Who’s the freeloader? (Pt. 2)

Parasite AWhen we call other people parasites and freeloaders, we mean people who are below us in the ladder of wealth, power, and privilege. We do not mean people above us. Anyone who is wealthy cannot be a parasite, since he is automatically “better” than us, and he goes to a higher heaven than us when he dies. Right?

The reality is that you are a parasite on everyone below you. And everyone above you is a parasite on you. The higher you are on the wealth scale, the more you get a “free lunch” at the expense of everyone below you.

Here is the perception and the reality…

Parasite BParasite C

I mention this because we constantly see complaints about “entitlements,” and about programs like Food Stamps. But we rarely see complaints about military contractors, or rich people who get vast subsidies.

Parasite D

Let’s consider an example of freeloaders:

The USA has been ensuring the production of illegal opiates in Afghanistan for fifteen years now. The New Yorker magazine says that Congress has given nearly a trillion dollars to this drug production, and says it is a “war” that is…

Waged as much by for-profit companies as by the military. The military has outsourced every task it could: maintenance, cooking and laundry, overland logistics, even security. Since 2007, private contractors have outnumbered military troops three to one.

That’s a lot of freeloaders, and they all want the war to continue forever.

Parasite E

The corruption is so extreme that the military funds its own enemy. When a House committee investigated the trucking system that supplied American forces, the committee found that the system had “fueled a vast protection racket run by a shadowy network of warlords, strongmen, commanders, corrupt Afghan officials, and perhaps others.” The committee concluded that “protection payments for safe passage are a significant potential source of funding for the Taliban.” The system risked “undermining the U.S. strategy for achieving its goals in Afghanistan.”

U.S. “goals” are simply to keep everything going forever. Afghan heroin, the “war on drugs,” the “war on terror,” the for-profit prison industry – all of it. Forever

Everyone involved in these nightmares is truly a parasite – and yet we only call poor people “parasites.”

The system has made individuals very rich. Hikmatullah Shadman, 28, an Afghan trucking-company owner, earned more than a hundred and sixty million dollars while contracting for the United States military. For the past three years, he has been battling to save much of his fortune in a federal court in Washington, D.C. In United States of America v. Sum of $70,990,605, et al., the Justice Department has accused Hikmat, as he’s known, of bribing contractors and soldiers to award him contracts.

Bribery and graft are routine and pandemic. If this guy is being charged, then obviously he annoyed the wrong person.

Hikmat has maintained his innocence, even as eight soldiers have pleaded guilty in related criminal cases.

Soldiers are individuals who seek to make a few extra dollars on the side. The big players, and the worst parasites, get rid of such competition by having them charged criminally.

Several members of the Special Forces who have not been accused of wrongdoing have defended Hikmat,. In a deposition, Major Jerry (Rusty) Bradley, a veteran Special Forces officer, said, “The only way to right a wrong of this magnitude is to be willing to draw your sword and defend everything that you believe in.”

Got that? Being “patriotic” and a “loyal soldier” means “drawing your sword” and defending your ass when you get caught stealing.

Parasite F

These creeps remind me of when the U.S. Congress issued orders to stop arming the “Contras” in Honduras, and stop shipping crack cocaine to Los Angeles, and stop shipping U.S. and Israeli missiles to Iran. When Oliver North was caught violating all these directives, he sat in Congress (July 1987) and claimed that by violating federal law he was only “doing his duty as a patriotic American.” Knowing that he faced possible prison, the bloodthirsty little coward sat trembling and weeping in front of the nation, and presumably wetting his pants.

It was disgusting.

Parasite G

Of course, the wimpy little bastard never did any prison time, since he threatened to expose everyone involved (President Reagan, National Security Director Robert McFarlane, CIA Director William Casey, etc etc).

Anyway the New Yorker goes on to say that before the Americans invaded Afghanistan, Hikmat lived in extreme poverty. No one had a telephone, and there was rarely any electricity.

The U.S. government paid millions of dollars to private companies, but the intermediary was typically a low-level military officer, contractor, or civil servant. According to a study published in May, 2015, by the Center for Public Integrity, at least a hundred and fifteen U.S. service members who deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan have been convicted of bribery, theft, and contract.

Again, those were individual troops who tried to make some money on the side. They were brought up on charges when they cut into the big players’ “turf.”

As Afghanistan descended into violence, the trucking companies were forced to pay off crooked officials and warlords who controlled the roads.

Thus the USA pays its “enemies” for the right to occupy their land.

In June, 2010, the subcommittee released a report, titled “Warlord, Inc.,” which concluded that U.S. government funds were going to the same people who were killing American soldiers. According to the subcommittee, the military had known about the problem for at least a year, but did absolutely nothing.

Rivers of money. Endless corruption. But only single American moms using Food Stamps to feed their kids are “parasites.”

“We all knew what was happening,” Rodney Castleman, an American employee of an Afghan trucking company, told me. “You could be hardcore about stuff and say, We’re not going to pay nobody, but, I’m telling you, you were going to get hit on the road.”

And if that happened, the USA would retaliate. The drone strikes in Afghanistan and Pakistan have nothing to do with “fighting terror.” They are part of a gangland turf battle. And the CIA is the “Godfather.”

Parasite HParasite IParasite J

The military created Task Force 2010, a team of forensic accountants, law-enforcement agents, intelligence analysts, lawyers, and auditors, to scrutinize Afghan contractors. The team reported that, of the thirty-one billion dollars in contracts that it inspected, an estimated three hundred and sixty million dollars had reached corrupt officials, criminals, or the Taliban.

In order to keep the “war on terror” going forever, you must pay your “terrorists.”

And so it goes. Average Americans who get any form of government help are “freeloaders” (unless they are rich), while bloodsucking parasites are praised.

Parasite K



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