On “electability”


This is why there is so much poverty and inequality in the USA. The masses insist that their suffering is eternal and unavoidable, regardless of the facts.

The cartoons above are correct. In all the primaries that Hillary won, delegates were asked which quality they thought was most important in a candidate. The top answer was “electability.” Not honesty or trustworthiness (where Sanders always scored much higher in polls) but “electability.

Everyone much preferred Sanders’ program. However, because they liked it so much, they deemed Sanders “unelectable.” “There’s no free lunch.”

So, evidently everyone hates Hillary, but they will vote for Hillary because they think Sanders has no chance. They think this way because Sanders offers the peasants what they want, and the peasants believe that they can never have what they want. The peasants don’t even want what they want, because then they would have nothing to whine about.

That’s the realty. Cowardice, fatalism, and the desire to burn everyone below us on the scale of wealth, power, and prestige.

True, there is the, “How will you pay for it” crap, but that only exists because of cowardice and fatalism.

Cowardice and fatalism explains why people believe…

[1] The U.S. government can never run out of dollars


[2] The U.S. government has already run out of dollars

The contradiction is swept under a rug of cowardice and fatalism.

The peasants also favor Hillary because they think Hillary will screw them less than Republicans will, even though history shows that Democrats have screwed them far more. Bill Clinton ended welfare, gave us NAFTA, deregulated Wall Street, and oversaw three years of a federal budget surplus. Obama gave us the TPP. Hillary will give us much worse. (I think she will privatize Social Security.)

But people will vote for her anyway, so they can continue whining about their lives.

The “Real Clear Politics” blog gives a complex breakdown of who would really win in the General Election. The statistics show that Hillary and Sanders would both beat any Republican — but Sanders would do it by a larger margin, because Sanders is offering what people want.

And yet, even though the statistics show that Sanders is more electable, people think Hillary is more electable. Why? Because the masses like to whine and moan about (fill in the blank). They like to attack each other will bullshit phrases like, “There’s no free lunch.”

And so (as I always say) most people are peasants because most people think like peasants. They know they are wretched, but they imagine themselves “superior” in their inferiority.

Not everyone thinks this way. Sanders is popular among younger voters who have not yet become cowards, haters, and whiners. However there are not enough of them to outweigh the wretched herd.

Which brings me to a question I often ask myself: “Since most people insist on suffering, why do I care?”

Probably because I like to whine too. 🙂


By the way, in April 2015 Rahm Emanuel was re-elected when he defeated County Commissioner Jesús García. The Black vote went almost totally for Rahm Emanuel, just as Blacks favor Hillary now.

Now Rahm Emanuel is so unpopular with Blacks that he has become a political pariah on the presidential campaign trail. Blacks hate him because he excused police misconduct after several high-profile fatal shootings.

My question for Blacks…

What did you expect? Things got worse with Obama and with Rahm Emanuel. And they will get worse with Hillary. So why do you support her?

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2 Responses to On “electability”

  1. netbacker says:

    Thank you for another excellent article. I posted this on Twitter as a series of tweets – https://twitter.com/netbacker/status/709037313746022401
    As I had hoped before, wish you were on Twitter as well. I know it’s time consuming to be on two platforms, so will do my best to get your message across as wide an audience as I possibly can.
    Thank you again.


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