A nation of losers

hillary 00

Queen Bitch Hillary (QBH) won the Nevada Democratic caucus. Bernie Sanders has now lost two of the first three contested states to QBH. And Sanders is likely to lose next week in South Carolina, where he’s down by a wide margin of 24 points.

From there, Sanders will need to mount a comeback on “Super Tuesday” on March 1 — but the eleven states voting that day tend to favor QBH. They are mostly southern states, such as Georgia, Texas, and Tennessee, plus states where suburban Democrats are important, such as Colorado and Virginia. Those voters tend to favor Clinton.

The corporate media outlets claim that Black voters favored QBH in Nevada.

What does all this mean?

Why would anyone favor QBH?

It means that either [1] The caucuses are rigged, or else [2] the USA is a nation of losers.

I hope the caucuses are rigged.

It’s depressing to think I live in a nation of peasants whose only reason to vote for QBH is that they know she is backed by Wall Street criminals. The peasants support QBH precisely because they know she is evil. They have decided that the thieves and mass-murderers who run this country are too powerful for Sanders to have any chance. So they are throwing themselves on the mercy of QBH, who represents the thieves and mass-murderers. They hope that QBH will have the power to prevent their lives from becoming even worse.

It’s like voting for Satan’s daughter in the idiotic hope that she will somehow mediate Satan’s attacks.

How stupid. How pathetic. How American.

hillary 01

QBH opposes everything that the peasants want. Universal health care, free college education, and so on. The peasants hope that by acknowledging QBH’s majesty, they will move her to be merciful to them. We are back in 2008, when the peasants supported Obama in the hope that, being Black, he would be merciful to them. Instead, Obama turned out to be far worse than W. Bush in terms of promoting inequality. And QBH will be even worse than Obama.

On 20 Jan 1989, Wall Street installed Obama in the White House. Immediately afterward the Nobel Peace Prize Committee started talking about giving the Peace Prize to Obama, even though Obama had done absolutely nothing to advance the cause of peace. A few months later they gave the prize to Obama, who thanked them by destroying Libya while launching his proxy war against Syria.

The Peace Prize was an offering by losers (in this case Norwegian). The prize said, “We honor you. We adore you. Please don’t start any more wars.”

Now Americans who support QBH are doing the exact same thing. “Please have mercy on us.”

They deserve what they get.

hillary 02


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