Advice to Sanders supporters


When we let other people dictate the words that we use, we let other people control our thoughts, and therefore our behavior. We become — in a word — slaves.

So let’s be careful with the words we use.

Here’s an article titled,” How Bernie Sanders has built a multi-racial anti-austerity campaign.”

Whoops. That’s a word goof. Sanders is proausterity, since he favors deficit reduction. Austerity is a reduction in the federal deficit, meaning a reduction in (non-loan) dollars circulating in the economy.

Sanders, being a Democrat, wants to reduce the deficit by raising taxes.

Republicans want to reduce the deficit by cutting spending on social programs that help average people.

Either way, we all lose.

Republicans complain about taxes, but when someone suggests that we lower the FICA tax, Republicans scream, “No!” Thus, Republicans love taxes – as long as taxes are only imposed on average people. And Republicans love federal spending, so long as the money only goes to the rich.

Anyway the article I cited says this…

The mobilization of people around Sanders’ campaign has the potential to be one of the greatest forces for countering the racist presidential campaign of Trump.

And there it is: a pitch not for Sanders, but for Hillary, who will be far worse than Trump in terms of war, racism, inequality, and so forth.

I talked to some people on the street today, and they said they had not seen any recent speeches by Hillary. I told them this is intentional. Since Hillary has so many Democratic delegates in her pocket, she can avoid making speeches, which always entail the possibility of making a politically costly gaff.

Sanders still has a (small) chance, but unless he can turn things around in the next month or so, Hillary will easily coast to the position of Democratic nominee.

As the nominee, either Sanders or Hillary could easily destroy Trump by focusing on his racism. But as President, Hillary will be far worse than Trump would be – just as Obama is far worse than Bush was.

In other words, if you want Sanders to lose, then attack Trump, and ignore Hillary.

If you want Sanders to win, then attack Hillary, and ignore Trump.

The author of the article does not understand this. He is gloating about how Trump declined to speak in Chicago because there were too many hostile protesters. The author thinks this proves that progressivism is winning, when in fact it only proves that Hillary and Wall Street are winning.

The Chicago protesters included many Blacks, who voted for Rahm Emanuel, who despises them, and who is notorious for letting white cops off the hook when they murder blacks. These same Black protesters will vote for Hillary, who again despises them, and who will make their lives more miserable than ever. Hillary will champion Wall Street and the money masters at the expense of American cities, resulting in ever-greater poverty.

But these clowns don’t grasp that. All they think is, “We stopped Trump! Hooray!”



Sanders has wanted universal health care for years. Hillary opposes universal health care.

Recently Hillary said,

“I get a little chuckle when I think about the current debate over health care. Where was Sanders when I was trying to get health care in 1993 and 1994?”

The answer, as the photo below proves, is right behind her, pushing for healthcare. reform.

behind her

Not that it matters. The more Hillary is caught lying, the more her supporters love her, because “Hillary gets things done.”

Privatize Social security? Done. More wars throughout the world? Done. More poverty and inequality in the USA? Done, done, and done.

Do you know how she gets so much “done”? By doing nothing and letting the money masters run everything.

Obama was the same. He favored universal health care, but reversed himself when he became a presidential candidate. He sold his soul to the devil.

(Hillary is the devil.)

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