Most people prefer to kill their children

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Everyone knows that the U.S. government can “print” infinite dollars, and that U.S. dollars are accepted throughout the world. Thus, everyone knows that the U.S. government can never become “broke.”

And yet, almost everyone pretends that the U.S. government is already “broke.”

One clown wrote an entire book based on this pretense…

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This fool claims to have spent 25 years in financial executive positions with several Silicon Valley start-up companies. He claims he was involved in budgeting, long range planning, raising venture capital, bank financing, initial public offerings, mergers and acquisition transactions. So he spent all his life working with money, and he doesn’t understand the first thing about it. Nonetheless he claims…

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The truth is that money is limitless, since it only exists in the human mind. It can be symbolized by numbers and by currency notes. To claim that the U.S. government is “broke” is quite literally the same as claiming that the world has run out of the number “four.”

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Parasites like Paul Ryan have based their entire careers on this garbage. And Ryan would automatically become the U.S. President if Obama and Joe Biden (the Vice President) became incapacitated. (According to the U.S. Constitution.)

These liars only have power because the masses insist on being idiots.

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The masses so insist on being idiots that they would rather die than give up their delusion that money is physical and limited. They would let their own children die, or be crippled for life, in order to protect the delusion.

Do you think I exaggerate? Here’s proof…

According to Fitch Ratings, more than six million lead service lines exist across the USA. Fitch Ratings says the cost to replace them all would be over $275 billion.

The EPA’s latest survey estimated the entire sector needs $385 billion in water infrastructure improvements through 2030, and this estimate includes the costs to only partially replace lead pipes.

I don’t know if these numbers are correct. (Recall that Fitch, Moody’s, and Standard & Poor’s accepted bribes from banks to rate worthless securities as “AAA” in quality.)

But it doesn’t matter. Lead pipes must be replaced, or else many more people will die or be damaged by lead in their water, like in Flint Michigan.

Unfortunately the U.S. government is “broke.”

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What if the U.S. government created enough dollars to save Americans from being killed or crippled? Would it cause inflation? No. Inflation only happens when there are too many dollars, and not enough goods or services to spend them on. However the need to replace lead pipes nationwide is desperate – which means there are a lot of potential goods and services to spend dollars on. And such a project would create a vast number of jobs.

But we can’t have those jobs, since the U.S. government is “broke.” And we can’t save ourselves from being killed or crippled, since there is “no money.”

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Since the U.S. government is “broke,” it cannot help the state of Louisiana, which has a budget shortfall of USD $1.6 billion.

Louisiana puts more people in prison than does any state in the USA. Indeed, more than any state, district, or province in the entire world. Louisiana has twice the US national average, three times the per capita rate in Russia, and nine times that of the UK. It’s even substantially higher than North Korea’s.

And now, because of the state funding shortfall, Louisiana will have to stop providing any public defenders for any of these people. Therefore people will go straight from being charged to being convicted and imprisoned. There will be no money to house them, so they will be put into privately owned concentration camps.

The money to build the concentration camps will come from the U.S. government, which may be “broke,” but has limitless dollars to imprison people.

Why does this happen? It happens because everyone knows that the U.S. government can never become “broke” — and yet, almost everyone pretends that the U.S. government is already “broke.”

Most people would rather die or kill their kids or rot in prison before they give up this delusion.

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