QBH wins!


The corporate media is claiming that QBH* won the Iowa caucus at 49.86 percent versus Bernie Sanders’ 49.57 percent.

(*QBH = Queen Bitch Hillary)

“We came, we saw, he died, cackle-cackle.”

There is some question about this, and Sanders’ campaign has asked the Iowa state Democratic Party to release a raw popular vote count. In Iowa, unlike in other primary contests, delegates are assigned on a precinct-by-precinct basis.

Sanders and QBH were so close that officials in some Iowa counties resorted to a coin toss. (!!) Of course, QBH magically “won” every single toss.

coin toss

I have long predicted that the money powers will install QBH in the White House on 20 Jan 2017.  The purpose of Democrats is to get things for rich people that Republicans are not able to get.

Only a “liberal Democrat” like Bill Clinton could get away with eliminating welfare, and cutting the deficit until there was a surplus for four fiscal years, and get away with things like NAFTA, plus deregulating Wall Street (repeal of Glass-Steagall, etc.)

W. Bush wasn’t able to get his “Free Trade of the America’s” treaty.

Only a Democrat like Obama could get away with the TPP, TTIP, and TiSA. And get away with using drones to murder U.S. citizens. And authorize the “indefinite detention” of U.S. citizens.

And only a Democrat she-demon like QBH will be able to get away with privatizing Medicare and Social Security — so that each year, over $1 trillion in FICA tax revenue will flow straight to the criminals on Wall Street.  (The U.S. government will collect steal 1.1112 trillion in FICA taxes for FY 2016.)

Bush tried to privatize Medicare and Social Security. He failed. Ms. QBH will succeed, because she’s a woman and she “cares.”


Sanders is especially popular with people thirty years and under in age.  He beat QBH among Iowa voters age 18 to 29 by 70 points. This tells me that Democrats over age thirty favor QBH because they think”Sanders can’t win.” Their idiocy may become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

So if 70 percent of younger voters in Iowa went for Sanders, who did the other 30 go for?




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