Faux progressives

Real progressives genuinely care about injustice and human suffering wherever  it occurs in the world.

Fake “progressives” only pretend to do this.

For example “PEP” people [Progressive-Except-for-Palestine] pretend to oppose racism and bigotry in their own nations, but they cheer racism and mass murder when the victims are in places like the Gaza Death Camp in Palestine.

Such people are not progressives. They are bullshitters, pretenders, and liars.

Another type of fake “progressive” is he who pretends to care about suffering and injustice, but who mindlessly follows the herd, and speaks in terms that are dictated to him by his masters. For example, he may claim to oppose war, but he obeys his masters by referring to imperialistic campaigns of theft and mass murder as “interventions.”

If he were a true progressive, he would reject such absurdities, and call things what they really are.

SIZE CHECKFake progressives include the people behind The Daily Show: a talk and news satire TV program that airs on a cable channel known as Comedy Central. The host from 1999 to 2015 was John Stewart. The current host is Trevor Noah from South Africa.

Daily 01

The Daily Show pretends to be rather leftist or progressive, but it is actually right-wing. Its owner, Viacom, is an extremely right-wing multinational corporation.

This is why Trevor Noah likes to ridicule Donald Trump, for example, as being like the “evil dictators” Muammar Gaddafi, Idi Amin, and Robert Mugabe.

Trump jpeg








We know that these people are “evil dictators” because the Empire says they are, and the Empire never lies.

Empire 01















Empire 02Empire 03





















Empire 04









Empire 05










Everything will continue to get worse as long as “leftists” and “progressives” echo right-wing lies.

Poverty, pollution, war, inequality, unemployment – these are not “acts of God.” They are acts of idiots. And the idiots are all around you.

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