumatic and upsetting. It may take him years or decades to recover his mental balance after his fairy tales have been exposed.

Perhaps you have met someone who is obsessed with debunking this or that religion, and who becomes angry when he meets anyone of that religion. Most likely he is someone who grew up believing in the religion, only to experience the emotional trauma of having his religion (his Santa Clause) debunked. He feels that he was lied to, deceived, betrayed, manipulated, exploited – and indeed he was. He may need years or even decades to mature past his anger and his sense of betrayal.

The necessity of injecting your lies into people while their minds are still forming explains why (for example) society starts lying to kids about the magical “six million” when kids are about age 7, which in most countries is the First Grade of elementary school (after kindergarten).

A few countries do not use the term “First Grade.”Some examples…


During the the First Grade, the magical “six million” is briefly mentioned a few times. In later grades the “six million” are mentioned more and more until by Grade 5 or 6 (physical ages 10 to 11 and beyond) the child is required to read such trash as the fictional Diary of Anne Frank. By grade 10 or 11 the child must sit through movies like Schindler’s List, which is based on a book by Australian writer Thomas Keneally — who never said it was anything other than a fiction novel.

The lie about the “national debt crisis” follows a similar pattern, although the programming does not begin until children are aged fourteen-to-fifteen– i.e. not until children are in the first year of high school (which in some nations is called preparatory school). By the end of high school (age 16 to 18) all children are required to fully believe in the fake “national debt crisis.”

In college, all students repeat the lie about the “national debt crisis” (just as all students repeat the lie about the saintly “six million”). However, whether the “debt crisis” lie becomes central to their college life depends on their chosen major. Serious students who study science or pre-medicine pay little attention to the lie, although sometimes they cannot avoid it…

college 22

During the last fifteen years, as the middle class has disappeared, a new sub-group of college students has appeared. Calling themselves “Libertarians” or “Young Republicans,” they come from poor families, and they realize that the only way they will ever get anywhere in life is to become lifelong toadies of the rich. A classic example is House Speaker Paul Ryan; toady extraordinaire.

college 08

These “college libertarians” ( i.e. college liber-toady-ans) are the primary targets of the notorious Peter G. Peterson Foundation, which is dedicated to the privatization of Medicare and Social Security. Each year the Peterson Foundation sponsors a contest between 53 colleges and universities to see which of them can spew the best bullshit about the fake “national debt crisis.”

Peterson’s bullshit-fest is called “It’s Up to Us,” and it began in 2012 with just 10 schools. Today it involves more than 230 students on 53 teams in 28 states, and it has its own web site.

A team from each college competes for a $10,000 prize and a chance to meet Pete Peterson (who will be 81 in June). They also get to meet ex-U.S. President Bill Clinton at the Clinton Global Initiative University in Berkeley CA. The winning team is also given a trip to Washington D.C., where they can meet the toadies that went before them, such as Paul Ryan.

This year, teams from 53 colleges engaged more than 30,000 of their fellow students through in-person outreach, events, and activities on campus. They partnered with more than 330 campus groups to support the lie about the “national debt crisis.” They visited 210 classrooms to warn students about the fake “national debt,” and to frantically explain why Social Security must be given to Wall Street NOW!

In this year’s “Up to Us” competition, a record number of students competed to show how well they had been brainwashed. The nitwits all spoke of the U.S. government’s “unsustainable national debt.”

The 2016 “Up to Us” teams planned and executed a range of creative activities on campus regarding the “national debt” hoax. Some teams hosted seminars with economics and political science professors. Some teams had fiscal policy “debates” with members of College Republican and College Democrat chapters. Some teams had meetings with congressional representatives and local officials. Some teams held social events such as a debt-themed carnival, an interactive budgeting simulation, a culinary exhibition showcasing local food vendors and linking fiscal sustainability. Some teams held campus-wide scavenger hunts oriented around the “national debt” hoax.

All this may seem childish, but it is necessary to sustain the lies.

This year’s winning team of toadies was from the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg VA.  They range in age from 16 to 18, and they include several racial groups, which shows that these days, mass poverty is affecting everyone in the lower classes.

college 09

The 53 college teams were judged by a panel that included such brilliant economists as Hillary Clinton’s daughter Chelsea Clinton, 36. Other judges included Shellye Archambeau, (CEO of MetricStream), Michelle Bernard (President and CEO of the Bernard Center for Women) and Garrett Johnson (Co-Founder of SendHub).

The “Up To Us” web site laughably claims that the “national debt” hoax is non-political. This is like those ultra-right-wing political groups who call themselves “non-partisan.” Indeed, the more political a group is, the more it calls itself “non-political” in an attempt to be seen as factual, objective, and “scientific.”  The ultra-political Pete Peterson Foundation calls itself “non-partisan.”

college 10

Each year the Peterson Foundation hosts a “Fiscal Summit” in Washington D.C., where guests give speeches about why the (fake) “national debt crisis” will destroy the world unless we give Medicare and Social Security to Wall Street.  Speakers include such professional liars as ex-President Bill Clinton, ex-Treasury secretary Tim Geithner, ex-Speaker of the House John Boehner, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, and Alan Greenspan who knows he is lying, and essentially said so on national TV several times.

Below is Pete Peterson’s son Michael speaking at last year’s meeting about his desperate need to privatize Medicare and Social Security. Speakers included Michael Bloomberg (former mayor of New York) Doug Elmendorf (former director of the Congressional Budget Office) and Richard Fisher (former President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas). Either these people are total idiots or total liars.

college 11

This year’s “Fiscal summit” will be on 11 May 2016 in Washington DC.

So there you have it: a lot of young people believe in the fake “national debt crisis” as a means to get ahead in life.

In fact, that is why anyone believes in the national debt hoax.

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5 Responses to Get ’em while they’re young!

  1. Narco-Capitalist says:

    You describe how someone who consistently attacks a certain belief does so because they themselves were fooled by that believe; and I am sorry to tell you this but your consistency on attacking the “six million” proves this point. I guess you were fooled by such a thing and now you attack it repeatedly. Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to put you on the spot, but maybe you have not realized this or you actually do not have a problem admitting the fact that you once believed the six million figure. But I digress, nice job with this post (like always).


    • Thanks for your comment. I have written 162 posts so far, and only four of them have mentioned the “six million” item. I never believed in it myself. Nor have I ever believed in any religious dogma. I only mention the “six million” item as an example of how some people can seem intelligent in some ways, but they are dense in others. Some people don’t believe in Santa Clause, but they do believe in the tooth fairy.

      Another myth is that when the USA destroys a nation, the victims “hate us for our freedoms.”

      Actually this entire blog focuses on debunking the myth that the U.S. government is “bankrupt.” I never believed that one either.

      Such myths do real damage in real life.

      Anyway thanks again for visiting and commenting.


  2. Narco-Capitalist says:

    Are you skeptical of the six million figure or are you a denier?


    • Thanks for your question. With respect, I’m not fond of the term “denier.” It is a politically charged label that people use to silence all questions, and to permanently condemn other people. In England, if you question the lie that the central government is bankrupt, you are dismissed as a “deficit denier.” This automatically shuts down all conversations, so that austerity and inequality may continue.

      It is one thing when a person says that something is false, or is a myth. But when that person is branded a “denier,” he becomes “evil.” He is stigmatized with the Mark of the Beast.

      Conservatives condemn liberals for using the label “racist” to shut down all conversations. However conservatives have their own labels, such as “denier.”

      Therefore, I deny nothing. I merely try to distinguish between fact and fiction; truth and lies; proof and myths.

      Incidentally I have gotten a vast amount of email from people who are angered and offended by this blog. With my recent mentioning of the “six million” item, the insults and name calling are now verging on direct threats. Such are the political ramifications of some topics. There are certain things that society allows us to question. There are other things that no one is allowed to question. It is the same in all societies. All cultures have politically charged taboos.


      • Narco-Capitalist says:

        I actually forgot to ask if you were ever called an anti-Semite, but you already answered that question with your response. Anyways, I find myself in complete agreement with your response. Like I mentioned before about Libertarian rhetoric; in a debate, they can throw around the terms “liberty”, “big government”, “freedom”, “socialism”, or any other term that the American people (even those on the left wing) will immediately associate their feelings with, and win the debate. In regards to all the offended people who contact you, screw them; I would actually get a kick from hate mail (if I ever get any).


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