What Hillary will say

nytSocial Security will be privatized for three reasons:

[1] There is too much money involved to let that money go to “waste.” (That is, to let it not be stolen by Wall Street criminals.)

[2] Wall Street will expect Hillary to pay them back for putting her in the White House

[3] Everyone insists that the U.S. government is “broke,” even though everyone knows that the U.S. government can “print” limitless money.

Reason #3 is the most important. It will finish Medicare and Social Security.

Here’s what Hillary will say as she reads from the teleprompter…


The truth is that no federal government program can ever become insolvent.


The truth is that people’s retirement money will be put at the whim of the (rigged) stock market. And since privatization means that the program will be run on a strictly for-profit basis, FICA taxes will continually rise, while benefits will continually shrink. Welcome to the wonderful “free (rigged) market.”


Wall Street criminals will retain full control. When they steal the money, they will simply bribe federal officials to ignore their crimes, as they do now.  And even if this were not true, many people lack the basic financial literacy to make wise investment decisions on their own.


Social Security benefits go into the real economy, which is separate from the financial economy. Injecting more money into Wall Street will not help Main Street. It will only help Wall Street.


What is so wrong with having a government work force? If we want to reduce it, why not start with the office of the President? Also, who says the Social Security Administration is full of red tape? And how is federal spending “wasteful”? Without it, the only way that money would enter the U.S. economy would be as loans from criminal bankers.


Why is the government system “uncertain”? And how will giving all retirement accounts to gigantic international banks (which are unreachable and untouchable) increase your “certainty”?


When it comes to the rigged stock market and the drive to maximize profits, there is no such thing as “contractual rights.” The money masters are far above the law. They are the law.


That would last about two seconds; just long enough for the criminal bankers to bribe Congress to get deregulation, as they repeatedly do even now.


Agreed. FICA taxes should be abolished. But with privatization and the profit motive, FICA taxes will quadruple.


When the criminals steal everything, there will be nothing to inherit. Why not keep the current system, in which you inherit benefits by being a U.S. citizen?


Social security is not “raided” either. The U.S. government creates the money to pay benefits by paying benefits.


This lie is based on the lie that FICA taxes pay for Social Security. With this bullshit, of people with shorter life expectancies (such as the poor and African Americans, for example) have their income transferred to people with longer life expectancies because the latter can collect their benefits for longer. The truth is that there is no “transfer.” The U.S. government creates the money to pay benefits simply by paying benefits.


Of course, no amount of truth will matter, since everyone insists that the U.S. government is “broke,” even though everyone knows that the U.S. government can “print” limitless money.

This delusion will be everyone’s downfall.

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2 Responses to What Hillary will say

  1. Steve says:

    As in 2005 TPTB will sugar-coat this THEFT as being for your own private benefit. Who better than YOU to have control over your very own personal retirement account? Ha ha ha, get ready to be reamed, dumb fucks.


    • Most people think, “Politicians wouldn’t dare do that.” And then politicians do it. And still people think of the next outrage, “Politicians wouldn’t dare do that.” And then politicians do it.

      >> Presidents wouldn’t dare launch wars without Congressional approval. (DONE.)

      >> Presidents wouldn’t dare announce that they can assassinate U.S. citizens at will, or imprison U.S. citizens for life without charges. (DONE.)

      >> The government wouldn’t dare murder 3,000 Americans to create a pretext for war. (DONE, on 9-11)

      >> The Supreme Court wouldn’t dare legalize bribery as “free speech.” (DONE.)

      >> Politicians wouldn’t dare privatize Medicare and Social Security.

      Really? Who’s to stop them?

      No matter how many times the masses are attacked, they think, “Politicians wouldn’t dare (full in the blank).”


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