Hell as a “relief”


A universal health care system causes massive amounts of money to be tragically and criminally “wasted,” since it doesn’t cause money to flow directly to the rich.

Therefore systems like the U.K.’s National Health Service (NHS) must be privatized. They must be given to oligarchs who will crush the peasants while bribing the politicians.

Rich oligarchs covet health care systems, since everyone needs health care. This universal need is what guarantees perpetual profits and control. It’s the same with utility companies. Everyone needs water, gas, and electricity.

But what if these services are not yet privatized? What if your slaves have thrown off their chains and run away? The best way to get them back under your whip is to starve them until they beg you to let them come back “home.” Starve them until they beg you to put them back in chains.

Likewise, the best way to privatize a national health care system is to starve it of money until the peasants beg for privatization. They beg to enter hell, like the illustration above.

private water 1

For example, the U.K.’s National Health Service is supported by money that the U.K. government creates out of thin air. David Cameron and his minions, acting on behalf of the City of London, have been steadily cutting NHS funding, in order to make health care in the U.K. worse and worse and worse.

The peasants submit to this, because they insist on believing the lie that the U.K. government is “broke,” and has a “debt crisis,” and hence there must be cuts in spending.


Even though the slaves escaped from the death camp, they remained slaves, since they insist on believing their owner’s lies. “Without me you will DIE!”

Per Cameron’s plan, a visit to the hospital in the U.K. is becoming so awful that soon the peasants will beg Cameron for relief. Cameron (in his mercy) will give it to them in the form of privatization, after which the slaves will be worse off than ever. Privatization means profits-based, which means ever-worsening service plus ever-higher prices. Welcome to the “relief” that is hell.

fire dept

The plan never changes, since the slaves never admit that they are slaves. (If they did, they would no longer be slaves.) That is, they never admit that they only think what their owners tell them to think (e.g. “the government is bankrupt”).

Because of Cameron’s cuts, the BBC says that all but seven of 138 hospital “trusts” (i.e. accounts) in the U.K. are in “deficit,” and that “financial problems in the NHS threaten to spiral out of control.”

The figures showed a total NHS trust overspend of £2.26bn once ambulance, mental health and community services were taken into account. Experts said performance was deteriorating at an “alarming rate.”

How can the “NHS trust” (meaning the U.K. government) “overspend” if it creates pounds out of thin air? And how do you define “overspending” anyway? The article gives no answers, and it doesn’t need to, since the average reader responds to the word “overspend” without thinking.

The deficit is already nearly triple what it was for the whole of the 2014-15 – and means the NHS is on track for one of its largest ever overspends.

Adam Roberts, of the Health Foundation think tank, said: “These figures are beyond dire. A comprehensive national plan is urgently needed.”

And “national plan” means privatization to “save” the NHS from the (artificial) crisis.


The situation raises the prospect of the Department of Health failing to balance the overall books, which would be a huge embarrassment given the extra money the NHS is getting.

Extra money? From where, the government?

“Balance the books” means austerity. When we speak of federal governments with Monetary Sovereignty having a “balanced budget” we speak of catastrophe.

See saw

And then the BBC contradicts itself…

Hospitals and other health services are not like businesses. They’re not going to just go bust, as the government can always step in. But the financial problems do matter. The deficits being racked up are massive. You probably have to go back to the early 1950s to find a similar scale of overspending – and that led to charges being brought in for spectacles, dentistry and prescriptions.

So they’re not like businesses, since they are funded by the government, but they are like businesses since…what…they’re not funded by the government? This is the kind of garbage that people accept without thinking.

Last year the NHS finished over £800m in the red – with the health service as a whole balancing the books only after a cash injection from the Treasury and by raiding the capital budget earmarked for buildings.

“In the red” means they spent more money than was taxed back from the public. Why is that bad? And if a “cash injection from the Treasury” made everything okay, then what’s the problem? There isn’t any. But the BBC wants you to think there is.


The news comes at a difficult time for the NHS. Performance is already suffering with many of the major targets, including ones for A&E (adult and elderly), ambulances, routine operations and cancer care, being missed.

Exactly as I said above. Cut funding in order to cut services, until the peasants beg for the “relief” of privatization. That is, make them beg for the “salvation” of hell.

By the way, if anyone thinks that Hillary is not 100% pro-privatization, this blog post describes how Hillary was involved in the push to privatize Pemex (Mexico’s state oil company).

Hillary describes herself as a “progressive who gets things done” (i.e. who sells out the public to the rich).

hillary crazy



Someone on the Internet put it this way…

The privatization scam never changes. First you cut funding for the government service you want to privatize. Then you screech about how dysfunctional the system is, pointing to the chaos (that you created when you cut the funding). Then you claim that the solution to the crisis (that you caused) rests in the glorious free markets, while you simultaneously denounce the “communist” aspects of the previous system.

This scam works as long as people forget how well the system worked before you crippled it.

The gold standard of privatization, and the Nirvana of the free marketeers, is Social Security. Claims that Social Security is “broke” or the money is “gone” are designed to undermine the reputation of the system, scaring younger generations into thinking they will never see a penny of what they are “paying into” when they retire. Therefore younger people won’t care if Social Security is privatized. They have been told that there will be nothing for them anyway.

Always the free marketeers target the lowest hanging fruit first. The weakest. With Social Security the weakest link in the public relations field of support for the system is the disability program. Disabled people are portrayed as fakers and scammers sitting around eating bon-bons on their couch all daywatching Jerry Springer. Once this lie takes hold in society, the disabled are eliminated on a state-by-state basis, and told to get back out there to work at Walmart or at an Amazon packaging facility or something.

Everyone will age, but not everyone will need disability benefits. So screw the disabled. Right? The disabled are easier to target than are the elderly.

However the disabled are only the first target.  After them, the elderly will also be targeted.

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