An experiment

proof 01

proof 02proof 03proof 04

We will now feed the same two assertions digitally into a vast super computer, a small part of which is seen below…

proof 05

Within seconds our supercomputer starts to overheat from the strain of trying to reconcile the two contradictory statements…

computer d

The strain continues to worsen, causing millions of circuits to melt…

computer e

However our village idiot has no trouble with the contradiction…

computer ea

BELOW: Our supercomputer has now reached a critical phase…

computer eb

Suddenly the computer panels erupt in flames…

computer fa

Which quickly consume the entire system…

computer g

Followed by the entire building…

computer hcomputer icomputer l

Meanwhile our village idiot remains calm…

computer la

The fire spreads to adjoining blocks…

computer mb

And finally burns up the entire city…

computer n

However our village idiot remains unfazed, offering a fine example of human superiority…

computer o

The above images satirize a little twit who wrote an article saying he no longer worries about the federal debt and deficit, because young supporters of Bernie Sanders “have told me that they don’t care about how much federal debt we load on them.”

 In Nevada, they flocked to Bernie Sanders who promises Americans free this and free that, but who has no realistic way to pay for it. Even taxing the filthy rich won’t cover what he promises. A CBS poll shows Sanders racking up 82 percent of voters 17 to 29 years old.

Yeah? So what? That’s a good thing.

Defeatist weaklings like this writer only become smug and cynical when someone proposes something positive, like universal health care. They never say they no longer worry about the (fake) “national debt crisis” because warmongers “have told me that they don’t care about how much federal debt we load on them.”

They don’t bat an eye when Obama says he wants a trillion dollars to “modernize” the U.S. arsenal of nuclear weapons. But they become indignant when young people cheer for universal health care and free college.

My generation–considered to be stuffy, 1950s-0bsessed and totally out of it–long has worried about the burdensome debt that we’re leaving to a children and grandchildren.

No, you lying little twit. You are not worried. If you were, then you would have studied this issue until you finally stumbled upon the fact that the “national debt crisis” is a hoax.

You believe the hoax and the lies because they legitimize your hate and your arrogance. (“These young bastards want free stuff!”)

When interest on the debt overshadows federal spending on social welfare, infrastructure and military spending combined, they won’t care. They’ll still be saying, “Bring on more free stuff! When do we want it? We want it now!”

That’s Wall Street and weapons makers you’re talking about. They CONSTANTLY DEMAND MORE AND MORE “FREE STUFF” (for themselves alone).

When a company like Lockheed-Martin gets a federal contract for a new weapon that is slated to cost ten trillion dollars (but which always ends up costing ten times that), this is “free stuff” for Lockheed-Martin. When oil companies get federal subsidies, that is “free stuff.”

The U.S. government will create over four trillion dollars out of thin air for FY 2016. Every one of those dollars is “free stuff.”

Stupid old bastard.

old bastard 01

old bastard 02

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