A possible explanation

I have long puzzled over why people do this…

sag 01

urban-hoodlum 02

Sag 02urban-hoodlum 04

Here is a possible explanation…

urban-hoodlum xurban-hoodlum 01QFxdqxb[1]low pants 01low pants 01F


urban-hoodlum 03urban-hoodlum 03aSUSPENDERSnew lownew-24SAG 11

Sag 09

Some cities have outlawed this. A policeman can cite you for wearing saggy pants.

sag 10new-22

Actually the loudest voices against the “sagging pants” phenomenon come from Black people who are tired of other Black people doing things that attract extra attention and harassment from the police. (Of course, whites wear their pants like this too.)

Some people say the fad started in prison. Inmates are not allowed to wear belts, since belts can be used as weapons. I don’t know if that’s true (it sounds like an origin myth) but it’s probably not an accident that the mainstreaming of tattoos and body art have coincided with the explosion of the American incarceration.

Anyway, most people who do this will cringe when they are older, and they look at photos of themselves when young.


Below is one of those images that make you think, “Why did she show that? Damn! I can’t un-see it!”



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3 Responses to A possible explanation

  1. Narco-Capitalist says:

    This was damn funny until the last picture; you have scared me for life.


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