Gems of wisdom


It’s true that politicians only say what the masses want to hear.  Still, if someone is addicted to crack cocaine, is it okay to keep selling him crack cocaine?

Politicians are drug dealers. They push greed, hate, war, selfishness and cowardice — all of which is contagious, toxic, and highly addictive.


Anyway, on to the gems…

Cruz 01

This garbage has been around for decades. The truth is that the higher you are on the ladder of wealth, power, and privilege, the more you are a parasite on everyone below you.

Still, people swallow Cruz’ shit, because people like to think of ourselves as noble and hard-working, and everyone below them as “lazy freeloaders.” Such thinking is what keeps most Americans in or near poverty.

cruz 02

Poverty causes people to develop poor habits in their attempts to cope with their misery. Examples include substance abuse and eating junk food, or eating processed food made with (government-subsidized) corn-based products.

That’s why the poorest American states are among the most obese, and have the shortest life expectancy. One dollar can purchase 1,200 calories of potato chips or 875 calories of soda, but only 250 calories of vegetables or 170 calories of fresh fruit.

cruz 03

Does that include the rich, who get the most benefits of all? After the 2008 crash, the U.S. government gave at least $15 trillion to Wall Street as bailouts. Plus there are corporate subsidies, agricultural subsidies, military contracts – you name it.

Idiots like Cruz seek to make the peasants hate each other so they don’t unite against Cruz and his rich masters.

Besides, unless you are a single parent with lots of kids, you can’t get things like Food Stamps or  Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) unless you work at least 30 hours a week. If you stop working, you are cut off.

Ultimately, if assholes like Cruz want to get people off “welfare,” then they need to create jobs.

cruz 04

The average size of a family on Food Stamps is 3.7 people, which is the same for non-Food Stamps families. The data suggest that larger family sizes are most common among higher income families. But when we see a single mom who is poor, and has a “brood” of six kids, the image sticks in our minds. And when we are in a negative, spiteful mood, we assume that all Food Stamps recipients are like that.

cruz 05

Cruz gets paid $3,346 per week for doing absolutely nothing. He collects that loot even when he is on vacation, and even when the Senate is not in session. $3,346 per week, plus all he can steal.

Plus, he gets a Personal Staff Allowance, an Expense Allowance, a Foreign Travel Allowance (including the free use of military aircraft) plus “Franking” Privileges (i.e. no charge for any use of the U.S. Postal Service).

Cruz receives the same health insurance benefits as all federal employees, and Senators enjoy some of the lowest insurance rates in the nation. Plus, there are retirement programs that pay him his full salary for the rest of his life.

cruz 06

Most states have mandatory drug testing for welfare recipients. Assholes like Cruz claimed that drug testing would save states  money by kicking countless addicts off the welfare rolls.   But testing in these states reveals that, on average, positive drug tests are found in between .002 percent to 8.4 percent of welfare beneficiaries, whereas the national drug use rate is 9.4 percent. In other words, welfare recipients statistically use drugs less than do people in the mainstream population.

Thanks for the gems of wisdom, Ted. You certainly earned your prize…

cruz 07


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