How Marxists conceal the Big Lie


The Big Lie persists because it legitimizes the average person’s desire to maintain and widen the Gap between himself and everyone below him on the scale of wealth and power.

The Big Lie also persists because it offers advantages to many different groups of people.

For example, it benefits contemporary Marxists, whose scam works like this…

Contemporary Marxists say that Greece’s problems, for example, do not arise because the Greek government surrendered its Monetary Sovereignty to the bankers. No, the problems arise because Greece is capitalist, not Marxist.

In this way the Marxists divert attention away from the issue of Monetary Sovereignty, and away from what some people call “Keynesianism” (i.e. fiscal stimulus).

In so doing, Marxist professors defend Greece’s death spiral of debt and austerity. This is why the bankers in Europe let Marxist professors have jobs in Europe. In most Western nations you can only get a job as an economics professor if you champion the Big Lie in one way or another — or if, like the Marxists, you divert attention away from the Big Lie.

The truth is that Monetary Sovereignty is first in importance, since it is indispensable to any kind of Marxism or socialism. Imagine if the USSR had tried to go Marxist while being in permanent debt to the bankers, like Greece is today. It would have been impossible. Without Monetary Sovereignty, there can only be arch-capitalism, with debt slaves (i.e. average people) and owners of slaves (i.e. oligarch-bankers and financiers). Why? Because human societies use money. Whoever controls the money controls society — whether a society is Marxist or capitalist.

Costas Lapavitsas is an economics professor at the University of London. He calls himself a Marxist, but he understands that Monetary Sovereignty comes first. He correctly notes that Greece will never escape its death spiral of debt and austerity until the Greek government dumps the euro and reclaims its Monetary Sovereignty.

This annoys the mainstream Marxists, whose livelihoods depend on attacking capitalism while diverting people’s attention away from Monetary Sovereignty and the Big Lie. Mainstream Marxists are just like right-wing capitalist politicians who likewise conceal the Big Lie.

Incidentally this is why the bankers installed the SYRIZA charlatans in the Greek government.  The SYRIZA politicians called themselves “Marxists” and “socialists” and “leftists,” but they defended the euro, and therefore austerity and inequality. When a few members of SYRIZA tried to speak the truth (e.g. Costas Lapavitsas) they were purged from the coalition.

One more way to conceal the Big Lie is to focus on “competitiveness.” Greece, for example, has had a trade deficit for many years. Greece is not competitive with other euro nations.

Making an entire nation competitive is a huge, difficult, and time-consuming project. In the meantime, Greece MUST reclaim its Monetary Sovereignty, or else Greece will NEVER become competitive no matter WHAT. Some economists conceal this fact by focusing on Greece’s need to become competitive. It is another way to serve bankers and the rich. Another way to defend inequality and austerity.

Costas Lapavitsas speaks the truth…

“If we approach the crisis of the eurozone purely as a monetary thing, from the perspective of monetary theory, it would take you five minutes to resolve it. It is obvious and simple, even trivial. It’s a matter of a monetary union that is badly structured and that has evolved very badly in the course of its own lifetime and therefore is unsustainable.”

As Rodger has noted for years, the Eurozone’s problems arise because it has a monetary union, but no fiscal union.

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