The machine in action

The Democratic machine is making sure that Hillary crushes Sanders, regardless of the popular vote.

Here’s how it works…

Last Tuesday we had our primary here in Arizona. Below is a church where people could cast their ballots. It is exactly two miles from my house (straight line distance). The red line denotes where people stood for five hours to vote. The line stretched out to the sidewalk and down the street for almost a mile. Every voting place was like this throughout Maricopa County (population 4 million).

vote 01vote 02

Why did people have to stand in line for five hours or more?  It was intentional. It was planned. Arizona Democrats favor Sanders, but the person in charge of setting up voting places in Maricopa County is Helen Purcell, a Hillary supporter. She slashed the number of polling sites from 200 in 2012 to just 60 this year. (A 70% reduction.)

The 2012 primary had 300,000 voters and 200 polling places. The 2016 primary had 800,000 voters but only 60 polling places.Almost three times the voters, but only one fourth as many voting places. As a result, there were 20,000 voters for every available polling location. Why? To make sure that Hillary “won.”

Helen Purcell did this in order to make people wait five hours or more. She knew that most people can’t take off from work all day. (This is one reason why elections and primaries are held on Tuesdays, rather than on weekends. It reduces the number of voters.)

In 2012 almost all Democrats voted for Obama. In 2016 there is a contest between Hillary and Sanders. Therefore the vote had to be controlled.

The recorder in Pima County (southern Arizona) had twice as many polling locations as Maricopa County, even though Pima County population is one-third the size of Maricopa County population.

Helen Purcell also made sure that many voting places ran out of ballots.

And in Latino areas, she allowed just one or no polling places, because in Arizona, Latinos prefer Sanders over Hillary. (40.8 percent of Phoenix’s 1.5 million residents are Latino.)

As soon as the voting places closed at 7:00 pm, CNN declared Hillary the winner. The ballots had not been counted, and tens of thousands of people had not been able to vote, even after they had waited for five hours or more. The last ballot was not counted until well after midnight, local time.

At 8:30 pm local time with less than one percent of precincts reporting, the Associated Press declared Hillary the winner of the Arizona primary.

To further the scam, Helen Purcell’s electronic database intentionally mis-identified numerous Democratic voters as “independent” so that their votes would not be counted. In Arizona the primaries are closed, meaning that Independents can’t vote in them. (Independents favor Sanders by far.) Many Independents did not realize this. They waited in line for five hours, only to be told that their vote would not be counted.

In some cases, Democrats were given “provisional” ballots (for Independents) against their will. Even when they presented cards that identified them as registered Democrats, they were nonetheless given provisional ballots!

NOTE: Sanders’ biggest support base in the USA is among people who register as Independents. In many cases, Independents are not allowed to vote in primaries. This is intentional.  By the time the November election comes, Independents have a choice limited to Hillary or Trump (or Jill Stein of the Green Party). It’s all planned. For Democrats it is one more way they will make sure that Hillary gets the nomination.

It’s called vote fraud, or vote suppression.

In the USA the Democratic machine is far more rigged and controlled (i.e. less democratic) than is the Republican machine. And vote fraud is more rampant than ever.

Why do the powers-that-be want Hillary? Because with Hillary, all the bankers and parasitical insiders will keep their jobs.

With Sanders or Trump, their jobs might be put in jeopardy. The insiders might be replaced.

That’s why the career bureaucrats despise Trump. He is a possible threat to their jobs.  He might bring in an entirely new group of bureaucrats.

Hillary hag 08

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