The high price of hate

hate 01

(The YouTube link above is fake.)

I want to comment on Food Stamps below all these images.

hate 02hate 03hate 04hate 05[UNVERIFIED CONTENT] A homeless man holding a sign asking for donation from bystander in San Francisco, California Hunger, Homeless, Poverty, Sad, Depression, Bad Economy, San Francisco, Business District, California, Painhate 07

(Actually the woman above is Shanesha Taylor, who was arrested on child abuse charges for leaving her kids in a car to go to a job interview. Another mother, Debra Harrell, was locked up for child abuse for letting her 9-year-old play at a nearby park while she worked her shift at McDonald’s. Another mother, Eileen Dinino, died while serving a jail sentence because she was too poor to pay legal fees from her kids’ truancy cases.

Other countries provide social programs and income supports for poor single mothers. In the United States, we jail them.)

hate 08

hate 09

hate 10hate 11hate 12

BELOW: As I said earlier, Food Stamp dollars are actual U.S. dollars. They are non-physical, and therefore limitless. However the average person doesn’t want to believe the truth. The average person thinks that dollars are solid and limited. Therefore the average person thinks that Food Stamp dollars are a “wealth transfer” from himself (who is noble and hard-working) to people below him on the ladder of wealth, power and prestige.

I am righteous and superior. Everyone below me is scum. Because I think like this, everyone above me regards me as scum — and they are quite correct.

hate 13

My own scum-status is reinforced by my hate. Would I be so eager to call Food Stamps a “wealth transfer” if Obama was white?

hate 14hate 15

When we say that money is not physical, and that the U.S. government can create infinite dollars out of thin air, we hope to liberate people and assuage their anxieties. Instead, we cause fear in some people, and anger in others.

This happens for two reasons.

First, by telling the truth, we thwart people’s use of the Big Lie to justify their hatred of everyone below them on the ladder of wealth and power.

Second, the average person is enslaved. Authentic slavery is a mental condition in which…

(a) You believe your master’s lies, and
(b) You fear and hate freedom more than anything else.

If you do not have these two factors in your mind, then even if you are physically tortured, held captive, and forced to work, you are not a slave. You are a victim.

When a group of people are truly enslaved, the loudest and angriest defenders of continued slavery are not the owners, but the slaves themselves.

hate 16

Food Stamp beneficiaries receive an average of $164 per month.

Before 2008, unemployed adults aged 18-49 could get Food Stamps for a maximum of three months, unless they were disabled or raising minor children.

After the financial crisis in 2008, the three-month cut-off was waived, because unemployed raged out of control.

Now that unemployment has disappeared is still out of control, the three-month cut-off was reinstated on 21 Jan 2016. More than 1 million low-income Americans lost their food stamp benefits for failing to find (non-existent) jobs.

The cutoffs are being implemented a month after the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that more than a quarter of the 7.9 million US unemployed have been jobless for more than six months.

According to the most recent statistics from Feeding America, a food bank network, a staggering 48.1 million Americans lived in food insecure households in 2014, including 32.8 million adults and 15.3 million children.

hate 17

US food banks gave away about 4 billion pounds of food in 2015; double the amount a decade earlier. Social service providers and food pantries are bracing for an influx of hungry people in response to the Food Stamps cut-off.

Based on experience in other states where the waivers expired last year, the Associated Press now predicts most people will not meet the work requirements, and that the number kicked off Food Stamps will top 1 million. Individuals facing cutoff include about 300,000 in Florida, 150,000 in Tennessee and 110,000 in North Carolina. (Which are “righteous, God-fearing” states.)

Some of the 21 states, including those three, could have applied for partial waivers for counties with high unemployment rates, but they chose not to do so.  Hence the title of this post: “The high cost of hate.”

hate 18

The harsh “work for food” requirements were first introduced for SNAP (i.e. Food Stamps) under the 1996 welfare reform bill signed into law by President Clinton and sponsored by then-US Rep. John Kasich, who is now Ohio’s governor and a Republican candidate for president. A temporary 14 percent increase in SNAP benefits passed by Congress in 2009 ended completely in November 2013.

In 2014, President Obama signed a bill that included $8.6 billion in cuts to SNAP.

hate 19

Individuals must work, volunteer or attend education or job-training courses at least 80 hours a month. If they don’t, their benefits are cut off after three months.

North Carolina, led by Republican Governor Pat McCrory, enacted a law last fall accelerating the work requirements. The bill further barred North Carolina from seeking any waivers in the future unless there is a natural disaster.

hate 20

While the state and federal governments paint SNAP recipients as lazy and unnecessarily reliant on government handouts, many of those cut off have serious physical and mental health problems despite being identified as able to work.

And since many people now apply for benefits online, they never sit across the table from a caseworker, who might see them and look for what exemptions they meet because they are clearly not able to participate.

hate 21

The worst thing about all this is that so few people understand Monetary Sovereignty.  So few understand that the U.S. government creates dollars (including Food Stamp dollars) out of thin air.

Thus, instead of appealing to self-interest, which is common to everyone, the champions of Food Stamps appeal to compassion, which is rare.

Instead of explaining that Food Stamps help everyone by injecting dollars into the economy, people defend Food Stamps by saying that some people are in need.

hate 22

Okay, you can’t change the entire world all by yourself. But  you can stop voting for politicians who want to make our lives hell. And you can  learn about Monetary Sovereignty.  But you won’t do that, because you are a selfish bitch.  You not only do nothing for others; you actively work to make things worse. And then, because you are a cowardly [deleted by censors], you rationalize your [deleted] [deleted] by saying, “I’m not God.” 

hate 23

No you are not God, but you can become God-like by giving that man a drink.

So have one million people been cut off? Let’s clarify that.

The federal government pays for the SNAP benefits, but states administer them.  Governors in each state can apply for another waiver of the three-month cut-off at no expense to the state, but most refuse to do so. Why? Hate.

It’s the same with governors who do not apply for Medicaid dollars, which again are supplied at no expense to the state. 

hate 24

I’ll end with some cartoons…

cartoon 01cartoon 02cartoon 03

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4 Responses to The high price of hate

  1. Chunch says:

    You are obviously a racist.

    You can never satisfy liberals, you leave the child and liberals will want parents in jail, but only if its a father. The mother gets a free pass. Like nobody else has their share of personal problems.

    And you have to love the line about food stamps being “stimulative to the economy”. I never realized that all those goods consumed by wellfare receipients created themselves and are a free lunch. Man am i stupid. And not only that, it actually helps everyone because it stimulative. Come on lady, you are not being serious right?

    And werent you the one talking about being “banned from blogs”. Ignoring my comments is the best you can do because you cant refute them. Grow up, you arent a child anymore and your problems are your own creation, they are not for the government nor me resolve.


    • At least I was thinking about you. One of the pictures in the post above has your name in it. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Steve says:

        Please, do not ban Chunch! She taught me everything I know about economics (and grammar).


        • I would never ban anyone, no matter how rude, stupid, insulting or offensive.

          REASON: I usually get banned at web sites (or at the minimum my comments are deleted) for saying something that the web host doesn’t like. It doesn’t matter how polite, courteous and respectful I am. It doesn’t matter how tight my logic is, how many citations I provide, and how succinct and carefully worded my comment is. I get deleted.

          Deletion is for weaklings and imbeciles. It will never happen here.

          Besides, once I know that a person is mentally challenged, I never read his or her comments. I see the name and I ignore it, knowing that no matter WHAT I say, the mentally challenged person will always and deliberately misunderstand my words and and distort them. 🙂


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