A portrait of my love


Start the music before looking at the images…

I took a tour of the White House today, and when I got to the “Grand Foyer” I saw a portrait of QBH on the wall. The picture is already a permanent item, even though Hillary is not yet president. It is actually hanging in the White House. I will prove it below.

Hillary pic 01

Hillary pic 02

Hillary pic 03

Hillary pic 04


Obama, being a Democrat, was able to get the TPP.

QBH, being a Democrat, will succeed where all others have failed: privatizing Medicare and Social Security to “save them.” This will cause $1.1 trillion each year in FICA tax revenue to flow straight to the Wall Street thieves, who will double your FICA taxes and cut your benefits in half (to “save” them).

Wall street is so pleased with OBH that, like I said, her portrait is already in the White House.

If you don’t believe me, then see it on Google maps.

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