Still going…


The Big Lie is like that Energizer Bunny ® that has appeared on TV every five minutes since 1989. It keeps going and going and going…

The day before yesterday (4 Feb 2016) Michael Froman (who is Obama’s trade representative) quietly signed the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which is the biggest giveaway to corporate power in human history. This is Obama’s ultimate “f—k you” to average people worldwide.

Six of the twelve participating nations’ parliaments have two years to ratify or reject the agreement treaty. (“Agreement” is a euphemism.) When the treaty is ratified, corporations will be able to sue governments for any perceived loss of profits.  Lawsuits by corporations will be decided by a panel of three arbiters appointed by (and paid by) the corporations.

The U.S. Congress passed trade promotion authority for Obama in June 2015. It requires Congress to either approve or reject the entire TPP without adding to or amending it.

Since the treaty is thousands of pages long, it is doubtful that any politician will actually read it.


Obama is now seeking to divert attention from his crime by offering a proposed U.S. government budget that includes a $10-a-barrel tax on oil to “fund clean energy infrastructure.”


If approved by Congress, the $10-a-barrel tax on oil will be passed on to consumers in the form of higher prices for fuel, food, airline travel, plastics, and everything else that uses fossils fuels. (Just what our depressed economy needs, aye?)

The tax proceeds will be used to invest in a clean energy infrastructure destroyed upon receipt.


By the way, do these people (above) mean well? I say no. If they truly had a sincere desire to understand human suffering, and how to alleviate it, then they would persist until they found their way to Rodger’s blog, just like you and I did. And they would not demand higher taxes.

Anyway Obama’s ridiculous tax will show that he “cares.” Even better, the tax will buttress the Big Lie that the U.S. government needs tax revenue before the government can do anything.

Climate advocates say the new tax will be a step toward transitioning to a post-fossil fuel era. They are wrong, of course, since the tax revenue will effectively be destroyed on receipt. When climate advocates see that the tax does nothing except further depress the economy, they will blame Republicans and rich people, rather than reassess their own beliefs about taxes and federal spending.


(Actually everyone cares. The question is what people care about. Right-wingers care only about themselves and the rich.)

“This is a big deal,” said Jason Kowalski, policy director at the environmental group “President Obama is standing up to Big Oil and putting a price on pollution so we can fund the transition to a clean energy economy… The plan opens the door to more creative ways to get the fossil fuel industry to finally pay up for wrecking our climate.”

Oh please. Everyone uses fossil fuel products. Therefore everyone is to blame. Some people are more to blame than others (e.g. politicians) but no one is totally without blame.


Like I said, the only people who will pay the tax are ordinary consumers.

A White House memo outlining Obama’s plan notes that the tax will also provide a “clear incentive for private-sector innovation to reduce our reliance on oil and invest in clean-energy technologies that will power our future.”


It’s all a charade so that Obama can say, “I care.”

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One Response to Still going…

  1. Steve says:

    Charade is the operative word. Tax will never pass. The only way to transition to “clean energy” would be via rationing and (gulp) increased regulatory measures.


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