Rubio to the rescue

On Monday (27 Jan 2016) Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio vowed to solve the U.S. government’s (non-existent) “debt crisis” by radically cutting reforming Medicare and Social Security, and by forcing Congress to balance the federal budget, and by promoting economic growth.

Rubio 01Rubio 02Rubio 03Rubio 04Rubio 05Rubio 06

By the way, I have not watched any of this year’s presidential debates, nor have I seen any speeches by any candidate, but just now I watched three minutes of a speech by Marco Rubio. This loser has absolutely nothing to offer except the garbage we saw in the images above. Nothing. And Rubio’s ears are so huge that he could fly with those things.

Rubio 07

Hey, that picture reminds me that an elephant is the symbol of Republicans (like Rubio).

Rubio 08

Anyway, during Rubio’s speech on Monday he mentioned the U.S. government’s (non-existent) “debt crisis”:

“Every time the alarm starts blaring, signaling we’re reaching the debt ceiling, Washington hits the snooze button and goes back to sleep. I will stop this irresponsible spending and solve our nation’s debt crisis.”

I would hit the snooze button too. Forever.

Rubio 09

Very few people understand what the “national debt” is. If people go online to try and find out, they get lies and bullshit, even on official U.S. government pages. People become more confused than ever — which of course is the whole point. By brainwashing the masses to think “national debt = evil,” politicians get to do whatever they like. Politicians are there to protect you from the “national debt.” And from “welfare queens.” And poor people. And socialists. And ISIS™.

Also adding to the problem are web sites like Press TV (from Iran) and Russia Today. Both web sites are anti-Washington, and they frequently gloat about the U.S. government’s (fake) “debt crisis.” In doing so they hurt average Americans. Here’s an example

Rubio 10

If Russia and Iran really wanted to hurt Washington and imperialism, they would broadcast the truth about Monetary Sovereignty. Unfortunately they can’t, since it would create “blowback.” That is, it would cause average Russians and Iranians to also understand the truth, which is not acceptable.

Also on Monday (25 Jan 2016) two former politicians (U.S. Sen. Judd Gregg and Pennsylvania Gov. Edward Rendell) gave yet another speech warning of the dangers of the (fake) “national debt crisis.

What do you do with yourself if you are retired, lonely and bored? You travel the country warning everyone about the U.S. government’s (fake) “debt crisis.” You get a free dinner, and you get to meet various people. (Hey, it’s better than rotting in a nursing home.)

Anyway these two clowns are with the “Fix the Debt” group, whose mission is to promote austerity and inequality.

By the way, have you noticed how much these losers are aggressive panhandlers? Everywhere you go, they jump in your face with their hands out. What losers.

Rubio 11

There ought  to be a law against this. All real Americans hate beggars (unless the beggars are rich).

Rubio 12

Meanwhile the article below says that you personally owe $70,612.91 on the “national debt.”

Rubio 13

Wow. With interest and penalties accruing, I lie awake at night, dreading the arrival of that awful notice from the collector. It’s like sweating on death row while I wait for my court appeals to run out…

Rubio 14

Of course, none of us will ever have to pay a penny on that, but it’s fun to talk about “crises.” Politicians talk about (fabricated ) “crises” all the time.

Finally, the web site below has some cool (but misleading) graphics on the mammoth proportions of the (fake) “national debt crisis.”

Not bad, guys. A bunch of lies, but not bad. (For one thing, money has no more physical existence than do points on a sports scoreboard.)

Take a look.


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2 Responses to Rubio to the rescue

  1. Chunch says:

    I wont vote for any Republican, but are you “smart” by believing anything Rodger says or perhaps you are just apeacing a side of your brain that would like to see a world of no worries, no responsiblity. Hakoona matata. Perhaps Rodger fooled youor perhaps you already know he’s a scammer?


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