Sex and economics

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As inequality worsens, so do problems between men and women in the lower socioeconomic levels. College graduates in the UK and USA are 60 percent female, and rising. Among Black Americans the ratio of female to male college graduates is two to one.

The cause? Austerity and runaway capitalism. There are not enough decent jobs.

As the Gap widens between socioeconomic classes, so does the Gap between “alpha males” and “average males.” This has disastrous consequences for people’s emotions, self-esteem, sex lives, and general wellbeing.

Women are surrounded by men who want them, and yet women complain that there are no “men” available, meaning no rich men available.

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I do not blame women for wanting to “marry up” (i.e. get rich husbands). I blame them for not being candid about this, and not trying to understand the economics and demographics involved.

Average men are invisible to average women, since average women are consumed with landing Prince Charming (i.e. a rich man). As a result, average males get no “action,” while alpha males get all the “action,” and therefore refuse to commit.

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Women are the gatekeepers of sex. Alpha males are the gatekeepers of commitment. In New York City there is a club of women who want to marry corrupt bankers, and who withhold sex until the bankers commit to them. This is useless, since the corrupt bankers, (i.e. the “real men”) already have a harem.

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All this enrages women, who blame “men” for this phenomenon. By “men” they mean rich men.

Meanwhile average men are mere blurs in the background. Shadows. Ghosts. Expendable, like sperm cells.

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College educated women who land decent jobs hold out for Prince Charming. But Prince Charming is only interested in one-night “hook-ups.” Why should Prince Charming commit, when he has a harem of women at his feet? Prince Charming mistreats women, knowing that women like it. It’s a form of attention from the alpha male.

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When the woman reaches 40, she becomes desperate enough to consider going with an average male. But by that time, even the average males don’t want to jump at the chance to have kids, a divorce, and eighteen years of child support payments.  (Seventy percent of UK divorces are now initiated by women.)

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Also, because the woman is only focused on alpha males (i.e. rich men) she constantly complains about a “pay gap” between “men” and women. That is, between rich men and average women.

Thus, average men get less pay than average women, and no sex, while being told that they are “privileged,” and that the women who despise them are “victims.”

It’s called inequality. As average men are increasingly pushed into poverty, average women are increasingly unable to find “real men” (i.e. find rich men).

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This phenomenon is global, as is the growth of inequality. In China, among men with no college, aged 25 to 30, the ones who are married earn 20% more. This does not mean a Chinese male will make more money if he has a wife. It means he can only get a wife if he makes more money.

There is a Western myth that Chinese parents throw girls down into wells to kill them. The truth is the opposite. Chinese parents want girls, since boys will not be able to get married unless they become affluent. And since only a small percentage of people will ever become affluent, this means tremendous pressure on the boy and his parents.

I call women who refuse to understand this “bitches.” Bitches proliferate in places where there are many college-educated women, but few decent jobs. In such places, women complain that there are “no men” (meaning no rich men).

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Bitches are less common in places like Silicon Valley California, where the hi-tech industry employs a lot of well-paid men. In such places there are a lot of “real men” (i.e. rich men).

Thus, rich men get the action, while average men get ADHD,  jail, and shit jobs. Sexual frustration often drives them to pick up guns and start shooting people.

Women ignore average men, and hate alpha males who have harems. Average men hate women for this. The result is lot of hatred and unhappiness all around.

It’s all about economics and inequality. When the Gap is extreme between the rich and the rest, the lower classes go mad.

This suits the rich, since it makes the lower classes fight each other, rather than unite against their rich owners.

Have you ever seen those dating web sites for “Christian singles”? These web sites cater to…

[1] Women who want men who are rich, and who are willing to maintain the religion’s bullshit

[2] Average men who hope to get a female by posing as Christians.

I’m guessing that the results are disastrous. Merely joining the cult is not enough. Unless a man is rich, he is not a “real man,” and not a “true Christian.”

Most women deny all of what I have said. Hence, most women are bitches.  

My own definition of a “real man” is simply a guy who tends to…

[1] Show up on time

[2] Does what he says he will do

[3] Keeps his promises

[4] Finishes what she starts

[5] Says please and thank you

[6] Shows empathy to people in general

[7] Does not live in a bubble of bullshit

Such a man is a “real man,” regardless of his financial status.

Most women do not understand this.

Therefore most women are bitches.

(I said most, not all).

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