Only six states remain

map 03

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is a secretive group of right-wing politicians and their rich owners (e.g. the Koch Bros.) who are dedicated to widening the gap between the rich and the rest.

Currently, as part of their mission of greed, they are working to get a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution, in order to force the privatization of programs like Medicare and Social Security.

If the U.S. Constitution is changed so that it requires a balanced federal budget, then the U.S. government will no longer create sufficient money to pay for social programs. The programs will be privatized to “save them.” Workers will continue to pay FICA taxes, but the tax revenue ($1.1 trillion per year) will flow straight to the criminals of Wall Street. When retirees apply for benefits, they will be told that there was a “market downturn,” and all the money was lost. And everyone will accept it.

map 08

Republican presidential hopefuls Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas) Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.) Ohio Governor Gov. John Kasich all want a Constitutional amendment that mandates a balanced federal budget.

For the U.S. constitution to get an amendment, Article V of the U.S. Constitution says there must be a Constitutional Convention, as seen below…

MAP 05 There are two ways to get a Constitutional Convention. Congress can propose having a convention, or else two-thirds of the states can propose it. (Thirty-four states.) Whatever is decided at a Constitutional Convention, the Constitution can only be amended if three-fourths of the states (thirty-eight states) ratify the proposed changes.

As of today, twenty-eight states have passed resolutions calling for a Constitutional Convention to propose a balanced budget amendment. This is six states short of the two-thirds threshold required by Article V to have a Constitutional Convention. The ALEC-affiliated Balanced Budget Amendment Task Force is hoping to get the remaining six states by 4 July 2016. In the map below, they are targeting twelve states, hoping to get at least six. In six of those twelve targeted states, Republicans control the house, the senate, and the governorship.

map 01

Once the elitists get the remaining six states they need, the Constitutional Convention will declare that the U.S. Constitution must include a balanced budget amendment, so that the masses have permanent austerity.  Then thirty-eight states must ratify the change to the U.S. Constitution. This will be easy, since it is what the American people want. The masses know that the U.S. government can print infinite money, yet they pretend that the government is “bankrupt.” Rather that seriously examine the fake “national debt crisis,” the peasants believe whatever they are told by their masters. They believe the myth about the “national debt crisis” even more than they believe the myth about the saintly “six million.”

MAP 04

A balanced budget amendment has been a holy grail for Republicans and right-wing elitists since the 1930s. Today it is part of the Tea Party platform. So far the only thing that has saved us has been concern that a Constitutional Convention could get out of control. In addition to a balanced federal budget amendment, various interests would try to pass other amendments covering various topics. Perhaps an amendment to outlaw abortion; or to make the death penalty mandatory for anyone who questions the endless wars, or who questions Israeli atrocities. Not all states would agree to outlaw abortion, but they would certainly agree to a balanced budget amendment. Such is the idiocy of the American peasantry.

map 07

Trump became a frontrunner among Republicans because the peasants are unhappy with Washington insiders. The Koch Brothers and their allies will exploit this unhappiness by claiming that a balanced budget amendment is just what the peasants need to get back at everything from NSA spying to immigrant invasions. The peasants will love it, and they will   take pride in knowing that the USA will be the only nation in the world with a constitution that mandates a balanced federal budget. The elitists will remind the peasants that during the last 200 years the U.S. Constitution has been amended 27 times, so what’s one time more? The elitists will say, “You don’t like the Congress? This is your chance to go around them!” And the peasants will eagerly submit to financial execution.

map 02

When the peasants willingly doom themselves, they will blame Blacks or Muslims or immigrants, or whatever — anything but themselves.

Of course, a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution does not mean that the federal budget will actually be balanced. The federal government will continue to create endless money for wars, for weapons makers, for Israel, for corporate subsidies, for Wall Street bailouts, and so on. However, anything that helps average people will be privatized or eliminated, since there will be “no money.” And taxes on the peasants will be increased dramatically. Food inspectors will be laid off, as will national park rangers, and all sorts of other positions.

Even now, much of the federal budget is classified (i.e. “off-budget”) for reasons of “national security.” When military contractors want money for a new weapons system, and Congress asks how much it will cost, the weapons makers say the amount is classified for reasons of “national security.” This ensures that the weapons makers enjoy an endless river of money.

In the 1980s, President Reagan said he was in favor of a balanced budget convention, even as he radically increased the federal deficit to pay for his military spending. The point is that a “balanced budget” means austerity for the little people, and ever-increasing federal dollars for the rich and the well-connected.

The meaningless map below is from a blog called “Demand Balance Now.” It purports to show which states have “passed a balanced budget amendment,” even though there was never any Constitutional Convention. This is an example of the level of intelligence involved.

map 06

Anyway we’ll have to keep our eye on this. Will President Hillary give the rich elitists the balanced budget amendment they have not been able to get so far?

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One Response to Only six states remain

  1. coolslim says:

    George Osbourne made a similar proposal in the UK, called the ‘Fiscal Charter’. It was actually passed in the House of Commons last year, I don’t think it has been passed in the House of Lords.


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