It’s a demanding job

It takes a lot of energy to be a right-wing extremist. You have to spout nonstop bullshit. You have to make your lies seem true, your absurdities seem like common sense, and your selfishness seem like generosity. You have to make friends while you’re busy hating everyone. You have to smile when people expose your garbage. You have to make your greed and cruelty seem like caring for others.

All these demands take a heavy toll, as you can see on these people’s faces. For example, it drains Ben Carson so much that he spends most of his time sleeping…

carson x01carson x02Carson x03Carson x04Carson x04aCarson x06Carson x07Carson x08Carson x09Carson x10Carson x11Carson x12privatize

John McCain spends even more time sleeping than does Ben Carson — but McCain does it on the floor of the Senate when it is in session. That is McCain’s favorite nap time (which is almost all the time)…

McCain sleepy

I wonder what kind of dreams McCain has when he’s sleeping in Congress (and getting paid for it). Maybe he has nightmares…

City 03

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