You gotta hand it to the liars. They’re persistent. Here are some examples.

As you scroll down, Ray will sing for you the National Debt Blues. Sing it Ray!


The Forbes article below is bullshit, since it makes no distinction between private debt (which is catastrophic) and public debt (which is trivial). And it says you owe $161,000 to China. So pay up!

forbes 02

At the web site below you can enter the names of numerous different countries to see their respective “national debt crises.”

ntnl debt cloks org

BELOW: Don’t forget the other online “national debt clock”…

debt clock

BELOW: Zero Hedge. These really are web pages. If you don’t believe me, click the links.

zero hedge

BELOW: Laurence Kotlikoff is professor of economics at Boston University. He’s a big proponent of “generational war,” which says we must privatize “entitlements” in order to stop senior citizens from supposedly robbing the young.


BELOW: Laurence Kotlikoff again.


BELOW: Laurence Kotlikoff yet again.


BELOW: A blog post by gold hucksters. I don’t mind these liars as much as I do the professors and politicians. The hucksters just want to con you out of money, whereas the professors and politicians want to see you in total poverty.

Gold hucksters

BELOW: The “Dollar Vigilante”  wants you to protect you from the U.S. government’s “insolvency” (by taking all your money).

dollar vigilante

BELOW: More nonsense.


BELOW: “Town Hall” is a standard right-wing blog.

Town Hall

BELOW: Blogger Porter Stansberry wants you to hire him as an “investment advisor.”

Porter Stansberry

They never get tired of  lying, do they?

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One Response to Persistence

  1. Steve says:

    Greg Hunter? He’s the worst of the lot of the You Tube hustlers. On numerous occasions I’ve taken incredible joy in calling out his & his guest’s nonsense on (I think I’ve been banned.) Hunter’s hits racket on You Tube certainly garners him lots of dough though. The saddest aspect about his site (+ similar sites-notably libertarian hucksters Peter Schiff & Stefan Molyneux) comes from the clueless disciple retards that comment there. Can people be that stupid? Yes indeed! You’re often left with the impression that many just hope & pray that the USA goes bankrupt. Greg Hunter’s doomsayer “guests” NEVER make a correct economic prediction.


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