Stupid genes

bullshit 00

We previously discussed stupid comets and stupid viruses. Did you know there are stupid genes in our own DNA?

I refer to the part of our genetic makeup that is formally known “ae-34@3w/6,” or simply the “bullshit gene.”

This component is what makes us babble when we try to justify the lies that we tell ourselves and others. It is a vestige left over from our cave-man days when the only way we had to protect ourselves from animal attacks were various forms of bluffs and camouflage. Centuries later, bluffs and camouflage evolved into lies and bullshit. Now bullshit is an integral part of most people’s makeup. Most people are bullshitters.

bullshit 02

The bullshit gene was originally a defense mechanism. Later it evolved into a habit, and then into a form of mental retardation. When people’s tendency to bullshit is challenged by facts and truth, the bullshit gene elicits reactions like this…

bullshit 01

Let’s see a real-world example.

In mid-December 2015 the Disney Company released a film titled Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens. I have not seen this movie, but I know that it is so lousy that it will end up making far less money than the studio executives had hoped.

How do I know that this movie is awful? At the IMDB web site, audiences from all over the world leave comments on the films they have seen.

bullshit 04

The gold star has a rating of 8.4 out of a possible 10, which indicates a movie that is well above average in popularity. However everyone ignores this score, since everyone knows it is rigged on the IMDB web site. Studios rig it to make a movie appear much more popular than it really is, in order to entice people to pay to see the movie. (Movie ticket prices in Manhattan NYC are now $17.49 per person. Snacks are also expensive.)

bullshit 05bullshit 06

To the right of the gold star you can see that 3,329 people have viewed The Force Awakens and commented on it. If you go deeper into the IMDB web site, you discover that over two thirds of these 3,329 viewers (69%) blast the movie as garbage. Viewers give specific reasons why they hate The Force Awakens, but I won’t go into that here.

I have used the IMDB web site for 25 years, and I have rarely seen a movie so overwhelmingly panned by average people as is The Force Awakens. People in multiple different countries say it stinks.

bullshit 07

So where does the bullshit gene come in? (And what does this have to do with Monetary Sovereignty?)

In terms of movie theatre ticket sales, the world’s second biggest market (after the USA) is now China. Disney had hoped that The Force Awakens would be a smash hit in China, pushing total revenues to a new world record, but the movie fizzled in China, and – after a wild first weekend – it fizzled in the USA too. It will turn a profit, but not as much as its makers had hoped.

In China The Force Awakens is far less popular than Boonie Bears 3, a relatively low-budget Chinese animated feature. Reason: it stank.  Thousands of readers worldwide agree on this.

bullshit 08

Magazine pundits are trying to figure out what went wrong, but they are crippled by the bullshit gene. They say The Force Awakens bombed in China because Chinese audiences are not as familiar with the Star Wars series and franchise as a whole.

This is nonsense. The Stars Wars saga is now almost 40 years old. The latest movie bombed because it was lousy. This is not my opinion (I haven’t seen the movie). It’s the opinion of thousands of people who have seen it. But the bullshit gene makes people say, “No, there has to be a formal reason for its failure. In order to explain it, let me bullshit you.”

And the bullshit fills many blogs.

computer key - blog

The bullshit gene kicks in when we want to rationalize the lies that we tell ourselves and others. For many of us, bullshitting becomes such a habit that truth and honesty actually feel threatening. Politicians get paid to bullshit, as do many academicians…

bullshit 11

The point is that when we try to explain the facts of Monetary Sovereignty to people, one of the obstacles we face is sheer habit.


Parting shot…

bullshit 13abullshit 13bbullshit 13c

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2 Responses to Stupid genes

  1. Chunch says:

    Could it be that this monetary sovereignty thing is an excuse your brain is creating for a world you wish existed. An imaginary world with unicorns shitting candy, food and everything else we need – all free of charge.

    Cause lets face it, working is hard. But in all seriousness, try making a logical argument explaining how creating money creates “free things” for once.

    I can say whatever i want, but can i logically defend it? For all the hoopla from that corrupt, let act like i dont know the truth because i bankrupted an institution and many people, rodger mitchell – all he can do is call me names. You do the same.

    So start with that, draft a post showing how government money creation creates free things. I bet you cant.


    • In the world of chemistry, enzymes create nothing. Enzymes facilitate and expedite creation by allowing substances to interact.

      Likewise in the world of human society, money creates nothing. Never has. Never will. Money facilitates and expedites interactions between humans. The less money there is, the less human interactions there are. We sit alone and starve (unless we can grow our own food).

      The term for such starvation is austerity.


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