Lies and hoaxes

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The above is a standard response from everyone, including MMT people, regarding Zimbabwe. It is false and it is racist, because it implies that Africans are idiots.


In reality, the U.S. government intentionally caused Zimbabwe’s hyper-inflation as part of an attack on Zimbabwe’s government for refusing to become the IMF’s debt slave.

Any government that does not bow to the Empire is quickly attacked in several ways. In 2003 the U.S. and U.K. governments imposed sanctions and embargos on Zimbabwe that, among other things, led to hyper-inflation, since the Zimbabwe dollar was pegged to the U.S. dollar. Zimbabwe’s hyper-inflation ended in 2009 when the country stopped using the Zimbabwe dollar.However the U.S.-led sanctions remain, even today.

So does the constant barrage of propaganda that Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe is a “evil dictator.” (In reality, he is regarded as a hero by average people throughout the African continent.)

Anyone who refuses to bow to the Empire (or who turns against it after he is installed by the Empire) is an “evil dictator.” Fidel Castro, Ho Chi Minh, Hugo Chavez, Robert Mugabe, Manuel Noriega, Patrice Lumumba, Saddam Hussein, Thomas Sankara, Vladimir Putin, Idi Amin of Uganda — the list is long. If Jesus Christ was alive today, and he was president of some nation, then Jesus too would be denounced as an “evil dictator.”

Speaking of Idi Amin, he was trained in Israel as a paratrooper. Then with U.S. help the Israelis installed him as a puppet ruler of Uganda via a military coup in January 1971. Idi Amin remained Israel’s puppet for the next five years, but he started to grow a moral conscience when the Israelis sucked Uganda dry of its resources.  So Amin put a stop to it, and instituted reforms to ease poverty and hunger in Uganda. When the USA and Israel tried to have Amin assassinated, Amin kicked all Israelis out of Uganda. The West retaliated with sanctions, and with a propaganda campaign that portrayed Idi Amin as a “madman” and an “evil dictator.”

For example, the Time article below (dated 7 March 1977) falsely claimed that Amin used a machete to chop off the heads of half a million men, women, and children who questioned his divinity, and that Amin kept the severed heads in large refrigerators so he could give them daily lectures on the errors of their ways.

Likewise, “human rights groups” (funded by the CIA and State Dept.) claimed that Amin was a cannibal who ate his decapitated victims’ bodies.


Back in the West, the masses believed this garbage (and still do) because Amin was Black, and because Africa was far away.

(Remember the Kuwait “incubator babies” hoax? Or Hillary Clinton’s knee-slapper about Gaddafi passing out mass quantities of Viagra so his army could rape every living thing in sight?)

At one point Amin refused to let an airliner take off for Tel Aviv until Israel stopped attacking Uganda with sanctions. It was Air France Airbus A300. Onboard were 94 Israelis.

On 4 July 1976 a large contingent of Israeli commandos entered Uganda and attacked the airport at Entebbe, freeing the airline passengers. Western media outlets falsely claimed that the Israelis had freed the passengers from “Palestinian terrorists.”

In response, Amin severed all ties with the West, and he forged alliances with the USSR, and with Muammar Gaddafi of Libya.

Finally in January 1979 the USA ordered the governments of neighboring Kenya and Tanzania to invade Uganda and destroy the “evil dictator.” Amin’s army retreated steadily, and, despite military help from Gaddafi, Amin was forced to flee into exile by helicopter on 11 April 1979, when Kampala (the capital) was captured. Amin went to Libya, and then to Saudi Arabia, where he lived until his death in 2003.

Saddam Hussein of Iraq and Manuel Noriega of Panama likewise started out as puppets of the USA, but they were attacked when they defied their masters. In 1989 the USA invaded Panama directly, captured Noriega, and put him in prison. (Most people associate money laundering and offshore accounts with places like the Cayman Islands. However Panama dwarfs the Caribbean in this regard.) Noriega, now 82, has been in prison for 27 years, and he will die there.  That’s what happens when you defy your owners.

bidding abidding babidding cbidding dbidding ebidding fbidding gbidding hbidding ibidding j

It never ends…


Speaking of lies and hoaxes, remember Rumsfeld’s claim that Osama Bin Laden had vast underground military bases and weapons labs worldwide?


sleeper_cells a



Just now I wrote a detailed explanation of how the IMF engineered Zimbabwe’s hyper-inflation, but my words became very lengthy, so I deleted it. I can discuss it if someone asks.

The point is that Zimbabwe’s hyper-inflation did not happen because “blacks didn’t know how to farm the land.” Nor did it happen because of Robert Mugabe’s quasi-socialist programs to help his people. Instead, it was part of a coordinated Western attack on Zimbabwe’s economy, designed to make the people suffer so they would overthrow their government.  It failed.

Naturally Mugabe has become tight with the Russians and the Chinese.  For example, the USA is enraged that Zimbabwe signed an agreement with Moscow to let the Russians operate a $3 billion-dollar platinum mine. And even though the USA continues to have Zimbabwe under sanctions, the U.S. government had the gall to ask Zimbabwe’s government to participate in the U.S. government’s sanctions against Russia!  Here the Empire’s antics move from the grim to the hilarious.

And then there is the Empire’s proxy war on Syria…


This attack, like all the Empire’s attacks, has its share of lies and hoaxes…


So the Empire is using sanctions to attack Zimbabwe because its government will not bow to the bankers, nor cease cooperating with Russia. The Empire also uses propaganda to hurt Zimbabwe’s tourist industry, by formally designating the capital city of Harare “the least livable city on earth.”

Humanist writer visited Harare and said this…

Harare International Airport is simple but modern. The staff appears a bit slow and unmotivated, but they are friendly and have a great sense of humor. There is no tension and no insults, no power games, as at Nairobi airport, or in Phnom Penh. There is no throwing your passport in your face. There is no finger-printing and photographing, as is done at all third world airports that send intelligence to the West; from Bangkok to Nairobi.

The city streets are green and quiet.

Metropolitan Harare has two million people, and the average air temperate is 75 degrees Fahrenheit, year round. English is spoken everywhere.

“The worst city on earth,” I was told. I search for sandbags and machine guns like I saw in New Delhi or Mumbai. I look for gangs like those I saw roaming the streets like in Colon, Panama. I search for the garbage-clogged rivers and horrid pollution like I saw in Jakarta and Alexandria. But there is nothing like that here. There are no appalling slums and no burning fires, real or metaphoric.

There are a few beggars on the sidewalks, but far fewer than there are in New York or Paris. The pavement is often broken and uneven with occasional potholes, but it is nothing compared to Kampala.

Kampala is the capital and largest city of Uganda, which is allied with the Empire. As with all allies, Uganda’s poverty, pollution, and wealth inequality are extreme.

In 2009 the BBC claimed that Zimbabwe’s women had an average life expectancy of 34 years and that men on average did not live past 37. That lie was echoed by countless websites. A top research group said the threat of civil unrest and the availability of public health care and public transport in Harare were intolerable. It said that energy and water supplies were undesirable, and that phones and Internet services were unreliable.

Other BBC reports were republished word by word by thousands of news and reference outlets, including Wikipedia:

“The health system has more or less collapsed,” the BBC claimed. “By the end of November 2008, three of Zimbabwe’s four major hospitals had shut down, along with the Zimbabwe Medical School, and the fourth major hospital had two wards and no operating theatres working. Due to hyperinflation, those hospitals still open are not able to obtain basic drugs and medicines.”

Predictably, the official propaganda news agency of the UK threw in colorful words like ‘genocide’ and ‘tragedy’, and selected quotes from several medics who blamed the situation on the Zimbabwean government.

All lies.

The ‘Trauma Centre & Hospital Harare’ is in a quiet part of the city and it could easily qualify as one of the most elegant medical facilities I have seen anywhere in the world. It is stylish and full of artwork. It is also high-tech and immaculately clean.

That’s only a sample of what Andre Vltcheck says.

Harare, the “worst city in the world” is actually one of the loveliest. Vltcheck continues on and on about it.

Let’s see some pics…

Harare 03Harare 04Harare 05Harare 06



QBH does it again

royal bitch 2

Corporate media outlets say that Hillary won the South Carolina presidential primary, including eighty four percent of Black voters.

In fact, Black voters favor Hillary over Sanders nationwide.

This is good news.

It tells me I don’t have to be concerned about Black poverty, or about Black communities like Flint Michigan. Most Blacks don’t want free health care, or free college, or a livable minimum wage. Most Blacks don’t mind that Hillary campaigned for her husband’s ending of welfare, and for her husband’s signing of changes to federal laws that caused a dramatic increase in the mass incarceration of Blacks. Most Blacks want more of the misery they’ve gotten so far. And Queen Hillary will give it to them.

Hillary frame

In fact, so many people are bent on committing suicide (i.e. voting for Her Majesty) that the Republican establishment seems to have decided to support Trump after all, thinking that Trump is the only candidate who has any chance against Her Royal Highness. Obviously Cruz and Rubio have no chance against her.


Still, even in South Carolina, younger voters preferred Sanders.

Of course, what really matters is not the popular vote, but how many convention delegates each candidate can secure. QBH lost the New Hampshire Democratic presidential primary to Bernie Sanders by a landslide — but that was just the popular vote, which doesn’t count. Clinton and Sanders came away with 15 convention delegates each, so it was actually a tie.

There are 2,472 delegates to the Republican National Convention. Trump needs a simple majority of 1,237 delegates to win the presidential nomination, and he is well on his way there. And Trump has a full five months to collect the rest.

On the Democrat Republican Lite side, there are 4,764 delegates to the National Convention, so QBH needs a simple majority of 2,383 delegates to win the nomination. So far she has 544, while Sanders has only 85.

More importantly, QBH has won the pledges of a large number of “super-delegates,” which are a group of more than 700 Democratic officeholders (including all Democratic governors and all Democratic members of Congress), Democratic National Committee members, union officials, lower-level party apparatchiks and miscellaneous members of the Democratic infrastructure (fundraisers, consultants, pollsters and the like).

Most of these insiders support Hillary because they want to keep their jobs. (Let the nation perish.)


So, among average people, Republican-types like Trump because they see him as an “outsider,” whereas Democrat-types like Hillary because they see her as an “insider.” (However young and intelligent Democrats hate Hillary for this.)

Who is she “inside” with? Wall Street and the big corporations, all of which want to continue crushing you as always.


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|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| CHANGE OF TOPIC ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

“Zero Hedge” is a very popular blog that discusses various topics, some of them valid, others garbage (“national debt crisis” and so on).

I have a problem with the first paragraph in the article below.

zero hedge

First of all, I am often amazed at how people believe ANYTHING that the corporate media outlets tell them. People may not believe all of the media lies, but they believe the key parts that keep them enslaved.

For example, if the media outlets call someone a “dictator,” then average people regard that someone as a dictator. Even people who oppose war will call him a dictator.

“Yes he is an evil dictator, but…”

We saw this with Gaddafi of Libya, and now with Assad of Syria. We see this with whoever the Evil Empire designates as “evil.” Whoever opposes (or even questions) the Evil Empire is automatically a “dictator” (or a “terrorist”). Even Berne Sanders obeys this media programming. Sanders calls Hugo Chavez of Venezuela a “dead communist dictator.”


Your opponent is always a “terrorist” and a “dictator” — unless he defeats you, in which case he becomes the new hero and champion, while you become the “terrorist” and “dictator.”


The author claims that Assad of Syria “wields power irresponsibly,” but the article gives no proof of this claim, nor does it define “irresponsibly.”

“There’s no argument to be made that Assad is some kind of benevolent statesman. He’s not. Plain and simple.”

Really? And what is your argument that he is not benevolent?

zero hedge2

zero hedge3

“Indeed, Assad himself admits that the Mid-East isn’t ready for democracy (he’s said as much on a number of occasions).”

Assad was democratically re-elected. Do you imply that his election was rigged? And U.S. elections are not rigged?

Regarding democracy, you imply that the USA is a democracy, but Syria is not. Here I agree. The USA a pure democracy. One dollar equals one vote. The more dollars you have, the more votes you have.

Another thing: Democracy is not always desirable. Suppose you had a genuinely good leader who was engaged in helping everyone (not only the rich). Wouldn’t you want to keep such a leader for as long as possible? Wouldn’t you want to deny the money powers their use of elections to remove him or her?


I am not defending Assad. I am commenting on propaganda and brainwashing.

One more thing: every human being is a fascist. The word “fascist” comes from the ancient Etruscan and Roman symbol of the fasces: a bound bundle of wooden rods that sometimes included an axe with its blade exposed. The symbol meant, “United we stand; divided we fall.”

The essence of fascism is to unite all aspects of society toward some goal or ideal that can be good or evil. Law, politics, custom, commerce, religion, even language are aligned toward some common purpose.

Suppose you wanted a world in which people treated each other decently? Wouldn’t you prefer to have law, politics, custom, commerce, religion, and even language aligned toward that? Of course. Therefore you are a fascist!

“Fascist” is another word like “terrorist” or “dictator.” People mindlessly use it to denounce whoever they don’t like.


Ironically, everywhere you look in the USA there are fascist symbols. Some quick examples…


“She gets things done”

gets done2

“She knows how to get things done.” This is an actual quote from a county official (a female) in Washington State, when explaining why she supports Hillary.

Translated, it means: “We are nothing, whereas Hillary walks with the rich and powerful. Maybe she will protect us from her own kind. Sanders is not corrupt enough to protect us.”

One variant of this same thinking is: “Hillary has more experience.” Translated this means, “Hillary is as corrupt and scummy as any other politician in Washington, so they will listen to her.”

In fairness to Hillary, she does indeed know how to “get things done”…

gets done

Then there are feminists who support Hillary because she’s a female. Yes, Hillary will plunge these feminists into severe poverty. And yes, these feminists will wish they had never supported Hillary. But dammit, we’re talking about making history! We had our first Black president, and now it’s time we had our first woman president, even if she is a sociopathic witch who utterly despises women “beneath” her (which, in Hillary’s mind, is all women).

That county official I mentioned above (the female) said she supports Hillary because, “I think we need to break that ultimate glass ceiling.”


Not all women are so stupid. Younger women want universal health care and free college. Not because their minds are focused on “college,” but because they have not yet become old, cynical, cowardly, and useless (like Hillary supporters).

Among the general population, some women think their lives will be better if a woman is president or prime minister. Other women consider this presumption to be insane. They know that many women, especially female politicians, are psychopaths. For example, Margaret Thatcher was England’s only prime minister, and she burned women horrifically (along with men).



It’s a demanding job

It takes a lot of energy to be a right-wing extremist. You have to spout nonstop bullshit. You have to make your lies seem true, your absurdities seem like common sense, and your selfishness seem like generosity. You have to make friends while you’re busy hating everyone. You have to smile when people expose your garbage. You have to make your greed and cruelty seem like caring for others.

All these demands take a heavy toll, as you can see on these people’s faces. For example, it drains Ben Carson so much that he spends most of his time sleeping…

carson x01carson x02Carson x03Carson x04Carson x04aCarson x06Carson x07Carson x08Carson x09Carson x10Carson x11Carson x12privatize

John McCain spends even more time sleeping than does Ben Carson — but McCain does it on the floor of the Senate when it is in session. That is McCain’s favorite nap time (which is almost all the time)…

McCain sleepy

I wonder what kind of dreams McCain has when he’s sleeping in Congress (and getting paid for it). Maybe he has nightmares…

City 03

Who’s the freeloader?

ryan vader

The two aircraft below may look the same, but don’t let appearances deceive you. Contrary to what you see, they are in fact identical.


Some sources say the Air Force wants 100 of the B-21s.

I mention this because every day we see comments by people who accuse other people of being freeloaders.


Meanwhile these same accusers bless and praise the extreme freeloaders, such as weapons makers, or the Big Banks.

The B-21 bomber is an example of extreme freeloading. Its initially projected cost is $6.4 billion each. Each bomber weighs 158,000 pounds unloaded. If the plane was made out of solid 24-karat gold, it would be worth $3.1 billion (based on a trading price of $1,224.50 per ounce on 26 Feb 2016). Therefore the bomber will cost more than twice its weight in solid gold. Every bit of plastic or rubber or glass in it will cost double what it would cost if it was made of solid gold. And that’s only the initial projected cost before the inevitable cost overruns. The U.S. Air Force wants eighty of them to fight against…who? “ISIS™”?

Of course, the U.S. government will have no problem paying for this, since the money will be created out of thin air, and will be given to Northrup Grumman and its subcontractors.

The point is that everyone screams about “entitlements,” but few people complain about these ultimate freeloaders. Such mass hatred, selfishness, and stupidity are precisely why we have poverty and suffering.

Incidentally the big weapons makers no longer make weapons. Instead, they keep their toys “in development” as long as possible so they can milk the U.S. government for as long as possible. The F-35 fighter has been “in development” for eight years. Northrop’s contract for the B-21 stipulates that the government, rather than Northrop, is liable for the inevitable cost overruns. Therefore Northrup will make sure there are cost overruns.

The weapons makers intentionally cause problems and delays, just to keep the river of federal dollars flowing to them. Politicians like this process, since many of those dollars come to their pockets in the form of bribes and kickbacks. (Whoops — did I say bribes? I meant “free speech” according to the Citizens United decision.)


And when a system finally does get built, it is junk. The B-2 was developed thirty years ago, but on any given day, only nine are actually ready for combat.

By the way, “stealth aircraft” are not “invisible.” They can only evade long wave, long range radar, not short-range, short-wave radar.

Anyway Northrup Grumman wants more billions of dollars to build more B-2 bombers, which Northrup will call “B-21” bombers because…well…just because.

“This aircraft represents the future,” Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James said at an Air Force symposium in Orlando on Feb. 26.


Okay, so that’s federal spending. It puts dollars into the economy. What’s the problem? The problem is that average people are always ready to point their finger at other average people who get any form of government help.

Meanwhile the ultimate parasites and scammers (e.g. banks and weapons makers) are praised. What a sick society we have.

04Lyrics 2

A challenge for Jill Stein

Bernie 01Bernie 02Bernie 03

As we all know, no candidate for political office can speak the truth about government finances, because average people would reject the truth.

Indeed, once you have reduced people to slaves (that is, once you have made them believe your lies) your slaves will defend your cruelty, preferring to die rather than question you.

This happens because your slaves develop mechanisms to cope with their suffering. Some mechanisms consist of justifying their misery as “nature’s way” or “God’s will.” (Which is why most socialist revolutions are forced to outlaw churches. Wherever there is slavery, it intertwines with the local religion, such that slavery and religion reinforce each other.)  Other mechanisms consist of glorifying you, the slave-owner, in the hope that you will soften your cruelty. Still other mechanisms consist of your slaves denying that they are slaves.

The various coping mechanisms become habits that keep your slaves in line, like a horse that has been broken, and which remains obedient for life, being forever tied up by its mental habits and conditioning.

If by chance a single slave starts to awaken the rest of your slaves, then you can easily eliminate that individual slave. (Or if necessary, buy him off.) This will remind the rest of your slaves of their hopelessness, which your slaves will transmute into an even stronger defense of their misery.

Slave owners are no smarter or “better” than their slaves. Indeed they are often as petty and childish as are their slaves. For example, below is China’s embassy located in Washington D.C. It was built in 2004, and is by far the largest embassy in the U.S. capital  at 260,000 square feet, or almost six acres. (However the U.S. embassy in Beijing China is more than twice as big.)

embassy 03

On 12 Feb 2016, Ted Cruz introduced a bill in the U.S. Senate (S.2541) to designate the area of the Chinese embassy as “Liu Xiaobo Plaza” after the Nobel Peace laureate imprisoned in China.

(Liu Xiaobo organized a petition in 2008 calling for an end to one-party rule. On 25 Dec 2009 the Chinese party bosses sentenced him to eleven years in prison after he had already spent nearly seven years in prison.)

This is a political stunt on Cruz’ part. I’ll show you the area to be renamed below, in red.

embassy 02

Ted Cruz’ bill unanimously passed the U.S. Senate the same day it was introduced. The bill made China’s rulers so enraged, so furious, so hysterical, that it’s like someone introduced a bill to designate the Israeli embassy grounds as “Adolf Hitler Plaza,” or designate the grounds of a U.S. embassy abroad as “Eugene V. Debs Plaza.” I’m talking pulling-out-your-hair fury. (Obama has reassured the Chinese that he will veto Cruz’ bill if it reaches his desk.)

The Chinese threatened to retaliate by renaming the street that runs by the U.S. Embassy in Beijing as “Edward Snowden Street,” and also by removing the pandas from the National Zoo in Washington D.C. (Oh the horror!)

My point is that society’s rulers are often childish and petty.

Okay, so this is realty we must deal with. Slaves who defend their misery with their lives (literally), and owners who often act like children. Given this, how can any politician, much less Presidential candidate, reveal the truth about money?

My answer: with time, cleverness, and persistence. Jill Stein, for example, was the Green Party’s Presidential candidate in 2012, and now again in 2016. (In 2008 the Green candidate was Cynthia McKinney, who I voted for. However the money powers installed Obama as their puppet.)

Jill Stein was a candidate for Governor of Massachusetts in 2002 and 2010. In the 2012 Presidential election she received 456,169 votes, making her the most successful female presidential candidate in U.S. history. (Hillary, of course, will receive twenty times that because…Hillary!) (And Wall Street.) (And the corporate media.) (And idiots everywhere.)

Where am I going with all this? I’m saying that if Jill Stein really wanted to be different, she could use the time between elections to ask people a simple question…

embassy 05

That is, Stein could use the “Socratic method” of asking questions, and letting people expose the truth for themselves by answering the questions. At least Stein could drop hints of the truth here and there. Alan Greenspan spoke the truth plainly on national TV, and several times. Jill Stein knows she will never be elected, so what does she have to lose? Her pride I suppose. Or her vanity. Maybe she likes the attention of being a Presidential candidate.

In any case she defends the lie that money is physical and limited, and that the federal deficit must be reduced, and that the U.S. government is “bankrupt” and has a “debt crisis.” All the things that give a Doomsday Weapon to those who oppose the Green Party platform that Stein supposedly represents…

torpedo 00torpedo 01torpedo 02torpedo 03torpedo 04torpedo 05torpedo 06torpedo 07torpedo 08torpedo 09torpedo 10torpedo 11torpedo 12torpedo 13

Yes indeed. How will you pay for it if the U.S. government

> Is bankrupt
> Has a “debt crisis”
> Runs on taxes and loans
>”Can’t spend money it doesn’t have”

If you can’t answer these questions, then you remain vulnerable to being blown out of the water.  You might try to buffer the blast by saying, “Your taxes will rise, but you will end up saving money, because you will have no expenses for college or health care.”  However it’s questionable how effective that is. Why not defuse the torpedo altogether?  And if you can’t do that (because your own fans will attack you) then why not say this…

torpedo 14

To a large extent Jill Stein already does this, but I’d like to see her take the extra step and repeat Alan Greenspan’s words on national TV. “The U.S. government can pay any debt it has because it can print money to pay it.”

Of course, Stein would then be hit with the inflation bogeyman, but so was Greenspan.  This will happen no matter what.

I challenge Jill Stein to think a little more seriously about federal finances, and how to defuse those torpedoes I described above.



The “neoliberal establishment” (NE) includes everyone who supports profits over people, and who cheers the endlessly-widening Gap between the rich and the rest. This includes politicians, university professors, media pundits, and Wall Street criminals of all stripes.

Clearly the “neoliberal establishment” hates Donald Trump — but why? Trump seems to favor everything they do. (The key word is “seems.”) He echoes the Big Lie about federal finances. (As does Sanders.) He dutifully harps on the (fake) “national debt crisis.” He (falsely) told Fox News that the USA is “Getting to be a large-scale version of Greece.” The latter is always a crowd pleaser.

Nonetheless the “neoliberal establishment” hates him. Why? On the surface, it seems that one problem is that Trump is an entertainer and not a politician. That is, Trump speaks plainly and candidly, whereas professional politicians like Hillary or Obama can talk for hours and say absolutely nothing at all. Plus, Trump claims that he’s too rich to be bought. This resonates with average Americans who know that the U.S. President is essentially powerless, and is merely a salesman for policies that are dictated from far above his pay grade.

I can understand the enthusiasm. I myself would vote for Trump over Hillary, even though I disagree with most of what Trump says.


But there is another reason why the “neoliberal establishment” hates Trump. They say his spending and tax proposals would “blow a hole in the federal budget.”


The following is from the “Fiscal Times,” which is one of countless blogs and propaganda mills funded by Pete Peterson, all of which are focused on demanding…

[1] More austerity

[2] More deregulation of Wall Street

[2] More inequality between the rich and the rest

[3] The elimination or privatization of all social programs that help average people (such as Social Security).



Taken together, Trump’s proposals for slashing tax revenues by as much as $12 trillion over the coming decade, leaving Social Security and other major entitlement programs unscathed and achieving his biggest savings by cutting “waste, fraud and abuse” are a recipe for record long-term deficits and debt.

Whoops. Right there you know the rest of the article will be bullshit. But this passage shows why Trump really angers these creeps. “Trump-onomics” means that Trump talks about tax cuts, but he says little about spending cuts on social programs that help average people. The latter is what the “neoliberal establishment” really wants to hear.  They don’t care about “tax cuts,” since they don’t pay taxes to begin with. Big corporations and wealthy people that receive federal subsidies pay less than zero taxes.

No the “neoliberal establishment” wants to hear “spending cuts,” which means less spending for average people, and more spending for wars, for weapons makers, for evil departments like the FBI, and for Wall Street bailouts. This is what they’re not getting from Trump. Thus, “Trump-onomics” means failure to cut social programs. That’s a big reason why the establishment hates Trump.


Of course, the establishment is not getting it from the other Republican candidates either. Given that the rich have ground the masses into the dirt, this is not a good time for any candidate to talk about privatizing Social Security. They can actually do it when they become President, but they can’t talk about it on the campaign trail.

What Wall Street and the rich want is no change, except for the privatization of Medicare and Social Security. For that they will install Hillary. Obama gave them the TPP, and Hillary will finish the job.

Trump cannot be trusted to do this. Trump could go insane and develop a moral conscience. (Gasp!) He actually said, “Every Republican wants to do a big number on Medicare and Social Security and Medicaid. And we can’t do that. And it’s not fair to the people that have been paying in for years and now all of the sudden they want to be cut.”

Wow. No wonder the bastards hate Trump. He’s a closest populist.