Reasoning things out

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Do you agree with the following?

Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe is not merely a dictator. He is responsible for a cannibalistic genocide. The number of his compatriots dead by his own hands or by his orders is unknown, and it will be long time until we have any idea of how many he has killed. Mugabe’s compatriots disappeared, vanished in the dark. He has led the country from freedom from the colonists to an inhuman destiny beyond anything anybody could ever imagine. His rule makes Idi Amin’s rule in Uganda looking like a daytrip. Every resource of Zimbabwe is in his personal safe. And while he lives between palaces and luxurious halls, his people die from starvation.

Zimbabwe was destroyed from inside. It has absolutely no economy. Mugabe’s safe is the state’s safe. Everything is used to serve his needs and wishes. The army of terror he has created is responsible for crimes against humanity, with murders, tortures and humiliations a daily routine.

Life in Zimbabwe is definitely worse than it was under the racist rule of the white Rhodesian Front, with conditions catastrophic for most of the population despite all efforts from the UN and other organizations.

Meanwhile Robert Mugabe enjoys a lavish lifestyle in luxurious palaces and huge resorts. There are very few countries globally that recognize Mugabe as a leader anymore, and he is forbidden to travel to most countries, including the entire EU.


Do you agree with that? If so, you are in good company, since the Internet is full of such things.


Robert The Cannibal Mugabe

Mugabe men kill white farmer and drink his blood!

Hitler Worshippers and Cannibals: Five of the Cruelest African Warlords

None of these items offer any proof of their claims, and they don’t need to. As long as they amuse you, they have given you all the “proof” you need. Whatever stirs your imagination is “real.” Whatever strokes your ego is “true.” Whatever validates your bigotry is “logical.” Whatever makes you feel safe among the herd is “common sense.” Whatever conjures up nightmares, while making you feel far away from the nightmares, and above them, is “fact.”

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If it stirs your emotions, it is “true. If it gives you something to gripe about, it is “verified.” If it entertains you, it is “real.” If it gives you an interesting conversation piece, or a fun break in your daily routine, it is “corroborated.”

Your subjective emotions furnish all the “proof” you need. And for you, anyone who questions your “objective evidence” is an idiot.

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But wait a minute. Africa is far away. Maybe some of this stuff is true. Maybe all of it. So we might as well believe what the corporate media outlets say, right?

Wrong. One way to detect bullshit is to ask who are the friends and who are the enemies of the “evil dictator.” Robert Mugabe was tight with Hugo Chavez and Muammar Gaddafi. He is tight with Russia and China. His nation has been besieged by Western sanctions since 2002.

I’m not calling Mugabe a saint. I’m saying there is a reason why the Empire wants him dead, and why it constantly vilifies him, and seek regime change.

This is the same Empire that wants to reduce you personally to a debt slave, and which says you can’t have universal health care. The same Empire that worships greed and profit-above-people. The same Empire that destroyed Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan, and which attacks compassionate and humanitarian leaders worldwide. The same Empire that creates refugees, and then vilifies the refugees.


The Empire’s bullshit is persuasive if you don’t stop to think. Even people who call themselves “progressive,” and who claim to oppose the Empire, nonetheless support the Empire by echoing its lies. For example, leftist” filmmaker Michael Moore calls Syria’s democratically elected President Assad a “dictator.” Why? Because the Empire calls Assad a “dictator.

Any average person who questions the Empire is a “terrorist.” Any leader who questions the Empire is a “dictator.”

And if the “dictator” is Black, he is also a cannibal and a headhunter and a wild animal.


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