Images 11 Feb 2016

I had to work a double shift today (16 hours) so I need to rest.

In the meantime here’s a couple of quick random images. Then I must lie down…


BELOW: in Aug 2015, corporate media outlets claimed that U.S.-backed terrorist mercenaries (a.k.a. “ISIS” ™) destroyed the ancient Temple of Baal at Palmyra in Syria. The purpose of this media claim was to stoke U.S. public furor for the bombardment of Syria’s government. The only “proof” offered was the satellite image below to the right, which purports to show what’s left of the temple. As you can see, the U.S.-sponsored terrorists left the place neat and tidy.

Temple of Baal 01

BELOW: I claim that “ISIS”™ blew up the Parthenon in Athens Greece!!

My “poof” is satellite imagery, which never lies. (Right?) Again ISIS™ left the area neat and tidy, which is a trademark of their evil.


BELOW: If you don’t believe me about “ISIS”™ blowing up the Parthenon in Athens, then perhaps you’ll believe your own eyes. Here are some ground-level photos…






televangelist 01televangelist 02televangelist 03televangelist 04televangelist 05televangelist 06televangelist 10televangelist 07televangelist 08televangelist 09televangelist 10televangelist 11televangelist 12televangelist 13televangelist 14televangelist 15televangelist 16televangelist 17televangelist 18televangelist 19




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One Response to Images 11 Feb 2016

  1. coolslim says:

    The lame-stream media is honestly the most evil institution on the planet…


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