The whole truth


Regardless of the topic we discuss, if you believe any part of a lie, you support the whole lie.

An example is so-called “anti-war” people who say, “Yes he’s a dictator, but…”

For these people, a “dictator’ is anyone that the Empire calls a “dictator. And since most people deem a war against a “dictator” to be legitimate, these “anti-war” people support war.

Another example is people who believe any of the Empire’s lies about World War II. If you believe one lie, you support all lies. Thus, you support the Empire.

Here’s a Counterpunch article that purports to oppose the Empire’s war on Syria.

The Syrian uprising started with demonstrations on 28 January 2011 in Damascus and Aleppo in the wake of the “Arab Spring” in Tunisia and Egypt. The demonstrations were initially peaceful, demanding democratic reforms, but from 20 March 2011 they turned violent when the Syrian army started attacks on the demonstrators, and within ten days some 100 people had been killed.

That’s the Empire’s version of what happened, and it is a lie. In Syria the Empire used the same false flag that it uses to destabilize countries worldwide. When people demonstrate against their government, you put snipers on rooftops, and you have them shoot the demonstrators. Then you claim that your snipers worked for the government that you want to destroy. The result is chaos, confusion, and a possible civil war– or in the case of Syria, a proxy war.

The Empire did this during its failed coup attempt in Venezuela (April 2002). And the Empire did this in Daraa Syria, which is just two miles from the border with Jordan (which is allied with the Empire). Afterward, President Assad (the “dictator”) visited Daraa to personally console the survivors and their families, and to give them money. But the Western masses didn’t care, since they believe whatever the corporate media outlets tells them.

When your snipers shoot into the demonstrators, they create a pretext for you to send in a hoard of terrorist mercenaries. And since the corporate media outlets are part of the Empire, they portray your proxy war as a civil war, and they portray your terrorist mercenaries as “moderates” and “freedom fighters.”

If one or more of your rooftop snipers is caught and exposed, the Western masses dismiss the truth as lies from the “dictator.”

Soon it escalated into a sectarian civil war as the result of Western and Saudi meddling, which turned it into one of the most brutal, deadly and destructive conflicts in the Middle East since the Second World War.

Yes, if your terrorist mercenaries can do enough damage, and if you properly conduct a series of false flag attacks, you will cause various groups to start fighting each other for survival. Then you will have your “sectarian civil war.”

The Israelis did this in Lebanon in 1975 when they attacked the Kataeb Christian militia and blamed it on Palestinians in Lebanon. This led to a civil war in which Christians, Sunni Muslims, Shiite Muslims, Druze groups, and Palestinians all fought each other for fifteen years. The war created a pretext for the Israelis to invade and occupy parts of Lebanon (6 June 1982).

The plan to topple President Bashar Assad and replace his government with a Salafi-Wahhabi regime had started even prior to the Arab Uprisings. A US Embassy Cable, dated 3 Feb 2009, is basically about the Turkish and Saudi efforts to counter Iran’s influence in the region by removing President Bashar Assad and cutting off the links between Iran and Hezbollah.

And the peaceful demonstrations in January 2011 opened the door for the Empire’s proxy war. The Empire did the same thing in Libya. When people marched peacefully in Benghazi, the Empire had snipers shoot them, and then blamed it on Gaddafi and his government. This opened the door for the Empire to send in a hoard of terrorist mercenaries, and then bomb Libya to rubble.

Absurdly, the Empire calls its destruction of Libya a “civil war.” Anyone who agrees with this is a puppet of the Empire.


A civil war and a proxy war are two different things.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the rebels have already killed 20-30,000 government soldiers.  

The “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” is a lone blogger named Rami Abdulrahman, a Sunni Syrian who hates Assad, and dispenses lies about Syria from a two-bedroom shack in Coventry, England. Maybe I should change the name if my own blog.


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