The mind of the Hillary supporter (Part 2)

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This may offend everyone, but it seems I have already done that, so I think I’ll be candid. Flame me if you like. I won’t delete any of your comments.

Let me set this up by responding to a Counterpunch article titled, Trump is not the answer.

Some leftists suggest that if Bernie Sanders does not win the Democratic nomination, then voting for Donald Trump is better than voting for Hillary Clinton. This idea is beyond wrong. Voting for Donald Trump is not a reasonable response if Hillary Clinton is his opponent. I am not even sure I consider it a sane response.

So why not vote for Jill stein of the Green Party? Why do completely you avoid mentioning Stein’s name?

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And yes, Trump would be better than Hillary, since Trump is not part of the Washington establishment. With Trump, things might get better (because Democrats would oppose a Republican) or they might get worse. With Hillary, things can only get worse. In fact, as much as I despised W. Bush, I would vote for Bush before I voted for Obama or Hillary.

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Clinton is definitely an imperial warmonger, but Trump is no anti-imperialist. Clinton has rarely met a member of the 1% she didn’t like, but Trump has been a member of the 1% since before his birth. So, obviously he is no anti-capitalist.

According to you, Trump and Clinton are identical. They are both neoliberals and imperialist warmongers. How does that make Hilary better?

And if they are identical, then why do the money powers and the corrupt Washington insiders love Hillary, but hate Trump?

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Even if Donald Trump is not an out-and-out racist (and that is a question not yet answered), many of his supporters openly call themselves racist.

How have Hillary and Obama been good for “people of color” in terms of actions, not words? Regardless of what they say (or don’t say), what have they actually done?

What has Trump done? Nothing. But how does being identical make him worse?

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Even if Donald Trump is not a warmonger (and that is also a question not yet answered), many of his supporters are all about war and imperial domination.

Obama and Hillary are not warmongers and imperialists? You insult us.

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Trump is a super-capitalist and no anti-imperialist.

Obama and Hillary are not?

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Trump has proven that he hates Muslims, detests most immigrants that aren’t named Ivana, and has little regard for civil rights and civil liberties.

Hillary and Obama have overseen the slaughter of countless Muslims. And Obama has deported more refugees than all previous presidents combined. Bill Clinton deregulated Wall Street, and gave us NAFTA. Obama gave us the TPP, TTIP, and TiSA.

How does all this make Obama and Hillary better than Trump?

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When a leftist tells me they are voting for Donald Trump to prevent Clinton’s corporate neoliberal warmongering into the White House, it says to me they are giving up.

And it says that you are giving up when you won’t even mention Jill Stein.

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By suggesting that putting a figure even more authoritarian than Clinton in the White House to keep her out, they are letting the 1% set the agenda and the terms of the debate.

Even more authoritarian than Clinton? She who wants to nuke Iran? She who the neocons adore? She of “I came, I saw, he died?” She who is tight with Madeleine “the-price-was-worth-it” Albright?

Obama says he can assassinate U.S. citizens at will, and imprison them for life without charge. Hillary is just like Obama. How does this make Hillary better than Trump?

Do you see the illogic here? The absurdities, and contradictions? The denials of reality?

People have various reasons for supporting Hillary. For this writer above in Counterpunch, his support for Hillary is centered on Israel. The writer above, like most of the neocons, is Jewish. And most Jews (and all neocons) support Hillary, even though Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein are Jews.

You do not automatically gain the trust of Jews if you are a Jew, or even if you are a Jew who unequivocally supports Israel (like Sanders does). Such qualities are necessary, but not sufficient. To gain trust, you must go full spectrum. You must cheer for Israeli atrocities (the more the better). You must brazenly regard all Muslims as terrorists. You cannot vote for only some imperialist wars of aggression. You must cheer for all of them without exception. You must repeatedly howl for the nuking of Iran, and for war against Russia and China. And you must repeatedly chant the magic five words, “Israel’s right to defend itself.”

Hillary fits this bill. Trump, Sanders, and Jill Stein do not — at least, not enough to suit people like the writer above.

Trump says he would be “neutral” regarding Israel. This terrifies most Jews. (I said most, not all.)

Also: between Trump, Stein, Sanders, and Hillary, only Hillary is a true P.E.P. (Progressive-Except-for Palestine).

In the USA, most average Jews (not all) tend to oppose racism and bigotry — but they shift to the opposite extreme regarding Israel. They become more racist and bigoted toward Muslims and immigrants than are the worst of right-wingers in the USA. That’s the P.E.P. phenomenon.

Trump is not P.E.P., since he has said negative things about Muslims and refugees in the USA. Stein and Sanders are not P.E.P. (or at least, not sufficiently P.E.P.) because they do not mention Israel every five seconds, and they do not automatically regard all Muslims as “terrorists.”

If you are not P.E.P., then most Jews (I said most) will not trust you. If you are a non-P.E.P. Jew, then you are a potential “self-hating Jew” (i.e. a potential traitor).

That’s the deal, folks. Go ahead and call me an “anti-Semite.” I’ll enjoy the chuckle. If Sanders gets the nomination, I will vote for Sanders. If Sanders doesn’t, then I will vote for Jill Stein. And if that’s not possible, then I will vote for Trump.

ANYONE but Hillary.

Sorry, but my hatred of her is not about Israel. It’s about Hillary.


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