Barking at the moon

barking 01

Until you understand that money is non-physical, and is therefore limitless, all your comments, however well intentioned, will be no more useful than barking at the moon.

For example, let me share a few paragraphs from a recent article.

After years of electing people who declare, “Government is the problem” and who avow to “drown it in a bathtub,” the results are apparent that, yeah, government might not work so well when you have people who hate it in charge. New reports reveal that years of hating government are taking their toll on the nation’s infrastructure, in particular, those government services, such as safe drinking water and public schools, which are essential to children.

No conservative person “hates government.” All conservatives love government spending, taxes, and regulation, as long as it widens the gap between the rich and the rest.

What conservatives hate is not “government,” but equality and democracy.

barking 02

Michigan governor Rick Snyder was one of among many anti-government candidates elected in the Tea Party Wave of 2010 elections. Snyder was a business executive and CPA with no prior experience serving in government who went about breaking the government as soon as he got into office.

Again, no conservative or “Tea Party” clown is “anti-government.” None of them want to “break government.” Quite the reverse. They love government, as long as it widens the gap.  They all want more police (i.e. more government) in order to keep the slaves in line. They want more government subsidies for the rich.

barking 03

The story from Flint is just the tip of a big ugly iceberg. New reports reveal that penny pinching on government and lack of response to the needs of ordinary Americans, particularly children, are harming communities everywhere.

In many cases, state, county, and municipal governments have no choice but to be “penny pinchers.” They are in debt, and are starved for funds, since they cannot create money out of thin air like the federal government can. And the federal government will not create enough money for state, county, and municipal governments to survive. This continues because you refuse to acknowledge the truth about money.

barking 04

Things like the Flint crisis are happening because too many public officials have turned a blind eye to what’s really going on. The blind eye comes from having your vision hindered by the narrow belief that spending money on government hurts the economy.

Whenever you use the word “government,” please specify whether you are talking about the federal government (which creates money out of thin air) or state, county, municipal, and administrative government (which cannot create money out if thin air). For example, we cannot “spend money” on federal government. Instead, the federal government spends money on local governments.

State and local expenditures on infrastructure is at 30-year low. Reversing the decline in state investment in transportation, public buildings, water treatment systems, and other forms of vital infrastructure is key to creating good jobs and promoting full economic recovery.

 And how do you propose to reverse this decline in state, county, and municipal government if they are starved for money?

barking 05

The first item you need to address is the nature of money itself. Who creates it, how it is created, how it is taxed, and so on. Until you do that, you will get nowhere.

Building new schools and refurbishing existing ones would give a particularly big boost to the nation’s economy. Construction and building repair generally create 9,000-10,000 jobs per billion dollars spent.

But how will you pay for it? Until you can answer that, you are howling at the wind. And in order to answer that, you must first understand that money is limitless and non-physical.

A national project focused on school construction could also lead to the direct hire of building maintenance workers to help slow or prevent the deterioration of buildings and building systems, while generating new savings through energy conservation.

And how will you pay for it?

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Obama calls FBI

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