“She gets things done”

gets done2

“She knows how to get things done.” This is an actual quote from a county official (a female) in Washington State, when explaining why she supports Hillary.

Translated, it means: “We are nothing, whereas Hillary walks with the rich and powerful. Maybe she will protect us from her own kind. Sanders is not corrupt enough to protect us.”

One variant of this same thinking is: “Hillary has more experience.” Translated this means, “Hillary is as corrupt and scummy as any other politician in Washington, so they will listen to her.”

In fairness to Hillary, she does indeed know how to “get things done”…

gets done

Then there are feminists who support Hillary because she’s a female. Yes, Hillary will plunge these feminists into severe poverty. And yes, these feminists will wish they had never supported Hillary. But dammit, we’re talking about making history! We had our first Black president, and now it’s time we had our first woman president, even if she is a sociopathic witch who utterly despises women “beneath” her (which, in Hillary’s mind, is all women).

That county official I mentioned above (the female) said she supports Hillary because, “I think we need to break that ultimate glass ceiling.”


Not all women are so stupid. Younger women want universal health care and free college. Not because their minds are focused on “college,” but because they have not yet become old, cynical, cowardly, and useless (like Hillary supporters).

Among the general population, some women think their lives will be better if a woman is president or prime minister. Other women consider this presumption to be insane. They know that many women, especially female politicians, are psychopaths. For example, Margaret Thatcher was England’s only prime minister, and she burned women horrifically (along with men).



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