Worse than Fukishima

Sogo 01

Ms. Hiromi Sogo, 52, is the editor-in-chief of Japanese luxury magazines Vingt-Cinq Ans and Richesse. Ms. Sogo has spent three decades telling Japanese women what to wear. She is Japan’s equivalent to Oprah Winfrey, with tremendous influence over what Japanese women think.

This makes her an ideal person to convince Japanese women that it is only right that they pay ever-higher taxes for ever-shrinking social benefits, so that the Gap can continue to grow between the rich and the rest.

sogo 02

Ms. Sogo admits that she is “clueless about fiscal policy.” Next month, she and five other clueless women will participate in a Finance Ministry panel on how to address Japan’s (fake) “national debt crisis” which is supposedly “worse than Fukishima.” (Their answer, of course, will be more austerity. Always more).

Finance Minister Taro Aso will be the only male speaker at the event.

The Japanese government’s debt assets are about 2.5 times the size of its economy, and the assets continue to grow. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has used this fake “crisis” as an excuse to suck money out of Japan’s depressed economy via increased sales taxes, which will effectively be destroyed upon receipt.

Shinzo Abe wants to raise the nationwide sales tax again next year, claiming that it is needed to pay for social security costs.

(This is a lie. The Japanese government, like the U.S. government, creates its money out of thin air, and therefore has no need or use for tax revenue.)

sogo 03

Previous seminars to promote austerity and inequality attracted an almost exclusively male audience. Now the Finance Ministry is organizing its first women-only lecture in 10 years. A pamphlet for the event urges women to attend to find out answers to questions like “How much debt does Japan have?” and “How does fiscal policy affect our daily lives?”

The question of “how much debt” will only address the public “debt,” which is trivial, and will ignore private dent, which is catastrophic.

Female economists and academics including Mana Nakazora of BNP Paribas Securities (a right-wing elitist liar) will take the podium alongside the clueless Ms. Sogo at a Tokyo theater to share the lies and bullshit.

Ms. Sogo has been programmed to think that a national government which creates its money out of thin air is the same as a private household which cannot. “It’s important to have that mindset reflected in society at large, just like we take care of the household budget.”


The clueless Ms. Sogo says she is acutely aware of the financial burden Japan has in store for the next generation. (The actual financial burden is caused by austerity, which Ms. Sogo has been hired to support.)

Rather clever, yes? The money powers will use women’s fantasies about luxury and romance as a door into women’s minds, so that women support more austerity and inequality.

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