Under the sign

Hollywood 001a

I was born and raised in Hollywood California, very close to that famous “Hollywood” sign. Almost under it, in fact. My sister still lives in California (I do not), and last month I went to visit her for a week. While I was there I took about 250 photos of the “Hollywood” sign. I’ll show you a fourth of them. Scroll down if interested.

Hollywood 001bHollywood 001cHollywood 001dHollywood 001eHollywood 001fHollywood 001gHollywood 001gaHollywood 001hHollywood 001iaHollywood 001jHollywood 001kHollywood 001kaHollywood 001lHollywood 001nHollywood 001oHollywood 001pHollywood 001qHollywood 001rHollywood 001sHollywood 001tHollywood 001uHollywood 001vHollywood 001w

There’s a lake near the sign, called the Hollywood Reservoir.  It was created by a dam that was built in 1924.

Hollywood 001x

Hollywood 001yHollywood 001zHollywood 002aHollywood 002aaHollywood 002bHollywood 002cHollywood 002dHollywood 002eHollywood 002fHollywood 002gHollywood 002hHollywood 002iHollywood 002jHollywood 002kHollywood 002lHollywood 002mHollywood 002nHollywood 002oHollywood 002pHollywood 002qHollywood 002rHollywood 002sHollywood 002tHollywood 002uHollywood 002vHollywood 002wHollywood 002xHollywood 002yHollywood 002zHollywood 003aHollywood 003bHollywood 003cHollywood 003dHollywood 003eHollywood 003fHollywood 003gHollywood 003hHollywood 003i

By the way, Obama has appointed Robert Malley as “ISIS™ Czar” to handle Obama’s “fight” against Obama’s own terrorist mercenaries.

“We all have a common enemy, and that is ISIS, and I want to make sure that we focus on that threat,” Obama told a group of world leaders in Paris.

Meanwhile Turkey is threatening to invade Syria because the Russians keep killing Obama’s ISIS™ and Al Qaeda terrorists. If Turkish aggression leads to a war between Russia and NATO (including the USA) we could be facing a nuclear Armageddon to protect ISIS ™ and Al Qaeda.

Average Americans see nothing absurd or contradictory in this.


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