False premises


False premises lead to false conclusions.

Case in point…

Researchers at the University of Michigan and Georgia State University recently published a 50-page paper (.pdf) titled, “The persistence of political misperceptions.”

It is based on a study conducted between 2005 and 2006, entitled “When Corrections Fail: The persistence of political misconceptions.” The paper discusses the impact of factual information on participants’ misconceptions, including their assumption that tax cuts increase government revenue.

Of course, the question of whether tax cuts increase government revenue is irrelevant, since the U.S. government has no need or use for tax revenue. But since the researchers do not understand this, they spend fifty pages chattering about it.

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They also examined other questions such as….

Researchers found that, among the most ideologically conservative participants, receiving factual information about the lack of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq not only failed to correct their misconceptions, but actually strengthened their belief in WMDs. The researchers called this “the backfire effect.” Among liberals, misconceptions were neither corrected nor strengthened by access to information to the contrary.

Nonsense. Liberals can be as deluded as conservatives. Both liberals and conservatives defend the Big Lie. Both want more austerity; liberals as tax increases, and conservatives as “entitlement” cuts. Each side claims that the other side is stupid, self-righteous, and faith-based – when in fact, both sides are deluded.


The intelligent person’s opinions are based on a quest to ease human suffering as much as possible, and on a sincere desire to understand reality in an objective a manner as possible.

Incidentally the most effective proponents of the Big Lie are actually left-wingers (or “progressives”) since they seem to “care.” Hence the Big Lie is more seductive when leftists speak it. And the Big Lie ensures that the Gap between the rich and the rest will continue to grow forever.



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