Who’s the freeloader? (Pt. 3)


Two weeks ago I mentioned that the U.S. Air Force wants a hundred more B-2 bombers to protect us from “ISIS.” ™ The additional B-2s will be called “B-21s.”

As usual, the Air Force gave the B-21 contract to Northrup Grumman on a “cost plus” basis, rather than a “fixed price” basis — meaning the actual amount of billions (or trillions) of dollars given to Northrup Grumman will be both endless and classified for reasons of “national security.”


This is how the game is played. A military contractor quotes a random price of, say, 500 billion dollars per weapon, and then milks the government for as many years as possible, collecting five-times-500 billion, while producing little or nothing to show for it.  That’s why the F-35 fighter program, for example, is $200 billion over budget.

If the scam is done correctly, a military contractor creates jobs in as many U.S. states as possible, so that all U.S. senators get a piece of the pie.  But if the scam is done poorly, and a military contractor creates jobs in only a few areas (as often happens), then one or more U.S. Senators become angry about all those trillions going to other  districts, and they move to shut the scam down.

That’s why the Air Force ordered 600 of the F-22 fighters, but got only 187, and ordered 80 of the B-2 bombers, but got only 20. It’s why the Navy wanted a fleet of Zumwalt-class destroyers, but only got one (at a cost of $22.5 billion). And it’s why Senator John McCain is threatening to block the B-21 program. What’s in it for McCain and his state of Arizona? Until the Air Force and Northrup Grumman sweeten the deal for McCain, he will block funding for the B-21.

But that is only one program. The amount of billions sucked up by parasites like Halliburton or KBR is not known. In fact, since the U.S. government creates its money out of thin air, I don’t believe any budget figures given by any agency such as the Congressional Budget Office. It’s just not possible to account for trillions of dollars each year.

But the point is that while parasites such as Halliburton and KBR are called “patriotic,” ordinary people who get any government assistance are called “parasites.”


Supreme Group has won more than $9 billion in contracts for transporting and serving meals to troops in Afghanistan and at other bases worldwide. Notorious for overbilling, last month Supreme sued the Pentagon for awarding a new $10 billion Afghanistan food contract to a competitor that underbid Supreme’s offer. Dick Cheney’s Halliburton and its KBR subsidiary won by far the largest wartime contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This is why nothing ever changes in Washington D.C. Once an entity gets a place at the trough, he doesn’t want to give it up…


That’s why the money powers will install Hillary in the White House. Hillary will fill the trough, while Trump is an unknown. Yes, Trump is a Republican, but with Trump in the White House, the pigs are not sure who among them will get to stay at the tough.

As for Sanders, he wants everyone to have a place at the trough, which of course is not acceptable.

Anyway my point is not to whine that many parties get rich from the U.S. government.

I’m saying I hate the hypocrisy of people who attack programs like Food Stamps.

(I’m not trying to defend myself, since I get no money from the U.S. government at all. Nothing.)

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