Lies and hoaxes

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The above is a standard response from everyone, including MMT people, regarding Zimbabwe. It is false and it is racist, because it implies that Africans are idiots.


In reality, the U.S. government intentionally caused Zimbabwe’s hyper-inflation as part of an attack on Zimbabwe’s government for refusing to become the IMF’s debt slave.

Any government that does not bow to the Empire is quickly attacked in several ways. In 2003 the U.S. and U.K. governments imposed sanctions and embargos on Zimbabwe that, among other things, led to hyper-inflation, since the Zimbabwe dollar was pegged to the U.S. dollar. Zimbabwe’s hyper-inflation ended in 2009 when the country stopped using the Zimbabwe dollar.However the U.S.-led sanctions remain, even today.

So does the constant barrage of propaganda that Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe is a “evil dictator.” (In reality, he is regarded as a hero by average people throughout the African continent.)

Anyone who refuses to bow to the Empire (or who turns against it after he is installed by the Empire) is an “evil dictator.” Fidel Castro, Ho Chi Minh, Hugo Chavez, Robert Mugabe, Manuel Noriega, Patrice Lumumba, Saddam Hussein, Thomas Sankara, Vladimir Putin, Idi Amin of Uganda — the list is long. If Jesus Christ was alive today, and he was president of some nation, then Jesus too would be denounced as an “evil dictator.”

Speaking of Idi Amin, he was trained in Israel as a paratrooper. Then with U.S. help the Israelis installed him as a puppet ruler of Uganda via a military coup in January 1971. Idi Amin remained Israel’s puppet for the next five years, but he started to grow a moral conscience when the Israelis sucked Uganda dry of its resources.  So Amin put a stop to it, and instituted reforms to ease poverty and hunger in Uganda. When the USA and Israel tried to have Amin assassinated, Amin kicked all Israelis out of Uganda. The West retaliated with sanctions, and with a propaganda campaign that portrayed Idi Amin as a “madman” and an “evil dictator.”

For example, the Time article below (dated 7 March 1977) falsely claimed that Amin used a machete to chop off the heads of half a million men, women, and children who questioned his divinity, and that Amin kept the severed heads in large refrigerators so he could give them daily lectures on the errors of their ways.

Likewise, “human rights groups” (funded by the CIA and State Dept.) claimed that Amin was a cannibal who ate his decapitated victims’ bodies.


Back in the West, the masses believed this garbage (and still do) because Amin was Black, and because Africa was far away.

(Remember the Kuwait “incubator babies” hoax? Or Hillary Clinton’s knee-slapper about Gaddafi passing out mass quantities of Viagra so his army could rape every living thing in sight?)

At one point Amin refused to let an airliner take off for Tel Aviv until Israel stopped attacking Uganda with sanctions. It was Air France Airbus A300. Onboard were 94 Israelis.

On 4 July 1976 a large contingent of Israeli commandos entered Uganda and attacked the airport at Entebbe, freeing the airline passengers. Western media outlets falsely claimed that the Israelis had freed the passengers from “Palestinian terrorists.”

In response, Amin severed all ties with the West, and he forged alliances with the USSR, and with Muammar Gaddafi of Libya.

Finally in January 1979 the USA ordered the governments of neighboring Kenya and Tanzania to invade Uganda and destroy the “evil dictator.” Amin’s army retreated steadily, and, despite military help from Gaddafi, Amin was forced to flee into exile by helicopter on 11 April 1979, when Kampala (the capital) was captured. Amin went to Libya, and then to Saudi Arabia, where he lived until his death in 2003.

Saddam Hussein of Iraq and Manuel Noriega of Panama likewise started out as puppets of the USA, but they were attacked when they defied their masters. In 1989 the USA invaded Panama directly, captured Noriega, and put him in prison. (Most people associate money laundering and offshore accounts with places like the Cayman Islands. However Panama dwarfs the Caribbean in this regard.) Noriega, now 82, has been in prison for 27 years, and he will die there.  That’s what happens when you defy your owners.

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It never ends…


Speaking of lies and hoaxes, remember Rumsfeld’s claim that Osama Bin Laden had vast underground military bases and weapons labs worldwide?


sleeper_cells a



Just now I wrote a detailed explanation of how the IMF engineered Zimbabwe’s hyper-inflation, but my words became very lengthy, so I deleted it. I can discuss it if someone asks.

The point is that Zimbabwe’s hyper-inflation did not happen because “blacks didn’t know how to farm the land.” Nor did it happen because of Robert Mugabe’s quasi-socialist programs to help his people. Instead, it was part of a coordinated Western attack on Zimbabwe’s economy, designed to make the people suffer so they would overthrow their government.  It failed.

Naturally Mugabe has become tight with the Russians and the Chinese.  For example, the USA is enraged that Zimbabwe signed an agreement with Moscow to let the Russians operate a $3 billion-dollar platinum mine. And even though the USA continues to have Zimbabwe under sanctions, the U.S. government had the gall to ask Zimbabwe’s government to participate in the U.S. government’s sanctions against Russia!  Here the Empire’s antics move from the grim to the hilarious.

And then there is the Empire’s proxy war on Syria…


This attack, like all the Empire’s attacks, has its share of lies and hoaxes…


So the Empire is using sanctions to attack Zimbabwe because its government will not bow to the bankers, nor cease cooperating with Russia. The Empire also uses propaganda to hurt Zimbabwe’s tourist industry, by formally designating the capital city of Harare “the least livable city on earth.”

Humanist writer visited Harare and said this…

Harare International Airport is simple but modern. The staff appears a bit slow and unmotivated, but they are friendly and have a great sense of humor. There is no tension and no insults, no power games, as at Nairobi airport, or in Phnom Penh. There is no throwing your passport in your face. There is no finger-printing and photographing, as is done at all third world airports that send intelligence to the West; from Bangkok to Nairobi.

The city streets are green and quiet.

Metropolitan Harare has two million people, and the average air temperate is 75 degrees Fahrenheit, year round. English is spoken everywhere.

“The worst city on earth,” I was told. I search for sandbags and machine guns like I saw in New Delhi or Mumbai. I look for gangs like those I saw roaming the streets like in Colon, Panama. I search for the garbage-clogged rivers and horrid pollution like I saw in Jakarta and Alexandria. But there is nothing like that here. There are no appalling slums and no burning fires, real or metaphoric.

There are a few beggars on the sidewalks, but far fewer than there are in New York or Paris. The pavement is often broken and uneven with occasional potholes, but it is nothing compared to Kampala.

Kampala is the capital and largest city of Uganda, which is allied with the Empire. As with all allies, Uganda’s poverty, pollution, and wealth inequality are extreme.

In 2009 the BBC claimed that Zimbabwe’s women had an average life expectancy of 34 years and that men on average did not live past 37. That lie was echoed by countless websites. A top research group said the threat of civil unrest and the availability of public health care and public transport in Harare were intolerable. It said that energy and water supplies were undesirable, and that phones and Internet services were unreliable.

Other BBC reports were republished word by word by thousands of news and reference outlets, including Wikipedia:

“The health system has more or less collapsed,” the BBC claimed. “By the end of November 2008, three of Zimbabwe’s four major hospitals had shut down, along with the Zimbabwe Medical School, and the fourth major hospital had two wards and no operating theatres working. Due to hyperinflation, those hospitals still open are not able to obtain basic drugs and medicines.”

Predictably, the official propaganda news agency of the UK threw in colorful words like ‘genocide’ and ‘tragedy’, and selected quotes from several medics who blamed the situation on the Zimbabwean government.

All lies.

The ‘Trauma Centre & Hospital Harare’ is in a quiet part of the city and it could easily qualify as one of the most elegant medical facilities I have seen anywhere in the world. It is stylish and full of artwork. It is also high-tech and immaculately clean.

That’s only a sample of what Andre Vltcheck says.

Harare, the “worst city in the world” is actually one of the loveliest. Vltcheck continues on and on about it.

Let’s see some pics…

Harare 03Harare 04Harare 05Harare 06


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One Response to Lies and hoaxes

  1. Narco-Capitalist says:

    What do you mean exactly by saying that Zimbabwe did not want to become the IMF’s debt slave? (I have very little knowledge of how the IMF works). Also, I think Kelton’s comment about blacks not knowing how to farm was not racist. Most of us know that European colonizers would usually try to have the native Africans submit to their rule, and intentionally keeping them uneducated about agricultural skills and techniques would force the natives to basically beg the colonizers for food.


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