I don’t believe the Empire


Last week Obama imposed new sanctions on North Korea. The sanctions freeze North Korean government property in America, and ban US exports to, or investment in, North Korea. The sanctions also greatly expand powers to blacklist anyone in the world who deals with North Korea.

Meanwhile the US and South Korea are holding their annual military drills this month, which routinely generate tension.

According to the Empire of Lies, North Korea has repeatedly threatened to launch a “pre-emptive nuclear strike” against the USA and South Korea. We know this is true, since the Empire says so.


Most people think of North Korea is an “evil country,” because that’s what the Empire of Lies has programmed them to think.

Iran, Cuba, Libya, North Korea, Venezuela, Russia – they are all “evil.” They are all a “global threat.” So says the Empire.

Average people are disposable slaves of the Empire. They have been programmed to regard North Korea as an insane, starving, dysfunctional, backward hermit state; a bizarre pariah whose leaders are constantly boozing, whoring, and murdering each other, while mass-producing invisible nukes to destroy the planet.


(I deleted my own image because there are some boundaries that even I won’t cross.) 🙂

The cartoon below portrays North Korea as pathetic, and you as an awesome giant. This amuses Westerners who enjoy being part of the Empire — even though the Empire regards its own average citizens as trash.


Why does the Empire so hate North Korea? Answer: North Korea (like Cuba, Zimbabwe, and a few others) has dared to step on the toes of Western colonialism and imperialism. North Korea refuses to bow to the global network of banker-thieves. North Korea refuses to join the Empire of Lies.

This does not mean that North Korea is a paradise. It means that the Empire of Lies is just that.

North Korea’s greatest sin is that, like Cuba, it continues to survive despite all the sanctions and blockades and embargoes that the Empire has imposed on it.


It started back in World War II when the Communist Party of Korea fought against Japanese occupation, and against Japanese collaborators. At the end of the war, with the defeat of the Japanese Empire, these anti-Japanese fighters found that Korea was now controlled by the Western Empire, and their puppet government in the south. The Western Empire maintained the power structure set up by Imperial Japan, from the brutal Japanese-trained anti-Communist military to the forced prostitution of Koreans known as “comfort women.” The South Korean puppet government began exterminating anyone they thought might be a “communist sympathizer” — meaning anyone who did not like being under the tyranny of the South Korean puppet government. In the Bodo League massacre (summer 1950), South Korean troops killed an estimated 100-200,000 Korean civilians in anti-Communist purges, all of it overseen by the Western Empire. Thus, what started as a civil war became the Korean War when the Empire started bombing directly.  The bombing killed 20% of North Korea’s population, and produced five million casualties.

And yet, the Empire of Lies always portrays North Korea as the aggressor. Indeed, until recently the Empire falsely blamed North Korea for the Bodo League massacre.

NK -2

propganda 01propganda 02propganda 03propganda 04

Since that time, North Korea has repeatedly defied the Empire. North Koreans flew Egyptian fighter jets in the 1973 Yom Kippur War. North Korean troops helped the natives of Angola (1984), and Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) win their independence from the Empire. Lesotho too. North Korean troops fought in Namibia, decisively supporting the South West Africa People’s Organization. North Korea helped the African National Congress in its struggle against the apartheid regime in South Africa (which, being part of the Empire, had sent troops to kill North Koreans during the Korean War). In the past, North Korean provided assistance to then-progressive African nations such as Guinea, Ethiopia, Mali and Tanzania (most of which have since been re-absorbed by the Empire.)

The Empire does not forgive or forget such “evil.”

On 11 Jun3 2015 a UN report revealed that North Korea had provided marine engines and military patrol boat replacement parts to Angola, in violation of UN the Empire’s sanctions.

Similar long-term contracts for military equipment have also been developed between North Korea and East African nations like Uganda and Tanzania. North Korea’s trade partnerships with Sub-Saharan Africa have largely been formed under the radar of the Western media. On 2 Nov 2014, North Korea’s titular head of state, Kim Yong-nam, was invited to a state banquet by the Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni. Museveni praised the North Korean regime for its leadership role in the crusade against Western imperialism. Meanwhile Uganda has expanded economic ties with Russia (which is also “evil”) with a $4 billion oil refinery deal in 2015.

Africa is for the Empire alone to plunder! How dare Russians and Chinese and North Koreans be involved there? And how did the North Koreans get out of their cage in the first place?

Kim Yong Nam

What’s wrong with these Africans? Don’t they get that North Korea is evil?

The Empire which bombed Libya to rubble has two military bases in Okinawa, plus two more in South Korea, poised to bomb North Korea to rubble. And yet the Empire portrays North Korea as the “militant aggressor.” It is the Empire, not North Korea, that has murdered millions of people, and has colonized, plundered, raped and enslaved people throughout the world. What moral mandate does the Empire have to impose sanctions against anyone?

moral right

Incidentally China and Russia, as members of the UN Security Council, have agreed to repeated UN sanctions against North Korea. Why? I don’t know. I don’t have enough knowledge. I hope that China and Russia did this to get some concessions from the Empire. After all, voting for sanctions is one thing, but abiding by them is another. Russia and China both share borders with North Korea.

Anyway please don’t believe everything that the corporate media outlets tell you.

NK -3NK -4NK -5



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One Response to I don’t believe the Empire

  1. Narco-Capitalist says:

    I remember feeling really bad when I learned about all the fascist governments the Empire installed throughout the entire world. It still makes me cringe now.


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