QBH does it again

royal bitch 2

Corporate media outlets say that Hillary won the South Carolina presidential primary, including eighty four percent of Black voters.

In fact, Black voters favor Hillary over Sanders nationwide.

This is good news.

It tells me I don’t have to be concerned about Black poverty, or about Black communities like Flint Michigan. Most Blacks don’t want free health care, or free college, or a livable minimum wage. Most Blacks don’t mind that Hillary campaigned for her husband’s ending of welfare, and for her husband’s signing of changes to federal laws that caused a dramatic increase in the mass incarceration of Blacks. Most Blacks want more of the misery they’ve gotten so far. And Queen Hillary will give it to them.

Hillary frame

In fact, so many people are bent on committing suicide (i.e. voting for Her Majesty) that the Republican establishment seems to have decided to support Trump after all, thinking that Trump is the only candidate who has any chance against Her Royal Highness. Obviously Cruz and Rubio have no chance against her.


Still, even in South Carolina, younger voters preferred Sanders.

Of course, what really matters is not the popular vote, but how many convention delegates each candidate can secure. QBH lost the New Hampshire Democratic presidential primary to Bernie Sanders by a landslide — but that was just the popular vote, which doesn’t count. Clinton and Sanders came away with 15 convention delegates each, so it was actually a tie.

There are 2,472 delegates to the Republican National Convention. Trump needs a simple majority of 1,237 delegates to win the presidential nomination, and he is well on his way there. And Trump has a full five months to collect the rest.

On the Democrat Republican Lite side, there are 4,764 delegates to the National Convention, so QBH needs a simple majority of 2,383 delegates to win the nomination. So far she has 544, while Sanders has only 85.

More importantly, QBH has won the pledges of a large number of “super-delegates,” which are a group of more than 700 Democratic officeholders (including all Democratic governors and all Democratic members of Congress), Democratic National Committee members, union officials, lower-level party apparatchiks and miscellaneous members of the Democratic infrastructure (fundraisers, consultants, pollsters and the like).

Most of these insiders support Hillary because they want to keep their jobs. (Let the nation perish.)


So, among average people, Republican-types like Trump because they see him as an “outsider,” whereas Democrat-types like Hillary because they see her as an “insider.” (However young and intelligent Democrats hate Hillary for this.)

Who is she “inside” with? Wall Street and the big corporations, all of which want to continue crushing you as always.


loyalty 01loyalty 02

|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| CHANGE OF TOPIC ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

“Zero Hedge” is a very popular blog that discusses various topics, some of them valid, others garbage (“national debt crisis” and so on).

I have a problem with the first paragraph in the article below.

zero hedge

First of all, I am often amazed at how people believe ANYTHING that the corporate media outlets tell them. People may not believe all of the media lies, but they believe the key parts that keep them enslaved.

For example, if the media outlets call someone a “dictator,” then average people regard that someone as a dictator. Even people who oppose war will call him a dictator.

“Yes he is an evil dictator, but…”

We saw this with Gaddafi of Libya, and now with Assad of Syria. We see this with whoever the Evil Empire designates as “evil.” Whoever opposes (or even questions) the Evil Empire is automatically a “dictator” (or a “terrorist”). Even Berne Sanders obeys this media programming. Sanders calls Hugo Chavez of Venezuela a “dead communist dictator.”


Your opponent is always a “terrorist” and a “dictator” — unless he defeats you, in which case he becomes the new hero and champion, while you become the “terrorist” and “dictator.”


The author claims that Assad of Syria “wields power irresponsibly,” but the article gives no proof of this claim, nor does it define “irresponsibly.”

“There’s no argument to be made that Assad is some kind of benevolent statesman. He’s not. Plain and simple.”

Really? And what is your argument that he is not benevolent?

zero hedge2

zero hedge3

“Indeed, Assad himself admits that the Mid-East isn’t ready for democracy (he’s said as much on a number of occasions).”

Assad was democratically re-elected. Do you imply that his election was rigged? And U.S. elections are not rigged?

Regarding democracy, you imply that the USA is a democracy, but Syria is not. Here I agree. The USA a pure democracy. One dollar equals one vote. The more dollars you have, the more votes you have.

Another thing: Democracy is not always desirable. Suppose you had a genuinely good leader who was engaged in helping everyone (not only the rich). Wouldn’t you want to keep such a leader for as long as possible? Wouldn’t you want to deny the money powers their use of elections to remove him or her?


I am not defending Assad. I am commenting on propaganda and brainwashing.

One more thing: every human being is a fascist. The word “fascist” comes from the ancient Etruscan and Roman symbol of the fasces: a bound bundle of wooden rods that sometimes included an axe with its blade exposed. The symbol meant, “United we stand; divided we fall.”

The essence of fascism is to unite all aspects of society toward some goal or ideal that can be good or evil. Law, politics, custom, commerce, religion, even language are aligned toward some common purpose.

Suppose you wanted a world in which people treated each other decently? Wouldn’t you prefer to have law, politics, custom, commerce, religion, and even language aligned toward that? Of course. Therefore you are a fascist!

“Fascist” is another word like “terrorist” or “dictator.” People mindlessly use it to denounce whoever they don’t like.


Ironically, everywhere you look in the USA there are fascist symbols. Some quick examples…


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