Faux pacifists

Everyone knows that the U.S. government can “print” limitless dollars. So when an article mentions anything about the U.S. government being bankrupt or having a debt crisis, we know it will be garbage, and we can click it closed.




















Likewise, we know that any article or blog post that calls a foreign leader a “dictator” is garbage, since “dictator” is a term assigned by the Empire.

If you question the Empire, then you are an “evil dictator” no matter how benevolent you are.

If you obey the Empire, and you help to spread its evil, then you are an “enlightened humanitarian,” no matter how murderous you are.

Thus, with very rare exceptions, if you call a national leader as a “dictator,” you are automatically a bullshitter who is complicit in the Empire’s evil. You contribute to the problem, since you use the Empire’s labels.

The blog below purports to be pro-socialist and anti-war. In reality it is anti-socialist, and pro-war, since the article uses the Empire’s term “dictator” six times in discussing Syria’s Assad.

soc worker








Whether or not Assad is actually a “dictator” is not the issue. The point is that when you use the Empire’s labels, you support the Empire. You become an arch-capitalist, and a champion of neo-liberalism, no matter how much you claim to be a “socialist.” You defend the criminal oligarchs, no matter how much you claim to be “pro-worker.” You support the Empire’s puppet dictators, no matter how much you claim to oppose “dictators.”

Many countries in Europe have active “communist” parties. They are supported by European governments because the “communist” parties support the Empire. They do it by cheering for the Empire’s wars, and calling people like Assad a “dictator.”

Venezuela’s communist party opposes leftist “Chavistas,” because the communists want power for themselves. Hence the communists are allied with the anti-communist oligarchs, and they receive help from the USA. They too call people like Assad a “dictator.” They justified the Empire’s murder of Muammar Gaddafi and the destruction of Libya on the grounds that Gaddafi was a “dictator” and a “fascist.”

Thus, you are part of the Evil Empire if you:

  1. Support the Empire’s wars, anywhere, for any reason, at any time.
  2. Use any of the Empire’s labels or catchphrases (e.g. referring to the Empire’s murderous smash-and-grab campaigns as “interventions”).
  3. Agree with just about anything the Empire says about any topic.

evil good









Incidentally that “anti-war” article I mentioned above says this…

“Assad and Russia’s Vladimir Putin have justified their savage war by claiming that they are striking back against ISIS forces that control large parts of the east of the country. In reality, Assad and Puttin have been waging a counterrevolutionary war against a resistance to the regime that first arose as part of the Arab Spring wave of pro-democracy rebellions. In the process, Syria has been plunged into a humanitarian catastrophe.”

Got that? When the Empire uses a proxy war to destroy a nation and its government, the fault lies not with the Empire, but with the people who defend themselves from the Empire. When Reagan sent the murderous “Contras” to attack Nicaragua and El Salvador, the Contras were “freedom fighters.” When the Contras exterminated entire villages, the fault lay with the victims. Al Qaeda members in Afghanistan were “freedom fighters.” In Syria, the Empire’s terrorist mercenaries are “moderates.”

Assad’s regime, like the others in the region, is an utterly corrupt capitalist dictatorship.

Therefore we must support the utterly corrupt capitalist Empire and its wars.  Right?

By the way, the article does say one thing that’s true. I refer to it as “Assad’s blunder…

In recent years, Bashar al-Assad has specialized in imposing neoliberal measures, privatizing sections of state capitalist industry for the benefit of cronies linked to his family. He commercialized agriculture, impoverishing peasants in the countryside, and dismantled the social safety net, pauperizing urban workers. As a result, inequality grew, until 50 percent of the country’s wealth was concentrated in the hands of 5 percent of the population. These were among the many grievances that drove Syrians to revolt against Assad in 2011.

This is all true. Gaddafi made the same error when he turned power over to his sons, and they instituted neoliberal “reforms.” At first these “reforms” made Gaddafi and Assad the darlings of the Empire.

However Gaddafi and Assad did not get 100% in bed with the Empire. They refused to break all relations with the governments of Iran, Russia, and Venezuela, and they refused to fully support Israel, the Saudis, and the Gulf Oil sheikhdoms.

Therefore when the neo-liberal “reforms” caused civil unrest in early 2011, the Empire decided to exploit it to destroy both Libya and Syria.  Libya was bombed to rubble, while Syria was flooded with Empire-backed jihadists.

In both cases the goal was not “regime change,” but regime prevention – i.e. the removal of any possibility that either country will ever again have a stable central government.


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2 Responses to Faux pacifists

  1. coolslim says:

    Don’t be so quick to praise Assad. He is likely a puppet, if he wasn’t, he would be exposing the hoaxes of the Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan shootings.


  2. Thanks for visiting and commenting. I didn’t praise Assad. I condemned people who obey the Empire in how they use the term “dictator.”

    As I wrote in the post, “Whether or not Assad is actually a ‘dictator is not the issue.”

    Besides, once the Empire has labeled someone a “dictator,” and the masses obey the label (as the masses always do) the Empire can twist anything the “dictator” says into more “proof” that he is a “dictator.”

    For example, if Assad were to publicly say, “9-11 was an inside job; a false flag,” then the Empire would respond with “SEE??!! Like we told you, he’s a lying DICTATOR!”

    And the masses would believe it. Even people who acknowledge that 9-11 was an inside job would believe that Assad is a “dictator.”

    I’m saying that anyone who uses the Empire’s labels serves the Empire and its evil.


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