Sowing seeds

convention 04D

What would happen?

Democratic National Convention
Thursday July 28, 2016.
Well Fargo Arena, Philadelphia PA

Bernie Sanders, having lost the nomination, makes a concession speech.

“…and I want to thank all of you who supported me through this tough race. Now that I am out of the running, I can repeat to you what Alan Greenspan told you on national TV, namely that the U.S. government can create infinite dollars, and therefore has no need to raise taxes to pay for universal health care. Nor can any government program like Medicare or Social Security ever become insolvent. There is more than enough money for us to do whatever we want to do, and take care of every man, woman, and child. Furthermore the national debt crisis is a hoax designed to make you submit to poverty…”

What would happen after the audience stopped booing? The first thing is that every pundit on every corporate news outlet would come on TV.  “We interrupt this program to bring you this special news bulletin…”

convention 05

After a day or two, a handful of pundits would admit that yes, the U.S. government can create infinite dollars, but austerity is the only thing that keeps the USA from becoming Greece, Zimbabwe, and the Weimar Republic all rolled into one.

Almost every professor of economics would agree with this. Paul Krugman would write several columns of meaningless gibberish that would include a plug for Hillary, since Krugman wants a job in Hillary’s regime.

All of them would panic, because all of them only have jobs as long as they remain toadies for the rich. Network owners would call up network presidents, who would call the news presidents, who would call their news anchors. “I don’t care where you are, or what you’re doing. Come to the studio this instant if you want to keep your job!” At the studio, the anchors would read a prepared script, as they always do.

Among the general public, most people would agree that Sanders is insane. Sanders supporters would vanish, with a few admitting that, “Yes, Bernie is insane, but he meant well.”

There would be a brief buzz in the blogosphere, and then everything would gradually fade back to oblivion — although Sanders’ “madness” would be logged permanently.

convention 06

Some bloggers might actually believe Sanders, but it would make no difference. There are countless blogs that expose the truth about 9-11, and expose the truth about the “six million” hoax from World War II, and the hoax about “ISIS,”™ and so on, but it makes no difference.

Still, we must sow the seeds. Most seeds will die, but one day society might change and allow the seeds of truth to sprout, whereon everyone will say, “I knew the truth all along.”

convention 03


convention 07

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One Response to Sowing seeds

  1. coolslim says:

    Man, imagine what it would be like if a politician actually admitted to the basic functions of money, it would be amazing!


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